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    Art work dating back to the sikh misl period depicting prakash of guru granth sahib ji and dasam granth side by side. Art is a window into the past
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    I think they are exposing the moral corruption of society. They expose the hypocrisy of people. You need to be careful and socially smart and aware of what's going on around you. A lot of the characters are conniving spiteful and have bad intentions. The "holy men" are sleeping with the wives of their disciples, while rich old men are marrying women half their age for pleasure. This is still happening today A lot of the female characters have been given no purpose but to look attractive and in result have become shallow and promiscuous, while women who have been involved in dharma from the beginning by their families stand shoulder to shoulder with their fathers and brothers in battle. One story is about jehangirs daughter who liked a sikh man but the sikh man refused her so he was beheaded by jehangir. When the sikhs head was presented to the daughter on a tray, she reaches out to touch the sikhs face and the head moves back. Moral of the story is that a sikh does not touch a female that he is not married to and that even in death he did not let her touch his face. These days even some amritdharis are sleeping around. In another story guru gobind singh ji tells us that when he came of age his father, guru tegh bahadur ji, made guru ji take an oath by him that he will love his wife as much as he can but not even in his thoughts think of another man's wife. Charitropakhyan then is followed by chaupai sahib which is about destroying our inner enemies the panj chors and asking waheguru to do kirpa on us and protect us from the panj chors. I really don't understand why some people don't accept charitropakhyan, they must be close minded people who haven't tried to understand it. All the characters in charitropakhyan are everywhere around us everyday ... Correct me if I said wrong somewhere ...
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    Truer words were never spoken. You have captured the essence of the "moderate Muslim": He who is too cowardly to himself blow people up, but is happy that some of his "brothers" aren't.
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    not much has changed other than the additional domes on either side. i like it without the additional domes, made it look unique
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    Any surprises for guessing the usual dog has come back barking again. Here is a little advice get yourself a bone and chew on it. As for lowering gaze I am aware of the phraze but In sikhism or punjabi we have a different phraze for that. So why copy the exact muslim one is what I was saying.
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    Hindus have lost Pakistan and Bangladesh. They probably lost parts of Afghanistan as well. It may start of Sufi but it ends up more Arabic. Look at those Sri Lankan muslims, twenty odd years ago, they would look like every other Sri Lankan now they have those black burkha, their men are growing those moustachless Abraham Lincoln beards and wearing those outfits that make them walk like penguins.
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    photo from 1904 outside akal takht. I like how the lady is leaning in to look at the camera lol looks so curious
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    Well said and summed up. This is one of the reasons why I treat muslims with the same way they treat you. Ie that is my philosophy treat us others how they treat yourself. I never made or had any muslims friends for this reason. They are not to be trusted and should be kept are arms length. For them your just another person they hope they can convert. One guy had the audacity to try and to try and slighyly get me interested in Islam lol. While at college. He would say things like Im going to pray and other kinds of comments. He had no idea who he was dealing with. By the end he was the one that started to take up an interests in Sikhism.
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    Well I am just saying how it is. What do you expect me to do walk with eyes covered and never look. Also its not just about me. I am not one to look at a girl wearing skimpy clothing. But I see many others who do it. So its not a good thing. We need good moral standards in society. I am not saying lets get women covered up head to toe like muslims say. But their should be a degree of modesty and decent dress sence.
