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  1. He was also one of the first people to call out the taking of Vitamin D supplements to boost your immune system, i think he spoke about it back in March, it's only now that the mainstream have taken notice of it, outside of the occasional news story he's pretty much the only person i watch and have any trust in.
  2. She seems like a lovely woman, thankfully the Lid Dems have a little sense and have decided to drop here: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/14/lib-dems-drop-mayoral-contender-over-antisemitic-comment-about-jack-straw I bet if she was standing for the Tories they would have just ignored it and kept her on.
  3. Sweden is really expensive, not sure about Norway, Portugal have a residency scheme going at the moment, it costs about £3000 i think but that buys you 5 years residency so after Brexit you can essentially travel across Europe without having to jump through whatever hoopes the UK government come up with, you essentially end up with dual nationality, a few immigration experts have advised this route for people with relatives in India who want to bring them over here (which you can't anymore) so they get a extended visa for Portugal and you pay for dual nationality and you can visit them whenever you want and vice-versa (sorry, went off on a tangent). New Zealand's always been a decent country, the quality of life there is pretty good, i have friends and relatives in Auckland and Christchurch. I agree in part about all the riff raff following to one place, it's kind of the Indian mentality,but that's how it's always been, look at Toronto, every Indian started in Brampton then made money, moved to the nicer part and so did everyone else, it's just a continuous cycle.
  4. Yeah, in India people like us are considered jokes, if you were to invest over there you'd need to have family you can trust otherwise your done for. I did at one point consider Canada, i worked in Seattle for 2 years and used to pop over to Vancouver a lot (friends and family there) then i saw the cost of living there and decided against. Eastern Europe is full of right wing nutters at the moment, hopefully they will disappear given time. We are considering New Zealand though, we've been over there and it's a beautiful country, people get on with each other (for the most part) and it's far enough to make sure the relatives don't visit, house prices are okay as well.
  5. If i wanted a safety net the last place i would invest is "back home" in India, there was a time were you could make a killing from selling land to property developers in Punjab but the "Captain" has ended all of that, my elder sister's in-laws have a fair amount of farming land over there and aren't able to sell it because politics mean's they can't build on it so they're stuck with it. At the end of the day your British, just because you have the same skin colour as people in India don't expect to be greeted with open arms over there, this idea that if it all goes south here we can go back to the "motherland" is a myth, they would probably accept our parent's or grandparents because they were born there, we're born here so we'd be over there as visitors.
  6. Dr John Campbell mentions in one of his videos (might be the one i linked or another one) that the wearing of a mask is a two way thing, if you wear one and someone opposite you wears one but has Covid, they cough or sneeze, the particulates that get through their mask lessens and they lessen more when they enter your mask, there's evidence appearing that this in turn reduces the severity of the infection people will get compared to someone not wearing a mask, there was evidence presented last week about face shield and how useless they are by themselves. The one thing that is true is we all have to use our own common sense, the UK government has proven they have no idea how to handle this pandemic, their primary interest is the economy not human life.
  7. That first video has to be one of the most ridiculous things i've seen, virus's travel on saliva and/or mucus particulates, vape residue doesn't, i really want to stay out of the whole "conspiracy" nonsense that has arisen from this pandemic, too many people have died to even allow me to give it the time of day but like i said earlier, it's up to you if you want to wear a mask, if you don't think it helps you shouldn't look down on those who think it does. Below is a video by Dr John Campbell, he's been posting pretty much every day since the Pandemic started, he has his say on mask's at about 22 minutes in, id it was a choice between trusting him over the vape guy, he'd win every time.
  8. Back to the original post, those masks are ridiculously over priced, my mum has been making masks similar to those for the sangat at the Gurdwara (for free), the ones she made are similar, i showed her these and she said they cost about £1.00 to make, seem's there's profit to be made in everything. On another note, if you don't want to wear a mask then that's your call, you have every right to that opinion, i could bang on about the lunacy of some of the opinions i've read but until you or someone you know has been through it with Covid-19 then all your talking just amounts to nothing more than opinion not fact, someone posting something on Youtube claiming it to be a truth doesn't make it so.
  9. Not from what i've heard, it's widespread through out India, they basically blame foreigners, I have a few friend's working for a tech company in Delhi, 2 of them that are white have been forced to have Covid tests 3 times now, they really are insecure over there.
