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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    New to Australia

    Hello Everyone, I don't know, how many of you here are from Australia but I just want to share recent experience with you all after coming to this place. I landed in Brisbane, Australia a month back for my masters in IT, I am an IT Graduate and having years of experience in the same field. I am married but came alone as my husband is well educated and having a good business in India. Right now he is not planning to come here. I am sikh but I dont hail from Punjab. So after a week I started to search for some part time work, I got one through reference in Indian Restaurant as It is really hard to get a part time work in IT, so I need to work somewhere not even for my expenses but for the days I am free. The owner of that Restaurant was Jatt, I was happy to work with our people, but after working there for 2 days, he started asking for a date(to go out with him on weekend) and to my surprise he was knowing I am married than also he said this. I just did not go there on the next day and left the job. Then i contacted one more person through some job sites, where he had posted the job for his grocery shop, and the same kind of thing happened, he was also punjabi asking me to stay near his house so that whenever required we can meet and hangout. I am not that good looking, i am Ok kind of innocent person. Yes people do say that I speak very softly and gently but I don't know why this kind to thing is happening to me. I am staying with Punjabi people who are more than selfish, They are like very different. punjabis are so unfair here, they pay less wages to students working with them, exploiting them. From all this and discussing this matter with some of my friends I came to know that punjabi girls for the sake of money just go along with anyone and everyone, that's why people here don't think before asking about going out with them and secondly, there are so many girls who just at the age of 18 or 19 gets married, so that the husband can finance her and both can come and settle abroad and after sometime they get divorced, means a kind of contract marriage. Well I just don't bother about what people do, but I actually don't know to how to apply for a good part time job in Brisbane, where I would not face these kinds of issues. i am actually afraid of my own community. Thankyou
  2. Sajjan kumar ----> mother's name: Mee Kaur And is married to: Ram Kaur (married to a Sikh woman?) (one of the main congress party leaders incited mobs to rape, kill Sikhs in 1984) Jagdish tytler --->>mother's name: Dayal Kaur (one of the main congress party leaders incited mobs to rape, kill Sikhs in 1984) One of the alleged villains of 1984 Amitabah Bachan --> mother's name: Teji Suri (alleged to have called "blood revenge for blood" on TV after news of death of Indira Gandhi)
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