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  1. They've been trying to find any excuse to enact a law like this, it's already being called out that the murder of David Amess's death had nothing to do with online abuse, just when you think the Tories couldn't reach a new low they try and pull some crap like this and use the death of an MP as an excuse.
  2. Post 9/11 had to be some of the most uncomfortable journey's i ever took on the train into work, a few day's after it happened when the news was blazoned with images of Al-Qaeda people would just stare which, in a way, was way worse that someone saying something, this was in the UK. I visited New York with my wife 2 years after 9/11, we were there on holiday and visited the memorial site as it was originally (a huge pit with chain-link fencing with flowers and photo's of those who had passed attached to it), irrelevant of what people around us were doing (you could feel peoples stares bur
  3. He uses Punjabi culture and the Sikh religion when it suits him and serves his narrative in films but turns his back when his support is needed (Farmers protest).
  4. To be honest it's hardly surprising really, they're re-writing history to fit their own narrative, any "non-hindu" is pretty much done for in India unless they behave like sheep and follow their master, as for preserving history, they've never really done a good job of it, I look at old Gurdwara pictures from nearly 100 years ago and look at the state of them now, they really love their white marble over there.
  5. Hope he's changed his ways. http://juniorpip.blogspot.com/2012/09/so-scam-can-actually-be-useful-part-1.html
  6. This guy is an example of how stupid our Sikh community can be sometimes, he rented a electronic billboard and put up a "Never forget 1984" image while advertising his own business and our lot went mad, they loved it, they looked through the fact that he hasn't traded as an estate agent for years and the business was registered in his wife's name, and now the man's been caught out again, i have no personal axe to grind against the guy, i just think he's a bit of a <banned word filter activated>. I get a lot of hate in my family and friends circles because i call out apne who
  7. I saw this on Twitter, not just the light show but what they've actually done to the place, it's been reduced to nothing more than a glorified fun fair, Kim A. Wagner, who's a Professor of Global and Imperial History at Queen Mary (University of London) has extensive knowledge of jallian wala bhag has been posting about his disgust at what they've done extensively on twitter over the past few day's, his stuff is well worth reading.
  8. My parent's (and Grand-Parents before them) are devout Amritdhari Sikhs, they live by this rule, they don't eat leftover's from anybody but only share with other Amritdhari's, me and my siblings aren't Amritdhari but because we were bought up like this we live by the same rules. I've come across a few families who won't eat foot that isn't prepared by non-Amritdhari's, we have one in our extended family and their father wouldn't eat anything at his daughter's house after she got married because the son-in-laws family weren't amritdhari, my father's a pretty devout Sikh and even he found t
  9. I don't think it'll even get to Civil Court, if settled it will be done behind closed door's, there will probably be an apology hidden on their website or social media feeds that starts with something like "We do not stand for workplace bullying..." with no mention of racism anywhere, it's all been done before, it'll be classed as "workplace banter". The best thing to do in today's age is to hit twitter and start tagging them in publicly, to a few @"insert news company here" and @"insert local mp here" and you'll soo get some traction.
  10. Oh god, i agree, he's not an <banned word filter activated>, he knows exactly what he's doing it just the picture, who the hell take a picture holding both thumbs up anymore, it reminded me of this:
  11. Corbyn messed up the Labour party but at least he had the courage of his convictions, he stood his ground, Starmer's literally done nothing, forget walking the walk he's hot eve talked the talk and now they stand to loose seats to a Tory party who have ended up killing people during the pandemic because of indecision and corruption. Yeah, Sohal, he loves to run his mouth, he's not getting any love on twitter, he's managed to alienate the very people he's meant to be representing, the problem is there's a very high chance he may win, he's been targeting area's that are traditional Tory str
  12. The Tories have no real opposition at the moment, everyone know they're corrupt but Labour is at it's weakest ( a wet wipe is more useful than their current leader). Best of luck to her, I'd rather see someone like her win than Tory boy Jay Sohal.
  13. Yeah, that's in North Carolina. It make for sad but interesting reading: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/20/north-carolina-hog-industry-pig-farms https://observer.com/2017/05/pig-waste-factory-farming-north-carolina/
  14. Sum's up India really, have a religious right wing lunatic in a position of power, get him to threaten healthcare professionals and then the blind sheep will follow just because he's wearing a tilak on his forehead and a religious gown, I'm thankful international media outlet's are picking up on this nonsense and reporting it, there's another news story i read of someone going on twitter and asking for oxygen for a relative and he's had a FIR issued against him.
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