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  1. He allegedly beat his wife to a pulp, what do you want, photo's (and it's not the first time he's been arrested, de's been done for drug offences in the past). And the famous singer that has a similar name, is he the one who got caught by his wife having an affair with a female singer from Punjab, his wife dumped him and then took him back because she realised that she enjoyed the comfortable life, oh, he was arrested for domestic abuse as well, just sayin.....
  2. I think Jay Sean's done alright for himself, he's carved out a niche and stuck to it. he moved on with his career whereas Juggy D stayed where he was. It's really disappointing that Juggy D hasn't been called out by other artist's, i suppose everyone has something to hide, but if it's true that he beat up his wife then he needs to be called out on it not what is likely to happen which is him making an apology video and people say "Oh, he's not that bad really, look, he's sorry for what he did" and then accept him back into the fold, the man need's to f**k right off.
  3. The guys always been a coke head, all you need to do is go around Southall and ask about him, he was allegedly offering his gold Kara as payment for "services", Rishi Rich and Jay Sean went there own ways but he stayed where he was riding on the coat tails of a few songs, i feel sorry for his kids in all of this. There's loads of crap like this in the music industry, we used to film wedding's and concerts in the past and the amount of singer's that would be doing line's before coming on stage was ridiculous, these were guys that had young fan's who looked up to them, some things never cha
  4. I don't know where you are based but in the UK they start at about £250 if your in the UK and go up to £700/800, for manufacturers i would probably go for Bina if you are a beginner. You could probably import one from India but the shipping would probably make it roughly the same price as just buying it over here.
  5. When my eldest aunt's dad passed away we found out a few year's later that her mum had kept his ashes in an urn by the fireplace for at least 2 years before we found out, my aunt and her mum saw nothing wrong with it, considering his funeral was a Sikh one we all found it a little strange to say the least, she had to be told the the Giani at their local gurdwara that they should really scatter the ashes as it isn't healthy for her mental health to have them there as a reminder all the time, my aunts mother saw nothing wrong with it, takes all sorts.
  6. Completely agree but there was a time where you could help and know that you'd done the right thing but it's not as clear cut any more. I remember years ago my eldest uncle and aunt came home after a wedding to find some guy in there house trying to rob them, he came in through the kitchen door round the back, my uncle's a pretty hefty dude and he tackled the kid and grabbed him, my aunt ring the police and they said they were on there way, 40 minutes passed and no one turned up, my uncle ended up ring the police again and hen told them that he had the kid in a headlock to stop him runnin
  7. It's not just in the US, it's the same in the UK, I'll always ask if i can help if someone is in trouble or look's distressed, I was bought up that way but lately it seems that I'd probably get in more trouble if I helped rather than just leave the situation alone, it's a sorry state of affairs.
  8. This whole incident is surreal, from the way it played out to the way it was filmed, I'm not one for conspiracies but i'll leave that topic for another day. The fact that people would rather film than try to help in some way in truly a sad sign of the times, the guy went to another country to try and make a better life for him and his family back home and this is what happens to him, humanity has well and truly left the building.
  9. There's issues with every vaccine, the only difference here is the world's spotlight is on Covid vaccines because there's so much riding on them, any side effect will be magnified, love a report on this forum about how many millions of people have take the vaccine and have had no side effects. Asking a pharmaceuticals company to admit the chance of severe side effects would be like asking a car company to admit that the vehicle they manufacture could crash.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-56357760 https://edition.cnn.com/2021/03/12/europe/astrazeneca-vaccine-blood-clot-reports-denmark-reviews-intl/index.html
  11. I heard an interview with he lawyer on the radio yesterday, some of the excuses she was coming out with were ridiculous, there was a rumour a while back that she works for the intelligence services as well (her husband does), hence it would be difficult to get her back over here.
  12. It's an interesting point about forgiveness, I do wonder that had the guy that was killed been Sikh but had cut hair (or not even Sikh) would we look at the whole thing differently, anyway, i think that's a conversation for a different thread. I think forgiving and accepting are two different things, in this case, for whatever wrong's Gagandip Singh did, he didn't deserve what happened to him, his family has to live with the face that they lost a son/brother in a terrible way, for them to forgive or accept is beyond reproach, for us as a society, it's different, accept them back yes but w
  13. Get in touch with Midland Langar Seva, if they can't help i'm sure they know someone who can. As far as family goes, maybe try and tell them your willing to take a covid test to prove your okay to stay with them (you can get a lateral flow test done and get the results in an hour),
  14. It's a fine balance putting the safety and wellbeing of others even if your own beliefs mean that your going ahead with something that your not entirely sure of, much respect for that. I'm interested in what you said about joint pain and it being affected after the vaccine, all the older generation in my family have had it and apart from a headache have had no real side effects apart from my mum, she's had back pain on and off the last few years and she and a rough couple of days after having the jab then it subsided, we're due to get the vaccine next month i think (over 40), my wife get
  15. It depends how you define "older days" really, today there are more processed foods around, more junk, more distractions, I grew up in the 80's and there was less of all of that (and I'm not really going back that far), we would go out more to "play" sports, eat mostly fresh home made food, my social life consisted of either visiting cousins, going to the gurdwara or playing sports and spending a lot of time outdoors while watching very little tv. Time's were different then, we were bought up like this because that's how our parent's were bought up. In today's age it's a lot more difficul
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