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    Anything labeled kosher or halal supports jew/moslem causes respectively - it's the same desert creed crap -- halal/kosher is torture of cows, birds and people. The one life to live kosher halal gang of criminals (yolo) are the worst enemies of Dharmic peoples. Their greed/egotism cannot be described in words.These kosher/halal/born sinners of xtianity bastards have less than zero respect for Prakriti (Nature); to me they are not human beings in the fullest sense since their understanding of basic dharmic principles is virtually non-existent. Desert creed adherents are spiritual illiterates. WesternAryans ('europeans') - these western arya are now basically mlecch - they were removed from India because they failed to uphold Dharmic standards of morality. Westerners tried to fight against the slavery of xtianity being introduced to 2000 years ago but they failed - xtianity rules of ablution are disgusting - they rarely bathed and were told they are born sinners - Dr. Elst states that Xtianity retarded Science by 1000 years. The Baltic states were the last ones to hold out - but ultimately they too fell to the semitic desert creed of xtianity. Now we are in a post-xtian age - the jew moslem threat still needs to be dealt with - since these are fraudulent teachings rooted in falsehood, in due course of time the hollowness of islam/jewism will be self-evident to the point of both creeds imploding. Just as arabs and north Africans target women of different cultures for attack, Jews targeted women and girls of Poland for four centuries. The jew and moslem do not see peoples of other communities as equal - no matter, to me the mlecch is kaljug vermin. I would lay the blame for colonial atrocities on the jew Rothschild criminal gang (unworthy of the word family - they are a greedy gang of parasites) and xtianity. Kerala is the Kashmir of South India thanks to xtianity, a menace to Dharmic peoples. By the way, xmas is a knockoff of Diwali - at one time Diwali was celebrated in December. Jesus is not the reason for the season - the season itself (winter) is the reason for the season. Three days after shortest day is a sacred time on the Pagan calendar. Pagan word is corruption of Bhagwan. check the ingredients of everything - avoid packaged processed foods. Avoid all kosher/halal - it is almost impossible as these criminals have a strangle hold on the dairies of North America. Mlechh day in the sun is not forever - I look forward to the demise of the mlecch.
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    You'll be accused of being a perv for having eyes, in an attempt to belittle your valid observations.
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    The fact is the benti chaupai is still not completed properly even before getting to Arril. It's only a few lines including Kripa karee.. ਕ੍ਰਿਪਾ ਕਰੀ ਹਮ ਪਰ ਜਗਮਾਤਾ . Seems some kind of mischief which some colonial era sikhs believed in and added into SGPC rehit maryada! I am pretty sure some groups and jathebandis were allergic to shabad such as Jagmata in colonial times. This is why Benti Chaupai is abruptly ended, without finishing a few more lines. I don't see any respect in this, it is some weird kind of paranoid beadbi.
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    oh ok so you get the milk from abused cows, and that is Prasad, can you explain this any further?
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    Eh, vote him in and see what happens. If he works against Sikh interests, at least you'll know for sure.
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    We have female parchariks/preachers at our temples as well as women who read the daily Sikh prayers from Guru Granth Sahib ji at our temples. Women can do kirtan which is singing hymns at the temple as well as prepare langar/food in the lagngar hall/community hall. Basically women can everything that men can do.
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    well considering this must of happened before Kashmiri Pandits came to visit so Gobind Rai would have been nine or ten Years old , so we really shouldn't be squeamish , I started broaching the subject with Isher Kaur when she was six as she had been groped by another child at school, why leave it to school teachers and schoolmates to tell our kids how to behave? As for other women being too concerned with avoiding the subject as it supposedly sexualising and encouraging girls to go wrong , I can say they 100% wrong , if you approach it gently and put in context of what they want to know about/ age appropriate also ensure that they know if anything is worrying them , is happening they can always back and tell you. Single Dads need to try to instil a sense of being loved and wanted in the daughters so they don't look outside the home for happiness , and give gurmat sikhia , examples of great sikh women to show how great a woman can be if they keep sikh values . If you get such ideas in kids' heads at a young age they keep them in mind later. It help easing the conversations
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    Guru gobind singh ji tells us how his father spoke to him about relations when he came of age, guru ji decided to share this with us in his bani So we should take it as a hint and talk about this stuff with our kids. If our gurus did this over 300 years ago then why aren't we talking about it ...
