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  1. No apology necessary, we're all on a journey to learn new things and are all entitled to our own opinions. A couple of points, when our people (Sikhs) suffer, we tend to help ourselves, i don't really think we rely on other communities which is a good and bad thing because everyone needs someone at some point, there are a lot of grass roots charities and organisations that do help on a local level in Punjab it's just that they don't do it publicly, they just get on a do it, a few families from the school my youngest children go to have moved to India to help at the Mata Sahib Educational Trust, they provide free education for children. I don't think there is anything wrong with being known as a religion that provides Free Food for all, in this day and age when childhood poverty is at an all time high things like this matter, providing free food is a stepping stone into educating people about Sikhi, KA do a lot more than just provide free food, the proof is in things like the "Godi" media in India trying to label them a terrorist organisation the result of that being huge companies like Westmill foods (they own Elephant Atta amongst others) pulling all their advertising an sponsorship from channels like ZeeTV because they don't want to be associated with them for spreading fake right wing news. As far as Sikh organisations getting together, i think most of them are linked together and send people in the right direction when asked.
  2. As someone who's been married for nearly 20 years I'll give you some simple advice, take all your plan's, your ideas about marriage and your presumptions and throw them out of the window, where you are now compared to where you will be in 10 years time are completely different places. I got married and lived with my family, i had to move out because the new job i had was too far to commute, my wife loved it (although she had no issue living with my family), it meant she could run things how she wanted, so, a fair few years later our everyday conversation is about regret and how we shouldn't have moved away, we've been through some really (and i mean really) tough time's over the years and had we have lived with my family it would had made those times a little easier to bear but hey, spilt milk analogy and all. In your case, sit down and talk about the present and why she feel's that way instead of making plans for the future (although they are just as important), from a financial point of view your thinking is on the right path, look, the most important thing is to be open and honest both with your GF and your parent's, take it from someone who's been through the mill, it will save you many sleepless nights in the future. Your uncle is a wise man, he's not joking, trust me.
  3. I agree in the most part, i think they do need to choose where they direct their effort's more carefully but i don't agree with wanting them to just direct their efforts just towards the Sikh community, they are a Humanitarian organisation and by definition they go where help is needed, I've mentioned this in the other thread about them as well. You also have to bear in mind that it's not just Sikh's who donate money to them, it's now people from every background. The comments in the other thread have proved that this is a debate that will go on and on, simple solution is donate to those whose cause you agree with, if you want to help out farmer's families and a grass roots level I'm sure there are organisations that do that.
  4. I'm waiting for the backlash against them to start now seeing as they decided to provide meals for the truck driver's that have been stuck outside the Port of Dover due to recent events........just sayin...
  5. That's pretty much the case with all vaccines, we like to think that they are tested for years and years before release but the reality is if a vaccine takes, say, 10 years to come to market more than half of that time is taken up by approvals and red tape and then setting the market price for it plus how long the Pharmaceutical company will hold on to the patent. The Covid-19 vaccines are based around previous vaccines for other strain's or Covid and Sars, most vaccines have something in them which will disagree with someone's way of life, the Flu vaccine has pork gelatine as a stabilising agent, the Muslim community kicked of a stink when they found but i think the higher echelons of their community said it was okay. I think with the Covid vaccine it's going to have to be a personal choice, no vaccine is really safe, it's just that they are needed with the amount of things out there.
  6. I'm pretty close to turning Vegan, the older i get the more by body disagrees with certain things, diary is pretty much at the top of the list, I've reduced my paneer intake (no easy thing in a Punjabi household) because i started getting severe headaches when eating it too often, i've gone over to plant/nut based milks, the only problem is Gulab Jamuns, damn that milk powder.
  7. It's not sad collecting stuff like this, some historical stuff is fascinating, you could spend hours looking up stuff about a single photo, I think the "Sikh Cuisine" here has very little to do with Sikhism itself but just a description of the food, it wasn't classed as "Punjabi Food" until the mid to late 70's, my dad came here in the early 60's, i showed him this photo, he said these were aimed at the "white people" which kind of makes sense. Here's a little more information about this restaurant (and when i sat little, i mean it in the literal sense) https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/restaurants/gitanjli-7432124.html
  8. What it says is "No employees earn over 60k for this charity", your takeaway from that is 10 employees earn £60,000 each, that really is clutching at straws, looking through their accounts from last year the annual salary bill comes to about £180,000, if that's split between 10 people then either they have a lot of underpaid staff or they just earn normal salaries, for comparison, it may be worth your while looking up what other charities pay their bosses e.g. The British Council. Surely there's more productive things that could be done rather than constantly go after Khalsa Aid, maybe look up some of the allegations leveled at The Baru Sahib Trust or something.
  9. Yup, and everybody and their chacha have used it in political circles ever since.
  10. Oh, i wish there was some sort of conspiracy behind that slogan but "Build Back Better" is a concept used in disaster risk management, it's better explained here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Building_Back_Better
  11. The car park of Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Newcastle was built on a graveyard, it belonged to an old Congregational Church that had been demolished in the 1960's i think but the graveyard hadn't been used for nearly 150 years, the remaining headstones were moved to a different site. If it's an issue they could apply to have the graves exhumed and moved to a different site, i like the idea of using old churches from a historical and architectural point of view but we have way too many buildings and not enough sangat, we have a new one/replacement being built where i live, it been delayed continuously because they keep on running out of money, they've secured funding now but the whole thing's delayed because of the pandemic, the only sangat at the current Gurdwara are on a Sunday and even that's minimal, god knows what they're going to do with a building that big.
  12. How quaint , you quoted what i said and changed it, amazing.
  13. I highly recommend watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix, Jaron Lanier is on there as well a lot of the people who started or were involved in all the social media platforms.
  14. He was also one of the first people to call out the taking of Vitamin D supplements to boost your immune system, i think he spoke about it back in March, it's only now that the mainstream have taken notice of it, outside of the occasional news story he's pretty much the only person i watch and have any trust in.
  15. She seems like a lovely woman, thankfully the Lid Dems have a little sense and have decided to drop here: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/14/lib-dems-drop-mayoral-contender-over-antisemitic-comment-about-jack-straw I bet if she was standing for the Tories they would have just ignored it and kept her on.
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