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  1. Many others have responded wonderfully giving good advice about sleepiness when simran. I just wanted to add two more important points. Firstly try to ensure you are getting at least 7 to 8 hours sleep before you get up and shower to do simran, nitnem etc because 7 to 8 hours every night is the usual average of our body's need for sleep after which it feels refreshed. Sleeping late and then trying to pray at amrit vela usually brings on sleepiness to many people. In the long term, sleeping adequately will help you feel refreshed when you get up. Secondly you mentioned that sitting at night
  2. Dearest -sikh_ Jee, First of all, at a human level my humble ardas to Gurujee is, that may God, according to his Divine Will, grant you a long life as a very highly inspired Amritdhari Gurmukh who spends his life in the sewa of Khalsa Panth. A Sikh's relationship with death is very unique. A Sikh is always in a state of preparedness for death. That is why we live a life different from those who live in maya as manmukhs, just living selfishly, and focussing self-servingly, on worldly things and the desires of their minds. Death comes as Gurbani says, suddenly upon such people like an eagle
  3. Don't cut your beard. That is what Truth within you is telling you. You wont gain anything by cutting your beard but you stand to gain a lot by keeping it. At one time i worried that my beard can make people confused that i am a muslim extremist, but in fact its quite nice that non Sikh people see my beard and think i am a poet, writer, scholar, etc etc. It has gained me a lot of respect that I had never imagined. What is more important is to focus on your personality, education, physical activities etc than worry about your looks. Make sure you are going to the gym and building powerful mus
  4. Dearest _what name_ Jee, I suppose if you are older than 90% here I am probably around your age hehe. I cannot start to tell you how many sufferings, problems, difficulties, pains, setbacks and sins I have experienced in my life which has many times made me feel so very worthless and better off dying, especially when things appear all so rosy for everyone around me. However, one thing Gurujee through Gurbani has whispered in my heart is that human life is absolutely precious and should never ever be traded away through suicide etc. In the darkest hour of our life, yes we can feel suicida
  5. Dear N30 Jee, You have somehow misunderstood me to mean that the jal of the sarowar around Harmandir Sahib is the same as Khande Batte da Amrit. They are not. Traditionally, Sikhs out of respect, loosely call the jal of the the sarowar around Harmandir Sahib amrit, the way we also call that jal which is prepared at the birth of a Sikh child, amrit. This is however at a different level from Khande Batte da Amrit. Anyway the answers to your questions are as follows; Question a)If water from sarovar (not just amritsar sarovar but any gurdwara sarovar) holds a same significance as water in kha
  6. N30 SINGH Jee, I am afraid this has got nothing to do with being pendu, or things flying out of heart or mind or anywhere else, or the use of etiquette, or dressing up words, wavelengths, age, experience, threats, beating around any bush, spin, and perception. I have tried to be as simple and straightforward as possible, in my explanation. You appear to be taking this very personally and I get a feeling you are angry and emotional like a wounded tiger. It is to do with two words which are Sach, and Gurmat. Gurujees preach on omnipotence does not conflict with, and negate the fact, that Gur
  7. I am afraid you, or, rather both of you got it wrong because it really does NOT summarise this discussion into two lines! It is not theologically correct to say that ''It is the affair of men to decide which water is holy and which is not.'' because that statement negates the power of Gurbanee, and the supreme pleasure of God Almighty, to make water become Amrit! It also inherently holds the sin of implying that we can look at tirath water and sarowar water with the same understanding. I have just explained earlier that this is wrong. Further I am baffled how this romanticist statement... ''Th
  8. I have slowly weaved my way through this long discussion about kumbh mela etc and all the arguments and counter arguments. Very interesting. All I wish to say is sometimes 2 fruits look alike but inside they are different. You cannot place bathing at Hindu or other tiraths on the same platform as the Amrit Sarowar around Harmandir Sahib and attempt to talk about them in a single sentence or under the same breath. This is because pawan pavitar Illahi Gurbani is sung and recited all day along at Harmandir Sahib which blesses the sarowar water and everything in its environment. So, a dip at Har
  9. Dearest _HonourThe Sangat_ Jee, Thank you so much for trusting to share your problem on here so others can try to assess your situation and try to help you out. It is great that at your age you are Amritdharee and love Sikhi. Carry on doing that. As for the disappearance of your spiritual powers, don't even think about it. Gurbani says 'ridh sidh avra sadh', i.e the taste/desire for spiritual powers is another taste i.e not one that true Sikhs of Gurujee bother about. If you continue on the path of Sikhi you will see these powers come and go, sometimes becoming more and sometimes less. In