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    http://www.sikhnet.com/hukam They have the daily hukamnama
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    There are several ways to do Naam Jaap. Saint and Bhagats connect with the almighty by remembering Akal Purakh Wahe Guru. There is no best way to connect with God but useful tips come in handy when a person is just starting out. Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh in his book Gurmukh Sikhiya provides some ways to make it easier to do Naam Jaap. Bhai Vir Singhs helpful advice comes from puratan Singhs whove reached the ultimate stage of Naam Jaap and felt Wahe Guru. 1) Rest is important Bhai Vir Singh recommends getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. He says if the body is rested only then you can spiritually be healthy enough to connect with Wahe Guru. 2) Healthy Diet Its important to have a simple and healthy diet. He states its important to not eat heavy foods and important to maintain a healthy diet. He recommends preventing constipation with a balanced diet. 3) Kesh Ishnaan twice a week. Bhai Vir Singh states that its very important to wash your hair at least once a week and recommends twice. 4) Satsang One must do Satsang with Sadh Sangat as Guru is always found among the Sangat. 5) Do Naam Jaap with Rasna, positive thoughts Naam simran will automatically start to happen once it gets absorbed in the mind and body. Rhythm and concentration will take it time but continuous sessions of naam jaap will cause it to be consistent and automatic. This is when Naam Maala will become day and night and you will be doing Naam Simran 24/7. 6) Stay away from bad influences Its important to stay away from negative influences and people. 7) Reaching higher stage A person will realize when he/she has reached an out of body stage. Once this stage is reached, its important to be careful when taking a leap into the next stage. To avoid feelings of hunger, its important to eat a good diet. 8) Prevent Imagination from running wild A person must not ponder and stay away from creating unnecessary imagination that can steer person away from Naam Simran. Love of Wahe Guru must always increase and desire to do more Naam has to continue. Once a person has achieved higher levels of Naam Jaap, its important to help others connect and obtain a higher lever of spirituality. Those who do Seva and help others connect with Wahe Guru are the ideal GurSikhs. These are the people who are blessed and bless others. Gurmukh Sikhia 06 - Bhai Vir Singh - Simran Baare: http://dailysikhupdates.com/5-secrets-to-naam-jaap-by-bhai-vir-singh/
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    Baba Nand Singh Jees 1st Darshan Of Satguru jee The first time that Baba Nand singh did darshan of satguru nanak from Sri guru granth sahib jee, Baba Jawand singh jee ( rajajansee wale) were also present with Baba jee. They both made a promise that until Satguru Nanak Dev Jee Does not give darshan by becoming pargat from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee and eat the parshaada they had prepared for them, they would not eat anything. This event took place at the Saraghari Gurdwara Sahib. In this manner , for 6 long days they did not eat anything, but prepared parshaada for satguru everyday by doing continuous ardaas at the lotus charan of satguru jee. In such situation , they were on the verge of death , but both mahapursh did not give up , remembering Bhagat Ravidaas Jee’s Bachan ‘ Ehu Janam Tumaare Lekhe.’ Finally Parkash came from Satguru granth sahib and Sri guru nanak dev jee Gave their darshan to both mahapursh. Baba jee offered satguru jee their parshaada and guru sahib ate their food with much happiness and blessed both mahapursh. 1st guru sahib said to Baba jawand singh jee, ask for anything you want. Baba jawand singh ji replied ‘whenever i do keertan, please bless me with your partakh darshan satguru jee!’ Guru sahib Said ok, you will definatley get my darshan , but even those who even listen to your keertan , even they will get darshan. After Baba Jawand Singh jee had asked, it was Baba Nand Singh Jee’s turn. Guru sahib asked them, what do you want? Very humbly, Baba ji replied, ” Sache Paatshah ! i don’t even know how to ask from you ” ( Daas nu mangna nahee aunda!”) Guru Sahib Jee said; Bhai Nand Singh, you must ask for something. Baba jee said – Just do one thing, make me yours! I dont need anything else.’ These were the bachans of Baba ji proving their absolute Piar, Prem, Bhaavna for Guru sahib.When Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji walked up to Baba Nand Singh Ji and hugged them and said, ” You said you didn’t know how to ask for something, but you have just asked for everything” ‘Je tu mera hoe, taa sabh jag tera hoe’ If you are mine, then the whole world will be yours… Dhan Dhan Satguru Nanak Dev jee Dhan Baba Nand singh jee Dhan Baba Jawand singh Jee Baba Isher Singh ji and Baba Nand Singh Ji Baba Isher Singh Jee’s Sewa For Baba Nand Singh gur peeraa(n) kee chaakaree mehaa(n) kararree sukh saar To work for the Guru, or a spiritual teacher, is terribly difficult, but it brings the most excellent peace. Starting Sewa When Baba Isher Singh Jee became Baba Nand Singh jee’s hazuria, he gave up all of lifes ‘sukh’ for Baba jee. As the above tuk mentions , doing that sewa is extremly hard, but brings the best sukh. When Baba Isher singh jee first came into Baba jis charan, the hajurias (personal attendants of Baba Nand Singh Jee.) Were some other older singhs. They saw how Baba Isher Singh ji had alot of piaar for Baba Nanad Singh and would do anthing for them.So whenever Baba Nand singh jee used to go out somewhere , they used to call Baba Isher singh to do all their work for them while they sat around resting and sleeping. Baba Isher singh used to wash all of Baba jee’s clothes, clean all the dishes,sweep everywhere etc. Before Baba Nand Singh came they used to take Baba Isher Singh out and pretend to do the work themselves. Baba Isher Singh jee knew that the old hazurie were up to something, but he thought that if i told Baba Nand Singh jee, it would be doing ‘shikaaet’ (complaint.) In guru ghar it isn’t good to blame and complain about others. One time Baba Nand singh jee went for a walk, and Baba Isher Singh was told to do all the work. When they saw Baba Nand Singh jee walking back they shouted to Baba Isher Singh jee, ‘ run before Baba jee comes back!’ Baba Isher Singh jee was just about to walk out when Baba Nand Singh jee arrived and said ‘ where are you going?’ Baba jee said im going out from here, Baba Nand Singh jee said’ no you will stay.’ Baba Nand singh came inside and layed down on their aasan, and the old hazurieh started doing sewa off massaging Baba ji’s legs etc. He said to Baba Isher singh jee ‘ when i go out, you come in, and when i come in, you go out. Don’t worry about doing complaints, its better just to tell the truth.’ Baba Isher singh jee said your sevadaars call me in to do all the sewa and when they tell me to go out, i go.’ Baba jee said, these people are very bad, they don’t deserve this sewa. From today only you will do this sewa of being my hazuria.’ Baba jee started this sewa with alot of prem and bhaavna, and when they were free of this sewa they used to remain in bhagti. Protecting Baba Nand Singh Jee In Dehradoon one time when Baba Nand Singh Jee were at dehradoon, they were sitting out side doing Tapp. They were sitting in smadhi , in Guru Nanak Dev jee’s charan. all of a sudden there was thunder and it started pouring with hailstones. Baba jee was standing near Baba Nand Singh in their sewa. When the hailstones started, Baba Isher Singh jee stood on rock near Baba Nand Singh jee and bent over so they were covering Baba jee, as all the hailstones were hitting Baba Isher Singh Jee’s back. When Baba Nand Singh jee came out of their smadhi, they saw Baba Isher Singh jee protecting them from the heavy hailstone fall. Baba jee said, whey are standing like this? Baba Isher Singh replied ‘ the hail stones were falling heavily and you were in smadhi, to protect you from the heavy hailstone fall, i had to stand over you.’ Baba Nand singh jee got very happy by hearing then and blessed Baba Isher singh jee saying ‘ that is exactly how a sewadar should be.’ At the Nonee Mountains One time Baba Nand Singh jee went to the Nonee Mountain near shimla. Baba Isher Singh jee went down the mountain to collect some water for Baba jee. When Baba jee started to come up it started to become dark. Being on a mountain while it was very dark, Baba jee forgot the path way to go back up. But when coming down Baba jee had made signs to which way to go up (for example tied pieces of cloth to trees etc.) Slowly they reached to where Baba Nand singh jee had their aasan. At around quater past 12 they helped Baba Nand Singh jee with their ishnan, and now needed to make tea for them. It started raining heavily, Baba ji had no utensils to make the tea in, no fuel, and no sheltered place to make it. They got their garrvaa(small pitcher) and put water in it for the tea. They got Baba jis umbrella and with their hands dug a small hole in the mud. They started a fire in the hole. The small fuel they had was running out so Baba jee took their dastaar off and tearing it used it as fuel for the fire. The whole dastaar has finished, but the tea hadn’t boiled properly yet. Baba jee then took off his chola and used that as fuel. Finally the tea was made and they took it to Baba jee. Baba jee asked how they made the tea in such bad weather and they told them how they used all their clothes to fuel the fire. Baba jee was very happy with them and put their hand on their back. Pinjour baagh When Baba Jee Were coming back from shimla they stayed for sometime at ‘pinjour baagh’ where the Maharaja of Patiala had one of his palaces. It was a three storey building. Baba jee were going up to the third story, when they got to the 2nd storey Baba jee did hukam to Baba Isher singh jee to wait on the second floor for a while. Baba Isher singh jee replied ‘satbachan’ and stood against the wall. NO parshada, no water, no sleep, for THREE days Baba Isher Singh jee stood in this way against the wall. On the third day Baba Nand Singh Jee Asked the other sewadars ‘ where is ishar sia?’ the sewadaars said Isher singh is still standing in the stairs. They said we thought you told him to stay there. Baba Nand singh jee said , O fools! i only asked them to stay there for a little while before i came back down, but he is my true sewadaar who has followed my bachan without any question! Baba jee themselves went to the 2nd floor and saw that Baba Isher singh jee were standing at the same spot they had left them. Baba jee went up to them and embraced them, and told them to do ishnan paani and eat something etc. All the other sewadaars were amazed how Baba Isher singh jee followed Baba Nand singh jee’s bachan in such a way, without any question. The sakhee of Baba jee’s cholaa One time, before divaan at jagraaon, Baba Nand Singh Jee did bachan to Baba Isher singh jee to bring a new unworn cholaa to wear into diwaan. Baba Isher singh jee went inside and brought a new unworn cholaa for Baba jee. Baba jee put it on but noticed it had no buttons. Baba jee took it off and said there is no button on this, go inside and look for another chola.. Baba Isher singh jee came back after a few minutes with the same cholaa in his hands. Baba Nand Singh jee said, this had no buttons, quickly go inside and look. Baba Isher Singh Jee went inside but came back with the same cholaa again. Baba Nand Singh Jee got angry and said to Baba Isher Singh jee, why do you keep doing this? You keep bringing the same cholaa over and over again without any buttons. Some other older sangis (companions) were also there, in which Sant Baba Meeha Singh Jee Siaar wale were also present. The older sangis said to Baba Isher Singh, what are you doing, on one side you say that Baba Nand Singh jee Is God, on the other hand your not even listening to their bachan. Baba Isher singh Said in relpy, Stop talking like this, I am definately follwing Baba jee’s Bachan. The tailor forgot to put buttons on the chola, and i have no needle , thread or button, how and where will i put the button on? It is also Baba jee’s bachan that under no circumstances can we ask things from any one outside. Now tell me what can i do? When Baba jee does bachan, go inside and look, i then do go inside and look for it but i have to bring the same one back again. When Baba jee gives hukam to get buttons for the cholaa then i will be able to go to the tailor and get that done. Baba Nand Singh Jee got very happy with Baba Isher singh and took the chola off him and put it on. Baba jee did bachan , this boy is steadfast in following Hukam. He has passed all tests and has undertaken and understood maryada very well.’ Doing Sewa So in this way Baba Isher Singh Jee left all worldly pleasures and did Baba Nand Singh Jee’s Sewa. For three four hours they used to put almond oil in Baba Nand Singh Jee’s sees, for two three hours do massage of Baba Jee’s Body, Wash Baba Nand Singh Jee’s clothes, Do their Ishnaan, Make their parshada and give it to them. In 24 hours Baba jee didn’t used to talk. Without any stop or break they used to be in Baba Nand Singh Jee’s sewa. At that time Baba Isher Singh Jee had his Nitnem and Sukhmani sahib ‘Kanth’ (memorised) and used to do paat of many other bania at amritvela. During the day Baba jee used to read sri sukhmani sahib. Without reason they didn’t talk , and just read bani while doing sewa. Due to very busy schedule Babaji was always barefooted, he had little time for himself. His heels used to get cracks and often small stones got stuck up in them. This was the avastha of Baba Isher singh jee, with their mind doing simran and their body doing sewa, just as Guru Sahib Says, man bach kram prabh eaek dhhiaaeae One who meditates on the One God in thought, word and deed sarab falaa soee jan paaeae 6 that humble being receives the fruits of all rewards. 6 http://sikhunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/baba-nand-singh-jees-1st-darshan-of-satguru-jee/
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    can we have a thread on baba ji with out the ganday anday-----funny how these ppl will turn a mahapurkhs bachan into jokes and claim to be followers of taksal and rather listen to dhumma pon wala------haters will bark n listen to their own matt and have their own view, we will listen to baba thakur singh jis when sant ji does come back the sad thing is a lot of these haters now arnt gonna b found anywhere while some singhs want to get a hand on some and opnely show look these ppl were calling us liers look at their faces now, look at baba jis others bachans, build up the hate in yourselves and u can clearly see whatevr baba ji said was truth and in the coming future it will be also, their hate is so powerful inside they don't care what anybody has to say but wish to live in their own built reality, funny how whatever a manukh doesnt agree with he says its fake and cant happen, who will tell him maybe your comprehension, level of knowledge of the situation doesnt reach a understanding point and grasping the whole situation like baba thakur singh ji did, instead these first class fools go slander, turn it into a joke...udaa ta sant jarnail singh ji de bachan sunao,, and