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  1. If one mother looses her child for any reason it's way to many, I'm not here to debate party politics (especially in India, they're all a bunch of useless self serving fools over there).
  2. He's a money hungry Tory like the rest of them, don't get caught up in the whole "but he's got the same skin colour as us so he must be okay", everything he's done is planned out, he wanted to go for the boss position but Boris and his gang did him over hence all the news about his wife not paying taxes and his "green card" status, he's not the same as us, he would probably sell his own mother if he knew there was profit in it. There's no wondering, it's exactly what's happened.
  3. I can swear there was another thread about this incident. I don't know about desirable, Leicester has a high population of "Illegal" Punjabi's who find it easy to get work in the local factories and building sites, cash in hand, no questions asked. I think the Gurdwara you're on about is Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara, it's where the meeting took place for this incident, it's a Panthic Gurdwara, they do a lot for the youth there now, I know the head of the committee really well, he's a good guy, always doing the best for the local community.
  4. Oh, I don't disagree, we always get comfortable and then every so often something happens that wakes us up. I think there was a little more to what happened here that is being reported but I've only heard it second hand so I'm not going to spread information that may or may not be true, either way, it's hit the local press, it only took them 2 days. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/news/leicester-news/teens-arrested-after-after-sikh-6847539
  5. I saw this yesterday morning and was heartbroken that this still goes on, i grew up with this kind of stuff in the 80's and hoped people were passed it. @Premi5There are a lot of Sikhs in Leicester but not as many as you would think, the problem is the communities here are still very "self" orientated and don't show support for one another when this kind of thing happens, so far no one from the Muslin community has come out and condemned what has happened, they'll only do it when the local newspaper get's hold of it. There was a really good turn out at the Gurdwara in support of these 3 young Singhs, the police have arrested 3 of the idiots that did this (they've been released on bail), the school they go to is part of a larger academy who run 3 schools in Leicester, my daughters go to one of them (not the same one), they'll be a lot of emails, letter's and phone calls going to the academy from parents this with asking them to explain how they allow this kind of thing to go on.
  6. @californiasardar1 I was going to make a comment on you "What is the incentive for a Sikh man to keep his kesh these days?" comment but i think it's been sufficiently answered, i will however say that if you have to ask a question like that then it may be worthwhile sitting down for a while and self-reflecting about what it is you expect from Sikhi, when we keep our kesh, tie a dastaar and even be fortunate enough to take amrit it doesn't instantly put us on another level, it's just the beginning of a journey that can take our entire lives to traverse. I have a young son, we've kept his kesh, we've made sure he keep's the right sangat but it's a daily battle to tie his gutti at the moment, my wife give's up easily and often say's we should cut his hair (mostly out of frustration at him, he's six years old), every single time she say's it i cry inside, i do ardaas asking for forgiveness, i can't explain to her what keeping your kesh then eventually tying a dastaar means, to most people it's just hair, to someone like me it's a part of who i am, I hope that one day my son feels that way but i have to let him find his own way.
  7. Yeah, it is a bit strange, getting to your 40's and deciding to cut your kesh, seems more like an early onset mid-life crisis to me, everyone I've known that has done it has usually been in their teen's or early twenties. I remember when my cousin cut his hair, he was in his mid teens, he came round our house with his mum and dad (my pua and phuffar), he acted like he had achieved something by doing it, my Gran (his Nani) soon slapped the smile off his face(not physically though), he was pretty much crying by the time he left to go home.
  8. I've seen this happen in family and friends circles a lot over the years, for me the worst part are the excuses, it show's how weak that person's character is, if you don't want to keep you hair or tie a dastaar just be honest about it with others and more importantly yourself, all this "Can't get a job" "I feel discriminated" nonsense, every time someone comes to me with this i gently tell them i grew up in the 80's and i used to get beaten up a fair amount just for having a "topknot", it never once entered my mind that i should cut my hair to make my life easier.
  9. I have a little more hope now that Bhagwant Maan has become CM, he has spoken in support of Jaggi in the past and his right to a fair trial, time will tell if he's a man of his word though.
  10. @Premi5I think they're all out as far as I'm aware, i seem to remember they weren't local Singh's (for the most part), a few of them came from Coventry. Suffice to say every time some local youth form a certain community gets a bity tasty they're told "Remember what happened at the Moghul Dardar", they soon settle down.
  11. Thanks for the information, I don't eat a lot of the "fake meat" food's, prefer to stick to traditional Punjabi food. We do okay with wheat based stuff, we've made home made seitan a few times, it's okay once you marinade the living hell out of it. I'm not going to get into a debate about Jhatka meat, if you think it's okay to eat it then go for it, i personally don't eat meat and Jhatka meat is a no no as well.
