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  1. ipledge bai ji o ho, I didn’t check the date, it was on the top of forum showing to me
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  2. Sunny is a strange fellow, I've met him a few times over the years (this is going back way before BOS was formed, when Jagraj was in the Army) and have met him recently, I'm not defending Sunny, I don't agree with pretty much 99% of what he says but he's a "Journalist" so he'll say what he can to get a story or do an editorial. While i understand all the hate for Sunny, I personally don't think there's any point judging the documentary before it air's, Bhai Jagraj Singh played a huge part in countless lives, mine included, his talk's inspired a generation to come towards Sikhi and did wh
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  3. Then are you sure you deserved to recieve the gift of Amrit in the first place? I remember when appeared infront of Guru Gobind Singh. He said amrit is not a game, its not cheap, it comes at a high cost. Very Expensive. If you think the amrit you received was fake, if you think it might be void because your jatha doesnt have "cred in Sikhi" then are you sure your following Sikhi? Coz i swear, sikhi isnt a jatha. Its the Khalsa Panth. THe day many people realise that, i think we will actually achieve something. As for your friend, if he re took to be part of the jatha for no other reason th
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