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  1. My parent's (and Grand-Parents before them) are devout Amritdhari Sikhs, they live by this rule, they don't eat leftover's from anybody but only share with other Amritdhari's, me and my siblings aren't Amritdhari but because we were bought up like this we live by the same rules. I've come across a few families who won't eat foot that isn't prepared by non-Amritdhari's, we have one in our extended family and their father wouldn't eat anything at his daughter's house after she got married because the son-in-laws family weren't amritdhari, my father's a pretty devout Sikh and even he found t
  2. I don't think it'll even get to Civil Court, if settled it will be done behind closed door's, there will probably be an apology hidden on their website or social media feeds that starts with something like "We do not stand for workplace bullying..." with no mention of racism anywhere, it's all been done before, it'll be classed as "workplace banter". The best thing to do in today's age is to hit twitter and start tagging them in publicly, to a few @"insert news company here" and @"insert local mp here" and you'll soo get some traction.
  3. Oh god, i agree, he's not an <banned word filter activated>, he knows exactly what he's doing it just the picture, who the hell take a picture holding both thumbs up anymore, it reminded me of this:
  4. Corbyn messed up the Labour party but at least he had the courage of his convictions, he stood his ground, Starmer's literally done nothing, forget walking the walk he's hot eve talked the talk and now they stand to loose seats to a Tory party who have ended up killing people during the pandemic because of indecision and corruption. Yeah, Sohal, he loves to run his mouth, he's not getting any love on twitter, he's managed to alienate the very people he's meant to be representing, the problem is there's a very high chance he may win, he's been targeting area's that are traditional Tory str
  5. The Tories have no real opposition at the moment, everyone know they're corrupt but Labour is at it's weakest ( a wet wipe is more useful than their current leader). Best of luck to her, I'd rather see someone like her win than Tory boy Jay Sohal.
  6. Yeah, that's in North Carolina. It make for sad but interesting reading: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/sep/20/north-carolina-hog-industry-pig-farms https://observer.com/2017/05/pig-waste-factory-farming-north-carolina/
  7. Sum's up India really, have a religious right wing lunatic in a position of power, get him to threaten healthcare professionals and then the blind sheep will follow just because he's wearing a tilak on his forehead and a religious gown, I'm thankful international media outlet's are picking up on this nonsense and reporting it, there's another news story i read of someone going on twitter and asking for oxygen for a relative and he's had a FIR issued against him.
  8. The Indian media do seem to be going in pretty hard this time (which is saying something, they always take the smallest news story and blow it out of proportion), saying that, when the pandemic hit here in the UK there was a certain narrative being driven by the news channels here (especially the BBC), i stopped watching the news after a few day's because it was affecting my mental health more than any pandemic could, if you're fed the same narrative again and again you start to believe it. India's in a bad state, they need to accept the help being given to them and put aside their huge e
  9. I wouldn't say it's a manufactured crisis as such, they allowed the Khumb mela to go ahead which had an attendance of nearly 5 million people as well a political rallies, all in the middle of a worldwide pandemic knowing fair well that they don't have the infrastructure nor the means to cope with another wave of Covid especially on the healthcare front, i do however agree that they are playing political games with this and it's all the poor that have paid the price but that's been the case in pretty much every country in the past year. For a country like India to run out of something like
  10. I personally think it represents the section just fine, only two of the guys in the image have trimmed beards, the other two look like they have wispy beards, what's boing to be next, only allow people on the forum that keep a dastaar and an un-shaven beard.
  11. I think we both are leading to the same conclusion, just worded and expressed differently. I don't necessarily agree with the fact that there is any particular pattern to women ending up with partners who treat them badly (i.e. fame, money, good looking etc.), sure, it's a factor but not all the time. In a lot of relationships things become about control, when that escalates it can sometimes become abusive, for men a lot of the time it's about controlling the narrative the wife believes, if he's having an affair or up to no good he will control the narrative so his wife is only party to t
  12. I know they hung a St Georges Cross by him during his Antim Darshan, no idea the reason behind it though, it probably was something as simple as him being British.
  13. I have no idea where to start to explain how completely and utterly wrong (and disrespectful to woman who suffer domestic abuse) this comment is, domestic abuse/violence has nothing to do with being "monay" or a "singh", It has to do with the person and asserting control over someone else. I know of at least 2 Amritdhari "singhs" in my wife's extended family that hit their wives, one was arrested for it. If you think that once you become a "singh" you do no wrong you might want to take a seat and have an objective look at the world, we're all human, taking the path of the Guru is just th
  14. Which is what made Sant Mani Singh Ji all the more special, he was bought up in the west but still overcame it's pull, India has it's own vice's and to be honest at the present time has more ways to corrupt the youth than anything I've seen in the west. Saying stuff like this is akin to saying that the only true Sikh's are those that are born in Punjab or have brown skin (I've heard people say both), it's a very narrow minded approach, If we look at how far Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj travelled it was all the was towards Europe, their message resonated far beyond the land of India and still
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