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    Im sure we can convince the Japanese we are are similar to them in some ways. ie our views and cultural dress sence. Ie This guy could be mistaken for a japanese samarai warrior if you did not take a double look.
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    your absolutely right, a lot of punjabis feel the need to behave in a certain way to show everyone that they are "modern" "integrated" when they dress half naked and behave like trash in their heads they are better than other brown people. reminds me when this Hindu girl told me that she went to a topless beach with her husband and that she walked around topless herself, i told her that i would never let my wife do that or let her wear skirts and small clothes, she turned around and said to me that her husband said that "where not pakis, you can do whatever you want" absolutely shameless i wouldn't be surprised if punjabi women go these places with their husbands
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    yeah iv been trying to do that the last few days, been reading lots of bani and doing simran, im getting back on track again At the gurdwara the Singh doing the katha was saying that even when you dont feel like it do lots of simran, he said even when your going through struggles and your mind starts thinking about your problems still do more simran, that motivated me a lot. I think wahaguru ji called me to the gurdwara that day to hear that and get motivated thanks
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    I think the pagh wale could learn a thing or two from us simple mone. Just because you got a pagh and beard does not suddenly mean you know it all. Iv come across alot of pagh wale these days that act arrogant when they dont know jack . I never respect anyone for wearing a turban as I have come across so many fools in turbans that I now know to judge someone on their inner personality and not their outward appearance. Not saying all pagh wale are like this. Many take advantage of the pagh as it is repected. But behave very badly. They then cover it up with a turban to make everyone think their all high and mighty with morals ect. I've given so many pagh wale a good thapar over the years for tarnishing the paghs identity. Dont let me do the same to you jagsaw if I find your also tarnishing the pagh identity.
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    You know one thing that strikes me about Japanese culture is their attention to style. They are brilliant at it. They have a natural aesthetic flair. I mean look at their architecture. Swords. How they traditionally dress. Check out those awesome meditation gardens! I would imagine they would see us as scruffy, savage underdeveloped pendus in comparison?
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    WJKK WJKF We started using the khanda when the british forcefully made us change the cutting of the Nishan Sahib. When the cutting was changed, the 3ft Kirpan was facing downwards, which ment surrender [as shown in the second picture]. Now the Khalsa never surrenders so we started to use a smaller Kirpan in our Nishan Sahibs. From that, we some how ended up using a Khanda in our nishan sahibs. Another thing is, is that there always used to be a Farla [cloth] tide to the top of the nishan. Nishan Sahibs used to be blue and there used to be a Teer [spear head] on top of the Nishan Sahib. Only a few jathebandis like Taksal and Nihang Singhs follow this maryada
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    VjkkVjkf I have for sale a Siri Sahib made by Baldev Singh Nihang & Son. It has a 20inch Sarbloh blade with a reinforced spine. Also includes a wooden sheath miyaan wrapped in leather. The sarbloh used is of the highest quality carbon steel which has been heat treated to toughen the blade and sharpened to a wicked edge. This is a real functional Siri Sahib, not just a display piece. Please contact me for more pictures/ videos. Price £275 or nearest offer Price drop £250
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    Its a 2 part problem. One is statistically, as a male you are more likely to know more males personally and can know if they are good and not. And of the women you do know, they will be the more outgoing 'bad ones' as they are hanging out or talking to males. The good girls dont really talk to random guys. Secondly, i noticed in India, people had really low opinion about sikhs born in the west. I thought it was just jeolousy. But I realized they were right. Most sikhs born in the West live in comfort and dont do any hard labor nor have any problems like court cases against their family etc. And this makes it easier for them to let go of sikhi when times become hard. And they are used to having their cake and eating it too. Like sikhi camps in the west are about fun and doing activities and not making it too boring. And theres fake meat options. Also most panjabi sikhs born in the west wear beautiful dumallas and chollas but their knowledge of sikhi is lacking, can barely speak panjabi. Or if they do know panjabi, they lack cultural, dharmi values. Like sharam. In gurudwaras, boys and girls hang out together, talking and laughing. This would be seen as obscene in india. Most ppl including sikh kids, get their worldviews from society. So the LGBTQ stuff, love marriages, havin relations before marriage is all seen as ok by western sikh kids. Basically ppl in the west treat sikhi as christians treat their religion. Only matters on Sunday, thats when u dress up in bana and learn to be a good person. But the rest of the week, no restrictions on pleasure. Plus lets be honest, temptation is hard. And in the west, negative consequences that keep us from giving into temptation, are non existent. There will be no village gossip, no damage to reputation, no shittar from parents, no being kicked out of the house. Its easy to keep secrets. As for solutions: it all begins in the family. Be strict with your children esp girls. But explain to them why as well. Dont be dictator. Explain to them that girls have lots of responsibility because they have power. In california, there was a case of a 14 year old dastaar wearing girl. She became pregnant and as her mom helped her kill it or abort it. Its unclear. The girl let it slip to her teacher 2 years later. The police was called, body of baby was found in backyard. And whole family arrested. Dad ended up comitting suicide, mom is in jail and the girl and her little brother in foster care. Because of the girl, whole family was destroyed. I guess we have to use fear as a motivator when temptation abounds.
