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  1. kcmidlands

    Depression from Horrible Arranged Marraige

    It's understandable that you wanted to be closer to your roots fella but sometimes out roots are right in front of us, i'm not say you would have found the perfect bride from the country you were born and bred in, but at least there wouldn't have been a cultural divide, when getting married our religion is important but if the two people are culturally different then you are asking of heartache. I'm glad you have found some salvation and escape in Gurbani but at some point your going to have to face the problems in your marriage. Whatever you do fella, good luck with it and keep your head up.
  2. kcmidlands

    Depression from Horrible Arranged Marraige

    Is there any [articular reason you decided to get married in India, it's been discussed countless times on this forum, especially about the cultural differences with Punjabi's in India and those of use that are born and bred in other countries, did you try and find a wife from the same country that your from. The only way you'll find resolution is communication, at some point she'll have to hear what your saying, how you communicate is up to you, you will need her parent's to listen to you as well, if they don't listen directly then i'd suggest getting an older family member to do the talking, the last hing any parent wan't (especially in India) is their married daughter being dropped off back in the pind because the marriage did't work. If you want to take the route of making threats, telling her you'll cancel her visa, you'll get married again and god know's what else has been mention then that's up to you fella, in my experience things like that will tend to cause more harm than good. On a side note, i'd love to know how many people who give marital advice here are actually married and understand exactly how much hard work goes into a marriage to make it work, I've been married for over 16 years and we still argue, bicker and fight, it's human nature but we always find a resolution and more importantly know what our boundaries are, we've been through the "making threats" phase, it doesn't work, trust me. It's commendably that you take your laavan seriously, your right, for some people it is just done for show.
  3. I'm in the UK, we're used to plastic bottles.
  4. I always found it strange that the milk come's in plastic bags, i was okay with Buffalo milk when i was young, as I've gotten older and used to cow's milk in the west i get issues when i have buffalo milk in India know, i think that goes for most food in India, out bodies become accustomed to a western diet and we have trouble digesting food in India.
  5. As well as whats already been said i think it depends on how tough your stomach is, some people can eat and drink anything and they'll be fine, other's will get the run's at the drop of a hat. I was also cautious of dairy, we would get cow's milk as opposed to buffalo and avoid ice cream (no easy thing).
  6. kcmidlands

    Alexandra Aitken

    I take it we're talking about this Alexandra Aitken. There's a thread about her on this forum somewhere.
  7. kcmidlands

    How do i beat up ghosts??

    I thinks it's about good and bad energy, if you have a lot of arguments, are always negative, you will attract bad energy and all the baggage that carries, call them spirits, ghosts or whatever. Another theory is we may be seeing echoes of other people living on the same plane but slightly ahead or behind in dimensional time, a Muslim friend of mine described Jinn like that, they live peacefully among us but we rarely see them because they are in another time dimension, food for thought. I have heard the Suleiman recording, the first time i heard it i was at a friends house up in Sheffield, his granddad played it for us pretty late at night and explained it to us, only problem was i had to drive back home in the middle of the night back south, i was bricking it all the way home. I've heard it many times since, no reason to believe it was false. I've got no idea why the op want's to beat up a ghost though, maybe it's on his bucket list.
  8. kcmidlands

    How do i beat up ghosts??

    I don't think that, i've seen plenty in my life to know something else is out there, but lately I've looked for answers in gurbani and even though i don't understand it all, it does explain a lot of it.
  9. kcmidlands

    How do i beat up ghosts??

    Where the hell do you work man, in the Tower of London or something.
  10. kcmidlands

    Why are muslims so evil?

    Our neighbours when i was young used to be Muslim, the ones next door were from India (Gujrat) and were the nicest people and were polite, the ones opposite were Pakistani, there's nothing the waking up in the morning and hearing the father in that house stand outside and call his kids every *****chod word under the sun and his kids would reply in kind, the folks weren't best pleased when we used to ask them what they meant though, yeah, it is their culture, amongst other things.
  11. kcmidlands


    This is the unfortunate thing, most people I've spoken to about this (and this includes myself) aren't surprised that it happened and that's something that is more concerning than anything else What tactics, he walked into a mosque and started indiscriminately shooting at everyone, end of, he had no formal training, nothing, when your sat on the outside it's easy to say "we could do this or that" but when the majority of us are put in that situation, half of your body will go into shock because it can't process what's going on. Now what will happen is some crazy Jihadi type will strap bombs on themselves and try and kill as many people as they can as vengeance for what happened, and rinse and repeat. Your not the only one who's noticed this.
  12. kcmidlands


    What are you going to learn from watching a video of a deranged white supremacist killing a load of innocent people, some of who were children, please enlighten us all, the guy had no criminal record and kept under the radar. At the end of it all, 50 people are dead, that's what people need to focus on, not wanting to watch a video of them being killed.
  13. kcmidlands

    Michael J

    I'm not a fan of his, saw him in concert and I don't think a single artist has come close to him when it comes to performance, personal view. Never did try to moonwalk, maybe it was a thing they did down and around London.
  14. kcmidlands

    Michael J

    As a performer the guy was amazing, to this day no one can put on a show the way he did but he's been elevated to such a high level that the idea of him doing anything wrong is something no one can bear to hear about. The documentary was one-sided so you have to bear that in mind when you watch it but when you have guys like Louis Theroux saying he was probably a pedophile then you listen because he calls it out the way it is, a grown man sleeping with young kids, Nah mate, that's got wrong written all over it.

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