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  1. I'd love too see how this will play out considering his elder brother is a Chief Superintendent with the met police.
  2. Completely agree with you, when i was in college a good friend of mine told me he was gay i had no issue with it, what i did take issue with was the way he decided to tell me, on a Friday he asked me what i was doing on Saturday, i had nothing planned so we met up in the city centre, we're say there having a coffee, up walk's this other guy, my mate get's up and gives him a hug and introduces him as his boyfriend, i said okay, cool, then he goes off with his boyfriend saying they had made plans leaving me sat there, i met up with him on the Monday back at college and ripped into him, he thought i had "issues" with him coming out as gay, i didn't, i had issues with him wasting my Saturday morning to tell me something he could have just told me at college or over the phone. I think it's probably an issue with acceptance, people feel the bigger song and dance they make about it the more people will be forced into accepting their lifestyle.
  3. I've said it on another thread on these forums, Twitter, specifically "Brown Twitter" is something you should avoid at all costs unless you want to destroy your remaining brain cells. That post about the "Lesbian Sikh" is pretty mild compared to some of the stuff I've seen, there's no limit to the amount of stuff people will post just for some re-tweets, i really do feel sorry for that generation.
  4. What she wore to me is irreverent, this stuff happened back in the day when girls were covered from head to toe, i just find it ridiculous that it's a family matter, deal with it internally, there are families out there with genuine cases where there children have gone missing and are knocking on doors begging for help, these lot had people like Diljit Dosanjh putting their daughters picture up in Instagram asking for help, they took it to new levels. Anyway, it's all done now, whatever the reason, i understand they want privacy but you know what our people are like, they'll want something in return for helping out, even if all they did was re-tweet a message, you know what us pendu's are like..... Also, Sikh Youth would get involved if your cat went missing, Deepa needs all the positive PR he can get after his sister and him got caught fiddling the books.
  5. There's no point, anyone with half a brain can see it's probably a family problem, this stuff happens all the time, you have to wounder how many stories her family are going to have to make up to cover for this.
  6. A friend of mine on Instagram went on a rant about this today, but yeah, probably best to just be quite about it, glad she's safe whatever the circumstances were.
  7. We need to look at the bigger picture here, the idea that there are hundreds of not thousands of Sikhs willing to convert to Islam is what people like this want you to believe, the actual truth is probably the opposite, they are 2 bit operations who are trying to make a name for themselves by claiming they have converted people from other faiths. If you scroll through the comment's on that video there's a part where they guy who's meant to have converted comments it's pretty apparent that it's fake, he claims to be from the UK I've never heard someone from a Sikh background speak Punjabi Urdu the way he does. I'm not saying this kind of stuff doesn't happen but you can't get triggered every time some loony overly religious <banned word filter activated> posts something. At the moment we should be more concerned with what Christian missionaries are doing in Punjab where they are targeting poor families by offering them basic amenities in return for them converting over to Christianity.
  8. There is no evidence that the person was a Sikh in the first place, just because a YouTube channel with less than 2000 subscribers posts a video like this doesn't mean it's true, also, even if it is real, why get triggered by it, if the guy actually converted than maybe he wasn't really into Sikhi anyway, either way, it looks fake as hell to me.
  9. That's probably a fight Mr Bittu isn't going to win, just sayin...
  10. Yeah, i'm old enough to remember those things but not "LOL" old....
  11. I used to buy The Big Issue years back, it was a pretty good read and the the person selling it used to make about 70/80 % on it, now i think they buy for half the price they sell for so the money they make has gone down. On another note, the traffic light windscreen cleaners used to drive me nuts, i would take a 20 minute diversion when visiting my parents just to avoid them, that and they really didn't do a good job.
  12. This bears some relevance to this topic, it's worth a listen, it's a Singh from back in the day (Shere Punjab era)
  13. She went a little ballistic on social media a while back, speaking about the Bollywood Illuminati and then she went full tin hat conspiracy theory bonkers before she stopped posting on social media, i think she has issues (and that's putting it lightly).
  14. Twitter is not that bad as long as you don't go too deep but "Brown" Twitter as it's called is one of the most toxic thing's I've ever seen but yeah, it's not a bad thing to just turn it off once in a while, your mental health will thank you.
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