  10. Dearest _Regret_ Jee, First of all, big vedaiya(congratulations) to you that at 29, you are finally going to India in July and getting married. I pray to Gurujee that may this all be in His Will for you and happen very happily and the coming year bring you blessings from the house of Guru Nanak. Secondly, I congratulate you that through God's grace you stayed the way you are with great willpower and as we say in punjabee, 'anakh'. Be thankful that this gift of marriage is now coming your way through God's grace and God blessed you to be strong in your will power all these years. Anybody wh
  11. In the old days even in the early 60s, there was no electricity, tv, computers etc. Hence, by tradition in Sikh families we did all our Gurbani 'path' reading during daylight, and as the evening and dusk settled we had dinner and did Raehraas, followed quite shortly by Sohila and then ardas and off to bed so we could wake up early for Amritvela. Hence it had become almost like an unwritten rule not to read any path after Raehraas for reasons I just explained and in fact still constitutes a teaching prevalent among some deras in India. I think this is the basis of bhai sahib's question. Sayin
  12. My dearest sister _weird feelings_ First of all I am extremely proud and happy that you are so much into Sikhi with such great love for raagis, shaheeds, and chardikela people, and love listening to kirtan from raagis and AKJ, Sikh history, bairaag shabads etc, and that you pray and do simran. You are so so lucky because this is what we all really come for in this world, to get into Sikhi and get very very close to Gurujee. I hope you will become an ambassador for Sikhi and let so many more people know about Sikhi. I can picture and kinda understand what you are going through, which is als
  13. I think your problem is not so much about your medical advise but the manner in which you came into the discussion slashing away at others in what can be perceived/give an impression as being harsh and rough. No one gets paid to give advice on here to others and we are all here to talk to each other in the humblest way possible. Anyone who comes to this site is taking precious time out to read what someone is saying and sincerely doing their best, all of us in our little ways to the best of our abilities to be loving, kind, caring and helpful. It is just not what you say that is important but
  14. humkire


    This advice in my opinion would be right if indeed _ashamed person_ has a history of panic and stress in exams in which case a history of such sort of repetitive behaviour to do with anxiety would indeed in normal circumstances have been documented in his GP's notes which does not appear to be the case. Hence I deem that as a one off, the description given so far by _ashamed person_ infact points to some sort of an unexplained mental breakdown symtomised by a total blank out and sudden intense panic to the point of making him fail.(unless _ashamed person_ can say that this is not the case).
  15. If you are a doctor you should kknow that declofenac sodium is not just a painkiller but an anti inflammatory. If you read my post very much more sharply you would realise that I have indicated that the description provided so far does indeed indicate soreness, redness as well as some swelling accentuated everytime the ears come into contact and get covered, and for that I dont see why taking an anti inflammatory with the additional benefit of numbing and soothing the pain should be so feared especially if it is meant for a very short term basis. Also I do not think it is right to rubbish othe
  16. humkire


    In my opinion West London Singh Saab, basing on what you wrote I do feel your circumstances are indeed mitigating cicumstances because you indeed were not well, though you felt well. From what you explained it appears you had a breakdown of some sort right on the spot. This breakdown is what I would loosely classify as not being well. I have sat for so many exams throughout my life and yes sometimes we can get a little confused or blank but in normal circumstances our human ability to fight that back for the sake of survival is far greater than you can imagine and we can pull everything toge
  17. humkire


    Read Shree Guru Granth Sahib slowly, if you cannot in Punjabee at least online in English because as as Guru, SGGS teaches and enlightens us about God. You have started a load of questions and there are more that will arise. However a slow systematic reading of Shree Guru Granth Sahib will help you figure out all the answers to your doubts, confusions and questions. A white lady from Boston, America who has just completed her PhD at Oxford University came to me a few years ago and asked me questions like yours. I recommended her to get online and read SGGS slowly from ang to ang(page) very sys
  18. You need to make an appointment with your doctor concerning the black scabs so he can examine them. They are either caused by the redness/swelling/itching/scratching etc slowly irritating and blackening/spoiling the surface layer of your skin or they can be caused by little black skin growths. Mention the medicines I mentioned earlier to your doctor. If it is the first reason, the GP might also give you a skin emmolient you use instead of soap such as Dermol 500. If it is the second reason the GP might use liquid nitrogen to burn those black growths. They can be a common problem on asian skin.