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    I would've had to pull the old blackboard and chalk out to really get into the details of who we are and where we came from, lol. But, yes, they asked me why there's a visible difference in appearance of the people living in the South and the people of the North, etc., and I briefly covered the topic of invasions and trading throughout the centuries prior to Islamic encroachment. Ultimately, there is a sense of a unified Indian archetype in the eyes of such people, and the image they have of that type isn't entirely accurate.
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    That question I cannot answer. I guess there are numerous factors and the various black populations have their own dynamics. What makes the Nigerian/ Ghanaian and other West Africans different from the black populations in the Americas. Even in the US, they are quite prosperous. They value education and quite business savvy. African is very tribal and I guess that different tribes are susceptible to different things. Certain tribes in Africa only 100 years ago were hunter gatherers. For them to adopt things such as democracy, judicial law, law and order etc is going to be surmountable challenge. For these types of tribes they will probably disintegrate and unravel quite quickly. In West Africa, you have tribes like Yoruba and Ibo that for centuries had their own nations and empires, they had more of a sophisticated culture in place. They had trade links etc. That would be my guesstimate.
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    op ur jus an attention seeker cuz this aint the first tym uve sed n dun this before. if ur gna go then leave for gd otherwise take a break from this forum, sort ur problems out then cum bk wen things r better.
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    Does it really matter which countries? Just get the message correct, otherwise we are going to get diluted versions of the truth.
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    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh i would strongly suggest you to complete the journey of Guru Granth Sahib jee. Do one at a time. Good luck and you are blessed than lot of folks here
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    The only way to get out of ghulami soch is living on our terms: not working for others who are anti-gurmat and to never sacrifice our values for a buck/pound Reintroducing our people to the deeds of our greatest warriors and the words and teachings of our sants Investing our daswand in direct action for our poorer bretheren e.g. Farmer widows, sikhligars, maazhabi sikhs including those in distant places like bihar, shillong, rajasthan Teaching and funding sikh gyms and martial arts training for all kids and women as a priority after seeing this its necessary: http://www.punjabspectrum.com/?p=12271&fbclid=IwAR3gmJZJvKC_MPkINfpReephiSlQxtRrdmM-tTL_dtMfmUshWvGcNzitwds Highlighting the lifestyle and thinking that the gurus gave us
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    Definitely. That's the idea behind "tisar mazhab" "Ih teesar mazahab Khalsa upjio pardhana" This (Khalsa) is the 3rd religion, produced as presiding. Guru Sahib did not set up Sikhism as a imitation of Hinduism or Islam, rather as a unique thing on its own.
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    that's why I recommend this channel because it expands gurmukhi/old punjabi vocab at a fair click. Pause and rewind comes in handy
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    Haven't watched all the video but I must say I did like the way they put advanced Gurmukhi words up with english translations throughout the presentation. Even though it seemed to be happening at (arguably) too frequent a rate (in terms of allowing someone to absorb that many new words in one go) - I think it is a brilliant way to help people increase vocabulary.
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    If you watch any 'debates' closely there you can see a pattern of accusation, flurry of arguments mostly memorised and then shouting over each other . When Bhai Jagraj Singh ji went down there he came across the badtameezi of many Abrahamics ... SIkhi does need parchaar , and education of the masses about us is necessary but it is much more efficient and less headache inducing if it's done on a local sangat /local sewa basis within the local community , building links with local schools , inviting them to join in on programs , visiting classes and showing what's under the turban , talking about our beliefs and culture , being chilled out and friendly as is our norm instead of overly aggressive/defensive .
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    Dhan Dhan Sant Baba Thakur Singh Ji a soul missed by all
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    simple question did you do this on purpose to hurt your kesh ? if no , then an Ardas is sufficient , Guru ji jaani jaan hai
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    Here's the full video. I strongly recommend that all sangat in the UK watch this, especially the bibian and those of our brothers and sisters who lead quite sheltered lives, even if the content may be somewhat disturbing. Arm yourselves with knowledge about this insidious problem around us.

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