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  1. kcmidlands

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    Then expects not to be criticised, if you can't be honest with yourself what do you expect from others.
  2. You know, after reading this thread (and a few other's you started about your married life and before that) I really have no idea why you got married, i could go on and dissect everything you've said but it's apparent that you really don't care and all you want is attention and for people to feel sorry for your plight. I will say this though, i understand you looking out for your parents, not wanting your wife to cause them grief, we all want that a son's but our parents aren't going to be around forever, when they've gone your going to be stuck with a wife who you've pretty much gone to war with.
  3. When everyone who has posted on this topic pretty much disagree's with your stance you should take that as a hint, but you are right, it's your kid, it's up to you what you do, as you've mentioned, it's your "right" as a Father but everything catches up with us eventually, you're no different, instead of posting your life story on the internet you should be supporting your wife instead of blaming her, you should be educating yourself and then you'll realise how common viral fever's are in pregnancy and how easily they are treated. Nothing but love for your wife i see.
  4. So much vitriol and anger from someone so young, did your friends not ask you to play football with them after school, is that why your so bitter.....
  5. "Smarty Pants", what are you, 10 years old or something, looking at your spelling i'd say you were closer to 5.
  6. It isn't easy for me to say, just because a child is born without any defects doesn't mean you won't face other difficulties with them in the future. A child isn't an object that you can dump because they don't fit you perfect version of the world, my elder sister's son has Autism, she never dumped him, she never looked at him as if he was a financial burden, I'm sorry man, but you so full of <banned word filter activated> it's unbelievable, you ask people not to judge you then you go and post all your issues on a public forum, crying more tears than your wife, give me a break, go and speak to women you have lost their children during a pregnancy or at the moment of birth.
  7. As a father of 4 wonderful children i have no words to describe how selfish and self centered you are with what you've just posted, if this is the attitude you have at the moment what kind of parent are you going to be. Everything you posted is so ill informed it's beyond a joke, go and ask your parent how hey would have reacted if you had some sort of birth defect, how very "Sikh" of you to want to dump your child if it has birth defects. The fact that you have to ask if it's wrong of you to think this way sum's up what kind of human being you are, how your parents haven;t slapped you half way to the moon is beyond me.
  8. kcmidlands

    A little heads up and some vichar?

    I don't think having a team of people going out and capturing this kind of thing is the answer, who will govern them and at what point do we accept that their version of Sikhi is right and what they are in essence trying to censor is wrong, it becomes a mess after a while.
  9. kcmidlands

    A little heads up and some vichar?

    Any Video with David Icke immediately sends alarm bells ringing with me, he has made an absolute fortune spreading some absurd stories (have a read of his "The Reptilian Elite" theory). Ignoring the debate about the health risks around 5G mentioned in the first video, for me, there's a simple solution, switch off from social media, it's like a disease with no cure, I see people walking around in the morning on the way to work with their eyes transfixed on their phones blissfully unaware of what's going on in the real world.
  10. kcmidlands

    Sikh Father and Son beaten by Delhi police

    Yeah, it was this wasn't it:
  11. It doesn't make it right though, using your dodgy money to fund a religious venture (be it a film or something else) with the hope that you'll be absolved for your sin's under the guise of seva that is. The thing is sometimes when people do this it can come back and do more damage to them and more importantly the cause they gave the money to. Mine is a personal opinion, stuff like this doesn't sit well with me, for other's it may be more palatable.
  12. Exactly, I don't care what he does with his money in his own time but if he wants to do good for Sikhi then any money that goes in the pot has to be scrutinized.
  13. I think if you're going to use your wealth to support a religious purpose then you need to show where the money's coming from, the amount of time I've seen people launder money through Gurdware is ridiculous.
  14. kcmidlands

    Sikh Father and Son beaten by Delhi police

    I agree with you in principle, we do tend to have a hot-headed mentality but I think he would have been assaulted by the police, either way, it's just the mentality of the police in India. When a basic police officer has no chance of promotion and is paid peanuts he's going to do everything he can to top up his salary, unfortunately, in India, it's done by extorting money from the average joe on the street, when the average joe disagrees then this kind of thing happens (all too often), either way, it's police brutality.

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