doesnt really listen to baba jis bachans on baba thakur singh..every1 gt their beliefs, but i dont say theirs is a joke, its a reason why they believe that, akaal purkh has them believing that, but at end of day these ppl with free will in gods reality are the bunch that failed like sant kartar singh ji said some will fail the special era, and just like baba thakur singh ji said.....hur kush ni jerdi gall manukh de apne vichar nall naa hovay oh kehnda gall hai hi nah, kon dassay ke teri vichar uthe takk ponchi koi nahi, gallan nu jaaneya hi nahi, samjeya hi nahi, te tenu kirna ah ri ah es karke ah ri ah kio ke tere vich kamjori majood ah varna kirna nahi oni chahi di si if you dont like baba jis bachans why are you only one on here aiming to do khander and make ppls statements to jokes only, open your own thread or do something productive--only your hate inside which is piled up, (i saw it in other thread on the poll) is disgusting and spills into the form when you start to speak...and others have to see it, from that last thread u still had no shame in words u used, after that thread some ppl dont wanna even say your username in sentences. dhan dhan baba thakur singh ji, haters can take 1,000 janams but wont reach to your level, and at the end you never thought yourself as much, and blessed those who were against you, bhramgiyani sab srist ka karta
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    lolol you tell us just an example of how mahapurkhs bachans come true 28 August 1991 , Dusht Nang Ajit Poohla burnt alive four members of Bhai Balwinder Singh Babbar Jatana's Family. before this, Poohla had killed 6 innocent family members including kids as little as 7 months old of family of Bhai Joga Singh Khanpur. Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa came for Saskaar of Bibiya who were burnt by Poohla and In a state of sadness, seeing dead bodies of Bibiya and kids, Babaji did bachan, ''Poohla vi jeeonda sarhega'' (Poohla will also be burnt alive). Exactly 17 years after that bachan, on 28th August 2008, Dusht Poohla was burnt alive in Amritsar Jail by Bhai Navtej Singh-Bhai Harchand Singh upholding Panthic tradition of punishing Dushts who killed innocents. Sadhu ke pooran updesay
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    Such incidents relate to spiritual domain. PLease do not bring science into it. The following i sgood article by Brig Hardit singh a noted writer on religious issues. http://www.sikhstudies.org/Periodicals.asp?TtlCod=392 Periodicals April 1999 Articles By Brig. Hardit Singh Kapur (Retd.) DEATH AND AFTER — SOME PERSONAL REFLECTIONS — HARDIT SINGH Over countless centuries, world religions and psychologists have been speculating on what lies beyond death. No one has given a clear answer except for offering a variety of choices. The Western idea, which encompasses Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, hovers around the Day of Judgement, Resurrection, and Heaven and Hell. The Eastern religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, etc., theorise on transmigration and karmic philosophy. In this paper, I shall discuss this question based on some of my personal observations and experiences.Human beings have a mortal body and an immortal soul (atma), which is a speck of the Divine Soul (Parmatma). While the soul is the core, the mind is its outer garb which manifests itself at birth and takes control of the body. The mind is the product of maya, so, is vagrant and mischievous, but essential to foster individual personality. Psychologists maintain that the mind is connected to the brain and soul to the heart. What the mind does or thinks, casts reflection on both the body and the soul. The body is diseased and the soul soiled. The mind with its agents (sense organs) disappears or dies with the body, but the poor soul has to bear consequences of the mind’s misdeeds in the next world. Since the mind is the culprit, all the religious instructions are meant to tame it. The conflict between the mind and the soul can be compared to that of a fight between a demon and a god. For that matter the whole universe is based on conflicting factors such as pain and pleasure, happiness and sadness, good and bad, etc. This is the law of nature which can also be termed as His play. Like the water which rushes down the hills, valleys, and plains to merge with its master — the ocean, soul also yearns to meet its Prime-Soul. The human body is the place where the soul is closest to its objective, but it is separated from it by a wall of falsehood (koor di pal). This wall can be dismantled through loving remembrance of God and service of His creation. Our deeds, after death, will be adjudged as to how far the soul has traversed its distance away or towards its goal. Nothing else, including riches, status, or even religious affiliations shall be of any avail. In this court, there is no Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh. Human life is thus a rare opportunity that comes for attaining closeness to God. Besides, human life is not only head of all the world species, but is also bestowed with discriminating brain