  19. Two simple to read books which can perk up your inspiration, love for Sikhism, and knowledge very very quickly, and usually available at the Sikh Missionary Society in Southall or perhaps online are; The Spirit Born People by Professor Puran Singh as well as The Ten Masters by the same author. You can also get free inspirational books by contacting www.gurukhoj.com which gives out free books such as 'In Search of the True Guru' by Bhai Sahib Rama Singh Ji, and a few other books by Saint Scholar Sant Niranjan Singh Patialewale etc.
  20. Wicked Warrior Veerjee, You are entirely right that in the long term the answer is to avoid hard starched cloth abrasing the skin, and as others have pointed out to adjust what cloth is used, style,etc. However, in the short term if one's skin is already feeling red and sore and abraised what I have prescribed sorts it out very quickly. I did not mention resorting to medicines forever. I spoke from my experience.
  21. First of all dearest _lost_ Jee, I congratulate you that you didnt fail but passed with marks in high 70s to low 80s. This itself is an achievement even though you did not get 90s as you had expected. We have to show humbleness and thank God for what He gives us. None of the prayers you have done will ever go to waste because God rewards your prayers not the way you want but how He wants and God is greater than you and knows better. Your situation is better than you think. There are millions of people your age around the world who cannot afford or are not allowed to get education. There are
  22. And as to what ''kullykhalsa'' has said, yes sometimes we have to abandon that which is no use to us, but we have to be sure it is really of no use to us. When I was in my late teens, I too got very fed up of studying and felt confused and went to a gyani who I respected a lot. He said, no, my son you should finish your studies and do your exams and then we can discuss this again. I finished my studies on his advice and today I am so thankful I took this gyani's advice and continued studying. When you are in your late teens around 17/18/19/20/21 your body and mind are undergoing 'volcanic er
  23. ChuckSinghNorris Jee, The surface nerves on the skin of your ears are probably a little inflamed too so everytime you wear your turban/keshkee/dumalla etc it hurts and makes it worse from what I can gather. So the long term cure would be to take a declofenac sodium tablet 50 mg every 8 hours continously for a week. You could top that up with 2 paracetamols every now amd then too. This would then get rid of the inflammation and your nerves will settle and the pain would go. However, declofenac sodium 50mg in the UK has to be prescribed by your GP and you can tell him what I said and he would
  24. Dearest -singh_ jee, Your problem is starting from you thinking that if you do paaath every morning, God must do something magical for you. So you keep doing paath after paath after paath and nothing is happening, like a failed chemistry experiment in the laboratory! Now that is making you think that there is no God and even if He is, He cannot do some things like kill himself or etc etc..the list you mentioned. However in SGGS it says ''gurbanee es jag meh chanan, karam vasei man aayeh'' i.e Gurbani is Light in this world. This means gurbani is meant to make you understand things so you b
  25. Dearest _Idontknow_, First of all I pray to Gurujee to guide you in your life because you are young and confused about education and the future. I come from a background where I was very very involved with Sikh youth camps at your stage. Almost all the Sikh youths I knew were so involved in Sikhism so they had a clean life, no drugs, smoking, alcohol etc and so they were able to focus on their studies and most of them became graduates, doctors, lawyers, engineers etc because when you are not in bad company doing wrong things your mind is clean, body is strong , and good friends to encourage
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