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  1. You realize most Sikhs of all background originate in pinds and can be classed "pendu."
  2. why would you devolve to the lowest denominator and even bring something like that up bro? dude is a Sikh in full fledged Nihang gear who just went off the rails like ISIS on another Sikh.. I don't see how his ethnic background is relevant. This act is an abomination in a Gurudwara.
  3. guys it wasn't just the act itself but how he did it. the original video actually shows the murder. he walks around and parades the head like ISIS.... IN A GURUDWARA?!?!?!?!.... wt#? Sikh's not like this... not in my native reality.
  4. it's not spam... It's a Nihang Sikh beheaded another Sikh in a Gurudwara... . wtff edit: graphic video removed. if you want to see it search on youtube "sikh man decapitation" but warning, really graphic.
  5. is it me or it look like a bunch of monay on one side and amritdhari's on the other... who are the two groups? is the former sponsored by indian gov?
  6. Infiltrated by agents, criminals, and opportunists, masquerading as Sikhs. for an example we have a guy in our city who was I believe was president of ISYF (or atleast a faction of it) and also the leader of the Gurudwara committee in my city, and all he did was raise money for "the cause" only to fill his pockets and work as a double agent for the indian government. my dad told me pretty much all the Gurudwaras in Canada in the 80's and early 90's were infiltrated with these rats at the highest levels... and probably even to this day in a lot of cases. these people are more or less well known by the community now, atleast the ones from the 80's and 90's. Indian government did EVERYTHING it could to stop the movement. we all know who was behind Air India blasts now I think.
  7. bro comparing colonialism with slavery is kind of a stretch no? I mean the goray even tried to put us on a pedestal (I know it was manipulation/divide and conquer, but there is clearly some truth to it) saying Sikhs were martial race etc. that's quite a bit different than being whipped and forced to work a field day and night. I just think black's still feel these scars left on their psyche. There have been very few blacks that actually represented what we could call "chardi kala" and they were usually quickly silenced. I'm not trying to put down blacks, but we gotta call it for what it is. They've revealed themselves to be pushovers. I also think it's a matter of religion and faith.. because despite the obvious differences between Sikhi and Islam they both instill warrior mentality, and the blacks that have adopted Islam (Somolia, Nigeria, Mali) are quite sprung. I think blacks should adopt Sikhi and they would see their situation change as they are instilled with the chardi kala of Waheguru Ji.
  8. I don't think it's really surprising that a race that undoubtedly has an inferiority complex/emotional trauma is going to lash out against people who hold firm to their beliefs and hold their heads high. I think they see what they aren't and it upsets them. Think about it this way... could Sikhs ever have been enslaved? lol don't think so. Blacks aren't willing to battle to the last man and go body for body koon for koon. My uncle was telling me a story and it's kind of vague what I recall but the jest of it was like this. There was a war between Sikhs and someone else and some sort of cannon weapon was broken and required someone to hold it up on one side as it was fired. Problem is every time it was fired a Singh gained Shaheedi.. and yet the Singhs still went to their death one after the other. If anyone knows anything about this or can elaborate on it would appreciate it as my uncle lives in Punjab and I only see him once every few years.
  9. I know Guru Ji had the ability to manifest physically in other realms/dimensions. Travel/project are two words for the same thing... as in your "second" body leaves your physical body. For me it would be enough to simply project my "second" body into these realms/dimensions. Was Guri Ji blessed from day 1 by Waheguru, or did he develop this through athma-Waheguru spiritual progression/connection? Perhaps even through deepest meditation there is, where you acsend to the astral plane. Look at any depictions of Guru Nanak Ji and he's almost always depicted in the deepest of meditation, and like they say a "picture says a thousand words." And Guru Ji is always depicted with glowing energy centers, bottom of feet, hands, etc. If your energy centers aren't completely blocked, then at the very least I think most ppl could astral project. These are the realms of truth, and one could potentially progress upwards through these realms.
  10. I would also like to add lucid dreaming is not the same as astral projection. Lucid dreaming may have an element of truth but I believe real TRUTH lies on the astral planes. This isn't to say one couldn't have an OBE astral projection once sleeping, but the distinction between a lucid dream and the former is like night and day. To prove that the astral plane is VERY REAL with empirical evidence, scientists conducted an experiment where people who had frequent astral projections/OBE's where able to read a number they would not be able to physically see in this realm. It is not easy reaching this state intentionally, it requires full control of your body, energy centers, and executive function. I have only achieved it twice, and both times it happened with no forewarning or attempt on my part. The first time I was lying on my back conscious and experienced sudden paralysis. Next thing I know I am out of body shooting through the sky like a star. At that time I came away from the experience feeling like I was being shown something. The second time I believe I was in REM sleep state and I heard this loud "bang bang bang" (that apparently never happened on this physical plane) on my wall and was startled awake but my body was still sleeping, resulting in another OBE experience where I literally jumped out of bed all startled, tumbled to the ground only to realize I wasn't in what we describe as our physical dimension. This repeated 2 times until I was finally able to re-enter my physical body. I have now willingly tried 4 times now to reach this astral plane and I believe yesterday my 4th time I was on the very verge of leaving my body but chickened out as the sensations of the vibration stage almost brought on a panic attack. My heart went out of control racing, rapid breathing, ringing in ears, and primordial vibrations. This was accompanied by this intense electromagnetic polarity feeling from the top of my head, a very primordial feeling that while intense and even scary, felt oddly familiar in some way. It is said once you can reign in the fear of the unknown at this stage, you can essentially leave your physical body for the astral plane. Here are the steps that worked for me to reach the vibrational stage: 1) Find a dark and comfortable spot on your back, can be a recliner or your bed. 2) Flex muscles from head to toe to relax your body. 3) I personally put on headphones with OM mantra 4) Once in comfortable position you CANNOT move anymore. 5) Focus on your 3rd eye 6) Allow your body to metaphorically "melt" away while chanting the mantra in your head, maintaining focus on 3rd eye. This could take some time to reach sufficient level. 7) Once your body feel extremely heavy and numb, imagine yourself rising, then melting, then rising. 8) Then alternate 7 with imagining that you are rocking your body back and forth. 9) Along the way you may have itching sensations. This is natural and your body is attempting to regress your progress, do not scratch, do not move. What I do is imagine I'm raising my arm to scratch and itches will go away in due time. 9) Keep focusing on the mantra, with each repetition you should be falling in a deeper and deeper state. I equate it to the feeling of going backwards through a tunnel. 10) Eventually you will reach the vibration stage and there's no mistaking it because of it's primordial feeling and intensity. One way to know is you will have a ringing in the ears. At this state there will probably be an element of fear of the unknown. I haven't gotten past this state willingly yet as yesterday was the first time I reached it... and like I said I chickened out because of how intense it was. So you know it took me on hour in a meditative state yesterday to reach the vibration stage. So don't give up right away keep going. I just gotta let go of the fear now and take the plunge because I feel I now know how to reach the vibration stage as there is definitely a method involved that I now understand and have tried to outline.
  11. I don't think this is a random coincidental thing... I've found pretty much anytime Sikhs are being mentioned in a positive light (as in the comments) there is always atleast one hindu trying to defame Sikhs. I wouldn't put it pass the indian government to be behind this.
  12. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=28d_1449618853 thankfully most ppl in the comments know this is a Singh... but still the video is extremely insulting and has the tags "bin laden" on it. This is a featured video on their site and has almost 100k views... im sure it's probably on youtube too. What can be done about this?
  13. everyone knows badal is a bahman chumcha. that's why he travels which such extensive security detail... he knows real SINGHS will liquidate him because they know his status.
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