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  1. kcmidlands

    Natural order

    I remember before i got married i questioned why the man walks in front of the woman at the time of Anand Karaj, the answer i got from many people was it's nothing to do with Sikhi but more to do with culture and out way of thinking. My grandad said something along the lines of " Being in front doesn't always make you superior, look at a horse and cart, the more intelligent one is behind, when we take Guru Sahib somewhere, there is always someone in front clearing the way, that doesn't make them superior to our Guru". Completely agree with what @Redoptics has said, the Anand Karaj isn't about who's in charge, it's about connecting our souls to waheguru.
  2. kcmidlands

    Moving To Birmingham

    Solihull is nice and you won't find a lack of Gurdwara's in the city, there's a new one opening every other month.
  3. kcmidlands

    Patiala "royal" family

    He probably is intelligent but just not in the way we think, he's been banging the whole "NRI's support Khalistani terrorism" for year's now, it's probably ingrained into him that he has to leave a legacy, the whole "Royal family" thing is all but defunct now so he's finding a different way to leave a mark, his is to make things difficult for NRI's (look at Juggy) so none of them come to India and mention Khalistan and pump up the locals. Ravi Singh runs an aid organization, they do work in India (currently the floods in Punjab) so you have to say things to get your foot in the door. He's a product of a bygone age of Maharaja's who have a certain "I'm better than you" mentality, I've always been fascinated how maharajas would keep a dastaar and full beard yet most of them were anything but Sikh and only ever looked out for themselves and if they helped the locals they would constantly remind them of it like they were doing them a favour.
  4. kcmidlands

    Patiala "royal" family

    The Captain really is a special kind of stupid.
  5. kcmidlands

    Canterbury Kent

    I used to live in Guildford and had the same issue, there were plenty of South Indians but very few Sikhs, I'd end up driving to Southall to go to the Gurdwara, I moved just outside of Oxford after that and had the same issue there. Have to tried the local Uni (probably Kent University), they usually have Sikh societies that put on events, might be worth a shot.
  6. kcmidlands

    Sikh Youth Uk

    It's a case of a few bad apples plus it's grown in size but still run the way it was when it started and there were only a few people, many groups suffer from this kind of thing and if you don't keep on top of it stuff can get out of control.
  7. kcmidlands

    Sikh Youth Uk

    I don't have an axe to grind, if they're protecting Sikhi, good stuff, but attacking your one isn't protecting your own. Anyway, cheers for the judgment fella, much appreciated, alway's nice to be judged by someone you've never met.
  8. kcmidlands

    Sikh Youth Uk

    They, SYUK, were harassing a Sikh girl by throwing things at her her on the way back from a Sikhi camp,this has nothing to do with "you people", this whole thing has nothing to do with "going to other religions", it has to do with their behaviour towards their own.
  9. kcmidlands

    Sikh Youth Uk

    Two sides of the same coin fella, whether it's intentional or random the end result is the same.
  10. kcmidlands

    Sikh Youth Uk

    What's the difference?
  11. kcmidlands

    Sikh Youth Uk

    I would have agreed with you about WMP had Deepa not gone running to them at the first sign of trouble, he tells everyone else to sideline them yet doesn't take his own advice. At the end of the day SYUK are a minor organisation who use thuggish behaviour to justify their means, where it works, great but then they end up behaving like that with everyone and it becomes a problem. They decided to pick on someone's daughter on the way back from a BOSS camp, that not childish, that's just plain stupid, if your going to join an organisation of any kind you need to remember everything you do represents said organisation.
  12. kcmidlands

    Sikh Youth UK

    Outside Barclays wasn't it.
  13. kcmidlands

    Sikh Youth Uk

    From what I've been told they were amongst the people that were responsible for what happened. I really don't know what goes on in the mind's of some of our people, don't know if it's ego or just a twisted version of Sikhi.
  14. kcmidlands

    Sikh Youth Uk

    I'll take your word for them helping girls from other communities, I've never seen either Deepa or his group say anything like that. I don't have any axe to grind against them but when you look at their track record and their penchant for violence especially against their own kid it kind of negates what they do. Go do a search on Facebook, it won't take you long before you find out what happened last weekend and to find the video from the Father who's daughter SYUK were harassing.
  15. kcmidlands

    Samagam Smethwick UK

    They won't, double standards and all.

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