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    I deleted the post myself What’s the point me lighting candles if you’re gonna follow me around blowing them out?
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    Singh, the answer to your question is that we shouldn’t be judging anyone.
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    This is very interesting. I think maybe in the evening we made some other banis like anand sahib and also we should try our best to follow the maryada of bani.
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    I think we should be keeping details as well. Two can play at that game.
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    Go f**k yourself. You spent 1000 years in slavery to Islam. Got GIVEN freedom by the Christians. If you're hunting them why is their population increasing as per the census? You're not our friends, nor are the Muslims, or Christians.
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    you can see he is a mona under that dastar , the wraps give him away. simple solution leave them with the fake 4ss Patiala ghadar style and we stick to gol dastar and dumalle of Guru ji it will also seperate us out from the forced patiala style turbans of the SGPC
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    what is it with you bengali hindus , you were the first people to welcome the invaders to take over your lands and then went with them commanding you to destroy all resistance of native Indians . You should be ashamed of your history and forget about preaching to us about our emotions; it's those same emotions that caused us to fight for our rights and put down the anglicism of our people the first time , we put our bodies and lives on the lines to preserve our ways whereas you chose the other path accepting your culture being altered and dismissed as undeveloped by angrez to live as shameless lackeys . We still don't agree to the labelling of our folks by the faithless people who bend a knee to any and all people who wrest power from our country men . Try growing a spine before telling us to jump in the fire with RSS who had zero lyalty to the nation and still don't, they are just illiterate thugs and criminals . we don't hate hindus we hate oppression and currently RSS is a major source with these soulless charlatans coming a close second .
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    It is hard to ascertain what the Sangat wants and needs. The quam needs to find some points to agree on, some common ground: Here are some points we probably agree on We are a separate nation. We are unique people on the subcontinent, we look different, we act different, we have different temperament. We don't have much in common with the rest of the Union. Our needs are not met by this union. Our rights are not met by this union. We are seen and treated differently by this Union except when it is comes to defending the Union. The Union uses us. They exploit us. We are a fiercely independent people. We do things our own way, We think we do things better if we get out of this union. Are there any benefits to stay in this Union. These are some things I can think of, needs more embellishing.
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    I completed grade 9 in punjab. I was there a year and I learned it. Reading and writing Gurmukhi is actually easy Its not a hard language. But understanding Gurbani was difficult for me. I use to read the translations but now I'm learning from basics of sikhi channel on YouTube. I also brushed up on my Gurmukhi from the basics of sikhi channel as well. I recommend anyone who wants to learn check then out on YouTube
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    Empires are not brought down by external threats, but internal weaknesses. Before we begin some holy crusade against the missionaries (Christian missionaries in this case lol), let's stop and think for a second. Why are they able to target these Sikhs? And what have we (sangat, leaders) done to help them? Our people do nothing to help our brothers and sisters who have a hard life, and yet have the gaul to complain when others come along, help them and convert them to their religion! We first gotta get our house in order. And once we do, these type of missionaries will be easily handled.
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    This is crazy because they wear Sikh turbans. I don’t know what to say but still they’re targeting us. Even though they’re 1% of Punjab. Debate them like Muslims do. I heard Maskeen Jee say that their Bible doesn’t go very deep. They like to target the poor and vulnerable.
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    Not sure, I can pm you their number. No one is disputing the authority or knowledge of sri guru granth sahib ji. For some, english translations of sri guru granth sahib ji does not cut it anymore they want to further study and there is nothing wrong with studying further only if one desires. If worldly school requires a teacher/tutor to help students understand material in the test books such as math calcus, physical, sql etc then there are no exceptions in sikh spiritual school. Contemplation/meditation and studying scriptures are two very different things. In sikhi, spiritual school of thought orders such as nirmale, taksal encourages both- it goes hand in hand. However, just like everything else you will always find people who idiolizes vidya so much so much they forget all about internal sikhi- meditation, seva, vichar, bibek etc...as such mindset focus is entirely on writing books, try to win theological debates in academia or big smagams/akharas, join scholary culture of sikhi- their study of gurmat end up being road block itself and they get trapped in it..vidya could become road block in sikhi if caution is not used...so nothing wrong with learning vidya, one just need to learn self-reflect/be honest with themselves and use caution, don't get trapped in vidya. Sikhi is double edge sword..!!
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    What knowledge do they have, that Guru Granth Sahib doesn't? They are fringe groups. Closer to Hinduism.
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    Lots of kathavachak says there's mahala written in some dasam granth sahib saroop anybody have any pic where it says mahala 10 or patshahi 10 or they just making up fake story Fake babe fake sikh scholars
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    I am an Indian Hindu who has been lurking on this platform for about 6 months now, reading all posts as they come by. I don't think any of you really care about Sikhs or Sikhi. Let me preface what I'm going to say by telling straight away that I am a Bengali Hindu who has never lived in Punjab or has had any serious contact with the Sikh religion. My interest in it arose from my Sindhi Hindu colleagues who were devout Sikhs at the same time. The problem with you Sikhs is that you are an overly emotional people. You simply lack the capability as of now to know where to compromise, how much to compromise and where to stop compromising. It is stunning to see you speak out against the Rashtriya Sikh Sangat for its activities and I am not saying this as someone who considers you as Hindus or Sikhi as a Hindu sect. Modern Sikhism and Hinduism share little in common spiritually so it's best not to merge these 2 streams together. The Rashtriya Sikh Sangat is supposedly in your eyes making Sikhs into a puppet of the Hindus. Let us accept the premise that you are right. Let us also accept your premise that there is an active conspiracy on the part of the Hindu elite to crush your panth. Now, what is better - a bunch of Hinduised Sikhs who keep kesh and all the 5Ks or Christians ? I think you all know the answer in your gut and I don't care to write it out. Your distaste for the Hindus will kill you and damage. At about the same time, as the Hindus are uniting and taking serious action against Islam and Christianity, you Sikhs are being consumed by the same demons. Go venture that path. Why should an average Hindu be concerned ? By the time we come to cleaning Punjab there will barely be any serious Sikhs (and don't go all rambling about how the Panth is immortal - keep your nonsense to yourself) and we will clean it of Christians in the same way we have begun hunting them in the rest of India. The NRI Sikhs will assimilate into the West and the Indian Sikhs, hellbent on opposing the Hindus, will get suffocated out of lack of outreach to the only other community that can assist them in some way.

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