  10. As mentioned ny @puzzled, you can scatter them here in the UK, there are a few places, you can go to Stratford upon Avon or Leicester, i'm sure there are more around the UK. As far as going to India, having spoken to relatives over there (Jullundur, Nawanshahr and Chandigarh), I'd avoid it for a while, no only is Covid on the rise there's also an attitude about blaming outsiders for the spread of it. I'm not sure about the scattering within a year thing, maybe best to ask a Gyani about that.
  11. No idea, none of us will know until get there. I've lost a fair few people close to me over the years, my Grandmother passed away recently, her last request was to pass away at home, she hated hospitals, so we bought her home and she passed away in her own bed about 15 hours later, whether she was in pain or not in the traditional sense i can't say, she was unconscious while we watched her breathing slow. On the opposite end was my Mother-in-law, she passed away a few years ago from cancer, she was in the most horrendous pain to a point where even the painkillers didn't help, she was asking for death, the doctors had to give her a tonne of morphine which helped her sleep and then she went down hill really fast until she passed away. My grandad dies instantly from a heart attack so he would have felt an enormous amount of pain, I lost my brother many many years ago, he was on a ventilator in an induced coma for 2 weeks, he was pretty much brain dead so he couldn't have felt pain according to the doctors. I guess i'm rambling on a bit, point is, we like to tell ourselves "They passed away peacefully" so we can cope but we'll never really know the pain someone goes through when they pass away, i think it would be too much for us to cope with if we knew, as already mentioned, it's different for different people, i think the lucky ones just get taken instantly so if there is pain it's immediate, those unfortunate of will have it dragged out and maybe make it all the more painful.
  12. The whole things a mess, Gurbani and learning Kirtan isn't the property of the few, my own opinion is it's for all, if you follow Sikhi (whether you are amritdhari or not) you should be able to learn and thus connect with waheguru, those that are left out are taken advantage of by groups like NKJ, they'll follow blindly like sheep and believe their narrative because they tried the "proper" route and were pushed to one side because they weren't in the club (which, in itself, goes against the whole principle of a Gurdwara). There are Dera's all over Punjab that take advantage of kid's like this and groom them into their way of thinking, people like Dhadrianwale have huge following and after a while gain the support of politician's because they can make their followers vote for who they want, this is the position Ram Rahim got to (I'm not comparing Dhadrianwale with him but the principle is the same) and now the same stuff's happening in the UK, like i said before, people are sheep.
  13. The issue is that people still have the mind set that this kind of thing doesn't happen in "Sikhi", when the whole NKJ thing kicked off you had educated people saying it could never happen in our religion, it's still seen as something that shouldn't be discussed out in the open, a "we'll take care of our own" mentality, didn't really do the catholic church much good in the end. If we see this stuff going on we all need to call it out and make it known that this isn't acceptable in Sikhi (or anywhere else for that matter). Yeah, he's spouted a lot of rubbish over the last few years, people are sheep, they need someone to follow, that someone is sat on their throne in every Gurdwara you visit yet people decide to follow snake oil salesmen like him. Gurbani might not be able to cure mental health problems but it certainly helps, in the last few month's of lockdown for me one of the only things that has saved me from loosing it completely is listening to Gurbani.
  14. Harinder's released a video on Nirvair Khalsa Jatha's youtube page (i'm not posting it out of principle, it's easy to find), he waffle's on for 10 minutes telling people to make up their own minds and how the system's corrupt. I remember seeing them years ago, they were pretty good, they had all the sangat's attention, i saw them recently (well, a couple of years back, before they opened their own Gurdwara) and he rolled up in a brand new white Audi Q7 with a private plate (something like NKJ **) and that spoke volumes about who he and his group of rag tag followers were, power and money corrupts, only a few are immune to it, these lot are as corrupted as they get.
  15. I was speaking in general, i've seen people on both ends of the spectrum, those that are complete fakes and end up ruining peoples lives and a few that have something about them that you can't really explain. In Smethwick there are a lot of "Baba's" around, most are fake, same as anywhere where there are a lot on asians, they'll take advantage of you and change your mindset into thinking the way they do, it happened with my in-laws years ago when a "highly" religious lady from Smethwick had them following her around like dog's, she would tell them things that she could not know, i got annoyed at the whole thing and did some digging, turned out she would have her husband and her kids go around investigating people to find out stuff about them and then make it look as though she had some divine vision that came and told her, the in-laws didn't believe a word i said but thankfully they parted ways with her by themselves. At the end of the day, people take advantage of other's, they'll find a weakness, and illness for instance, and focus in on that until you have no choice but to believe the snakeoil they are selling, as i've said, there are a few who are genuine, i've got no idea if the person you met was, all i can say is carry on doing what your doing, waheguru will protect you.
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