  12. A lot of the new stuff is based around wheat protein but a lot of meat alternative is still soya based, Quorn have introduced their vegan stuff that doesn't have egg in it, we tried it and didn't like it but then we don't eat a lot of their products anyway.
  13. There's a lot of Vegan alternatives now, some are pretty decent and other's are trash but it all depends how you cook them. We don't use many Quorn products anymore, their Vegan range aren't really that good, our kids like the Birds eye Vegan range, they do fake chicken peices and thing's that could pretty easily replace meat in any Daal/Sabzi, if you cook them the way they tell you they end up being pretty bland, the Beyond Meat stuff is really nice but it's pretty expensive but if you're coming from a meat eating background then they are probably more appropriate because they are aimed at people wanting to reduce meat in-take.
  14. Yeah, he's had his Visa cancelled. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-59889522
  15. It'll be interesting if he does go to jail over there considering the circles he runs in and being a Tory donor, but hey, what goes around comes around.
  16. This is all we need, it's as though minorities aren't demonised enough here some nutter thinking he's Udham Singh reborn decides to have a go at the Queen of all people, fucks sake. Yeah, i thought that but this idiots been sectioned under the mental health act so i don't think they can use him as an example (just yet that it).
  17. I'm glad you found your way out of darkness and that your path was made easier by Sikhi. I think a lot more can and should be done in out community, there's been a few prominent Sikhs on social media (UK) that have set things up to make it easier for Sikh men to have an outlet and discuss their problems but i don't think they will last that long, they'll be a flash in the pan until the next unfortunate incident where one of ours takes his (ore even her) life. I find it disappointing that we now have upwards of 4 Sikh tv stations here in the UK and not one of them mentioned what happened with this young man so it could lead to more discussion and maybe help others, it seems they're too busy promoting their own causes and asking or money.
  18. I've been debating whether to post this, i saw nothing about it posted so i though I'd share. On Thursday evening there was a post on Twitter (to begin with) about a young Singh who had gone missing, he left a lengthy note on an Instagram post, it was pretty intense reading as it turned out he's been suffering from depression for a number of years and not told anyone, i followed it through the evening as more and more people started looking from him, i did Ardaas before going to bed that he would be found and that he would find help in whatever he was going through, I thought, like the majority of these cases I'd wake up and he would have been found. Into the morning after the school run i checked on Twitter and Instagram for any news, the young Singh had committed suicide, he jumped from the M621 bridge in Leeds, i don't know why but this has really hit me hard to a point where i was nearly in tears when i read about what happened, this young man had suffered from depression and it had got to a point where he felt death was the only escape, there's not been much reported aside from social media, there's a link below. https://celebsaga.com/deep-singh-m621-bridge-fall-death-leeds-suicide-of-missing-man-mr-singh/ The bigger issue here for me is that there seems to be a complete lack of support for men in our community to go and talk to someone, we're just meant to grin an bear it, I'm sure this has probably been spoken about before on these forums as well, there seems to be a number of cases this year alone where men from the Sikh community have ended there lives due to depression. On a day to day basis we don't know what battles someone is fighting, most of the time we can take some solace in Gurbani but what happens when that isn't enough, one thing i do know is that men in our community need to learn to talk and not bottle things up, sometimes it could mean the difference between someone deciding to live another day or not.
  19. Jesus wept, have they nothing better to do, do they even know what the Nuremberg Code is.
  20. As already mentioned, it has to got to the House of Lords next, they used to have the power to reject Bill's that come from the house of commons but Cameron severely restricted that when he was in power with a number of parliamentary acts, they can send it back if they don't like certain texts in a bill for revision, they can delay an act of legislation for up to a year but ultimately the house of commons has more power now.
  21. I think with bills like this they are all expected to tow the company line otherwise they face the party whip, it's still no excuse for not having any morals.
  22. She may be useless but what her cronies are getting her to do set's a very dangerous precedent, if they get away with it the person who is having their citizenship revoked has no right to appeal, even someone convicted of murder has a right to appeal, someone gets booted out and people will think twice about protesting because Priti and her gang are planning new anti-protest laws. If this Clause get's through without change, the first time they try it on with someone, the shits well and truly going to hit the fan in this country. Remember the suitcases our grandparent's used to keep packed just in case, remember what they used to tell you when you asked them, that generation knew what they were talking about/ He's about as Punjabi as a Jamie Oliver Punjabi Chicken Curry mate.
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