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Found 4 results

  1. Guest

    These Dastars Tho !!!

    I mean DAAAAYYYYYYYYMMMMMMNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!! just look at these dastars they r sooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooood like i am overwhelmed and the best part is anyone singh or kaur can wear most of these Dastars. They r Legit so classy and a creative way to tie ur dastars and their are not Anti-Gurmat .This lady whos done this vid also posts ther things on her channel i reccomend that u shud check her out.I am shook and hella Impressed at the same time.I know that this is an older video put i meant to show it to u guys so now that ihv some free time i did !.So anyway just check her channel and vid out.these dastaran r pretty cute too. oh and heres another one, one more:
  2. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh I am a Sikh girl who has recently started wearing a Dastaar. I chose to do this as I wish to live in the bana that the Guru set for us. I am also Amritdhari. One question came to my mind... Is wearing a Dupatta/Chunni required if I am wearing a Dastaar. From my belief, Dupattas/Chunnis are meant to cover hair as a sign of respect for the Guru. Wearing a Dastaar permanently takes care of that. However, I see several women that have Keskis, yet they use a Dupatta/Chunni to wrap it around their breasts/bust. Is that the whole point of a Dupatta? To simply cover one's breasts? Women without keski/dastaar are often just covering their chest with a Dupatta/Chunni yet have their heads uncovered. Defeats the whole purpose... So simply put, is it preferred for women in Gurdwaras to cover their breasts over their hair? And if I am wearing a Keski, then is it preferred if I also wear a Dupatta/Chunni to cover my breasts? I would be grateful if someone could shine some light on this issue for me. Thank you. Kind Regards
  3. Seeking to address the allegations regarding the "so-called restrictions'' imposed on the wearing of the Sikh turban, France on Tuesday clarified that there was no ban on Sikhs wearing turbans in public places. The ban, said the French embassy in New Delhi, was only on burqa "for obvious security reasons". In a clarification, the embassy said France upheld the freedom of religion, as well as the right not to have one, and opposed discrimination on this ground. The "ban" on turbans, it said, was applicable only in public schools. "French law in this matter is very precise: the restriction applies to the wearing of all visible religious signs, without any discrimination, and it applies only to public schools. It leaves it to the heads of public schools to take the most appropriate measures, so that it is implemented in a sensitive manner,'' said the embassy, adding that, "There has been no particular problem in its application.'' http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/europe/No-ban-on-Sikh-turbans-only-on-burqas-says-France/articleshow/50828320.cms
  4. Savraj Singh gives awareness presentations about Sikhism throughout New York and New Jersey to help combat the estimated 700 hate crimes that have been committed against Sikhs since 9/11. Because of their turbans and beards and because many Americans are unfamiliar with the faith, Sikhs are sometimes incorrectly associated with terrorism. Produced by Colleen McKown
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