and faculties to improve his lot and to render service to others. We are alive when the soul abides in our body. The moment it departs the body collapses. This is what death is. Death is certain and ordained. No one can escape its clutches. Every human being is destined to live a certain number of days and breaths and not the age. These numbers cannot be increased or decreased. One can, however, prolong life by maintaining his equipoise under all circumstances. Lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego and fast life (hurry, worry, tension, and indulgence) tend to quicken the breathing tempo. Ancient yogis lived long lives as they could control their breath. Death will only come when the allotted number of breaths is used up. My young uncle, a very pious and saintly soul, suddenly died and woke up after a few minutes. He told the gathered family members that his namesake from the same village was to die instead. Lo, wails and cries were heard at that time from a nearby house where another Surjan Singh died. A dying person is visited by either messengers of death (yamas) or angels according to one’s bad or good deeds. The yamas drag out the human spirit mercilessly whereas the noble souls are honourably led by angels. During the 1962 Chinese aggression, my wife, while siting out in Jorhat (Assam) saw four or five yamas dashing past her and within seconds one of our aircrafts exploded in the air killing the sole pilot known to us. My wife described the yamas as “tall, almost touching the sky, with ugly and dreadful features”. Their body and features particularly hands and feet are disproportionately large. On the other hand, a very pious, saintly and dear friend of mine at Jalandhar had warned his wife of his approaching end. After about a month, he exclaimed that a party of Sikhs singing shabads with Sant Baba Jawala Singh of Harkhowal at their head, were entering his room to take him away. The above saint had left this world about ten years earlier and was our godfather. The noble soul said good-bye to his family, bowed reverently to the holy spirits and closed his eye. Late Bhai Vir Singh, a great mystic, novelist, and poet had published a small tract early in his life narrating a dream of his death. Bhai Sahib found himself in the other world where he met some people who talked about purifying him. They lit a pyre and asked Bhai Sahib to enter into it which he did. To his utter astonishment, he neither feared the fire nor felt any heat. Instead he felt his elated soul soaring high above, while he watched his body burning below. Then someone explained to him that the dream-drama was enacted to take away his fear of death which he had considered as dreadful and end of all. He was then told to return to earth, to explain to people not to be afraid of death as it is only a change of state and not the end. He was also urged to convey the message that the only merit that counts in the other world is the “remembrance of His Name”, which Bhai Sahib has fully conveyed in his voluminous writings. Bhagat Kabir is not only happy in death but considers it as the gateway to the Beloved.Bhai Sahib’s dream supports the common belief that immediately after death the soul soars high and looks back at its burning body from a distance and feels light and relieved. After death, except for the liberated souls, all others are taken to the court of True Justice (Dharam-raj) to answer their conduct on earth. The soul is fettered in chains and dragged along through a tortuous dark tunnel. In this court, the soul is told its good and evil deeds written in its account by the “secret agents of the Dharam-raj (Chitar & Gupt)”. Punishment is declared according to the nature of offences. In this trial no intervention or recommendation of any one matters. The punishment is solely based on one’s deeds. Persons who have not made the mark either turn into evil spirits or go into the cycle of death and birth, i.e. transmigration; the others who are partially qualified may be given another opportunity of human life. Dharamraj has no jurisdiction to handle or try the liberated souls.Those persons who have dyed their souls in the love of God, merge with the Supreme-Soul or are assigned tasks for redemption of humanity. There are no restrictions on them and are free to do whatever they like. My above-mentioned uncle died after a year of the incident. He had confided to his very close companion the date and time of his end. He even secretly prepared funeral clothes and wound up his worldly affairs beforehand. Since they were very close, he had also told him that should he feel separation, he could meet him anytime in the periphery of the Golden Temple at night-time as long as he did not disclose it to anyone else. His friend used to meet him there till he let the secret out. A Muslim lady saint attracted to Sikhism, called Bibiji, lived in village Maili in Hoshiarpur District (Punjab). She was a devotee of Sant Baba Jawala Singh of Harkhowal mentioned earlier. One day she asked her followers to accompany her to a nearby hill top to spend the night there. In the morning they all came back. When repeatedly questioned about the purpose of the short visit, she reluctantly informed them that the Babaji had expired and his soul carried by angels was to pass over the hill and that she wanted to pay her respects to the great soul. In the morning prayer of the Sikhs (Asa-di-//) staves No. 2, 3, and 14 paint the plight and delight of the human beings on their death. The translation by late Professor Puran Singh (1881-1931) is given below : The soul has to struggle to the Kingdom of Righteousness... The man who gives himself to physical pleasures, finally drops down dead, his body is burnt to ashes. ............ But the soul, as it emerges out of the body is found fettered in heavy chains. ............ The inner man finds no protection anywhere, no one in his later affliction comes to his help. ............ And it is only then, beyond death, that man trembles with acute repentance… the soul weeps and cries. ............ As we do here, so shall we be judged. By our actions we shall be nearer Him or farther off. ............ Those informed of Truth find the way out and are lifted up. And those not informed never rise to grace. ............ Oh Lord Truth ! Those who have dyed their souls, With the colour of Thy Glory, Thy Love, Thy Name, have won the struggle of life and have passed above it, beyond it. ............ And the lovers of darkness are in struggle forever. The blind of heart thus lose the opportunity of physical life that comes for attaining freedom. The above picture is corroborated in Japji stanza 34 as well. All religions believe in the existence of the next world and the Court of True Justice where the soul has to render account of its deeds. Those who have meditated on God’s Name and have accumulated the treasure of good deeds will be approved, while the rejected ones will suffer and repent their indulgence in sensual pleasures. Judgement is purely based on ‘reap as you sow’ topped by ‘His Grace’.Death is not a horror but a blessing in disguise for those who lived this life in the pure spirit of beauty and love of Him. They love it, court it, and embrace it as demonstrated by the Sikh Gurus, the four sahibzadas, and numerous Sikh martyrs of the eighteenth century. Remember death, forget not. Death, remembering that all must die, is a great chastener of the human mind. Rembering Him or Naam Simran is the harbinger of love, peace, and tranquility.
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    I hear that Sant Attar Singh’s mother had a similar experience. When she died she had not taken Amrit, so Jamdoot could not send her to Sachkand, but as she was the mother of a brahmgyani he could not punish her either. He therefore sent her back, at which point it was the day of her funeral and they were about to burn her body. The funeral was attended by a large number of people. She got up and insisted on taking Amrit to the amazement of the crowd. As soon as she was baptised she passed away and went to Sachkand. This was witnessed by a large number of people and resulted in over 70,000 people taking Amrit that very day. There was so many people that wanted to take Amrit, that a well full of water had to be used.
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    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh sadh sangat ji, if anyone knows can you please answer for me...... some singhs had told me before i got khanday ki pahul....a story about Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh Ji........ they said that he went and begged for Guru Sahib's Amrit......literally got down on his knees before the Panj Pyare and started to beg....... the Panj Pyare were not going to give him amrit......they said prove you are willing to die for Guru Sahib.... so Bhai Sahib Ji.....was in so much pain over this.....that he went and lay on the train tracks and waited for the train to run him over.......a Singh was sent over and verified that he was indeed waiting to be run over on the tracks......and before the train came.....the singh pulled him off the tracks.....and then the Panj Pyare....knew he was a true son of Guru Sahib.....and gave him khanday-ki-pahul..... has anyone here also heard about this......is there anywhere can read more about Bhai Sahib's jeevan..... this has really put me to shame as of late...... i just think......some punk spoiled kid like me......has been spoon fed his whole life......doesn't know anything about what true love for Guru Sahib is...... how could i have been worthy of the most valuable gift in this world.....Khanday-ki-pahul....... punks like me take this for granted.....we just think just because we keep kes....or do this...or do that....that we are worthy of this amrit...... i feel so guilty as of late.....i do not feel like i have truly given my head to Guru Sahib.....i am too much a manmukh...... and just been thinking about this story i heard about Bhai Fauja Singh Ji....puts me to even greater shame... ....if anyone here also knows about this.....then please answer here..... please forgive me countless mistakes. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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