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  1. Haha, I'm saying panENtheistic, not pantheistic. PanENtheism means Waheguru is the Universe, but is also greater than it. This is what Sikhi (I believe) says about Waheguru, it is the Universe, it is the Hukam, the law, but it is above this form. It is part of the Hukam. I'm not going to say Waheguru communicated with Guru Nanak Dev Ji to spread Sikhi, rather the Hukam was for Guru Nanak Dev Ji to spread Sikhi. Guru Nanak Dev Ji took it upon themselves to spread the truth in the form of Sikhi. I don't think Waheguru "gave" Japji Sahib to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Rather, I think Japji Sahib comes f
  2. Which is why I suggested the word panenthiestic, where Waheguru is the Universe, but beyond it as well. This is just my interpretation. Thank you for not attacking me or calling me a nastik or RSS agent, I've had some people start to attack me for sharing ideas. I disagree with Waheguru "communicating", my idea is not of this man or entity who communicates with people. Sure, Waheguru is pervading within all of us right now, everywhere. We can form that connection with this singular force. We can experience Waheguru, the awesome enlightener. Does that mean he sits there talking to people an
  3. Waheguru is not a human. How can it "think"? How can the all pervading One, how can the force in the bacteria, to the great elephant, the force driving the sun, the orbits of the planets, how can that One be anything like a human? How is it possible for us to understand how it works, how it acts? Panenthiestic is a better word to describe the concept of Waheguru. Waheguru is the Universe, it drives it. But Waheguru is beyond the Universe, it is above this manifestation. Everything is simply a "manifestation" of that One. When these things are destroyed, they simply return to the One. ਲੋਗ
  4. Fair enough, but compared to the actual problems killing Sikhi, "no parchar, not following SGGS, drugs, alcohol", it is an incredibly small problem. If we're talking about pronunciation and Sikh terms, I'd like our parcharks and fellow Sikhs to pronounce Sikh properly. I'd like us to use our own terminology. I'd like more accurate English translations, than the Abrahmic and Vedic influenced translations we have. My point was that there are no "Sikh" names. The only name given from Guru Ji was Singh and Kaur. I do have a problem with people getting westernised names for their Punjabi names.
  5. Completely agree. It is a disservice to SGGS when we just get people to parrot the words, when we don't share it with others. A Sikh's root is SGGS. Without the Guru, what are we?
  6. I disagree with some of the points made in this video. The issues "killing" Sikhi are far deeper and serious than these "problems". Sikh names. What is a Sikh name? Is Ishar, Gobind, Ram, Krishan, Kiran, Deep, Inder, along with many other formulaic names, Sikh names? Our Gurus had names from other traditions, Ram (the sovereign), Gobind (master of the Universe), Arjun (pure) all these names have roots in Sanskrit, Hindu traditions. Guru Gobind Singh Ji's sons, two had Punjabi names Ajit (victorious, unbeaten) and Jujhar (warrior). While the other Sahibzade had Persian names Zorawar (mighty,
  7. When was Punjabi ever the same as being a Sikh? This mentality is what hampers the growth of Sikhi, we think "Punjabi" rather than "the world". There have been Sikhs from across the world since the Gurus. Look at Guru Nanak Dev Ji, he didn't just walk around Punjab, enlightening Punjabis. He travelled the world, spreading Sikhi. Only 1 or 2 of the panj pyare was a Punjabi, the rest were from Orissa, Gujrat, Assam. There would have been a lot of variation in their builds and appearances. Sikhi has no race or ethnicity. Sikhi is just Sikhi, it doesn't have an appearance or a height. All Sik
  8. Well we best spend money and effort on doing parchar in India, rather than waste money on <banned word filter activated> projects. Like spending 2.5 million rupees on painting all the buildings at Anandpur Sahib white. What a waste of money, not only are we destroying our history, defacing historic buildings, but that money could be used for something to benefit the panth. Think of the drug deaddiction centres, schools, parchaar, seva of poor Sikhs that could be done with that money.
  9. I don't understand, was this person a Sikh (no dastar) or was he a non-Sikh? I can understand where the Singh is coming from. At my local Gurdwara, people just use the car park to go to the shops. The car park is property of the Gurdwara, for people who want to go to the Gurdwara. It is right that the sangat stops people who aren't going to the Gurdwara from parking there, it just blocks up spaces. If this is the case, then the Singh could have phrased his reasoning in a better way. If they were preventing a non-Sikh going to the Gurdwara, then that is not how a Sikh should act.
  10. Are you going to get drunk off it? If not, then its fine. If you're having alcohol to get drunk, then you should stay away from it.
  11. What are you going on about? Who said you will become a pig for helping someone? I doubt Guru Nanak Dev Ji became a pig when he helped Sajan Thag. Guru Ji could have let Sajan Thag carry on killing and being a slave to his ego. But Guru Ji went and helped him, he did sangat of the lowly people and helped to bring them up. He helped them to realise that Waheguru was within them. Someone becomes a pig when they focus on themselves. When they are greedy and focus on their own ego. That is when the mind is a pig. How do you stop being a pig? You destroy your ego and see the light of Waheguru in
  12. It can be hard for a parent. Your parents are Christian, I don't know how religious they are, but they might think that Chrisitanity is the only way that is right. As long as you feel Sikhi is best way for you, then it doesn't matter what other people think. You are at a young age, at this age we do go through phases. So, they might assume that you are just exploring and will lose interest. I'm not saying that you will lose interest, you may be at peace with Sikhi and find that it helps you to realise Waheguru. But your parents might assume that you will grow out of it. You are already walki
  13. Stop feeling guilty about it. Thats a massive obstacle in your path. We all fall off the path, this is life. This is the journey of a Sikh. We are children of the Guru, we will all fall, we'll hurt ourselves, we'll make mistakes. But we should learn from them, we will become stronger and better people. ਸੁਤੁ ਅਪਰਾਧ ਕਰਤ ਹੈ ਜੇਤੇ ॥ Suth Aparaadhh Karath Hai Jaethae || The son may commit many mistakes, ਜਨਨੀ ਚੀਤਿ ਨ ਰਾਖਸਿ ਤੇਤੇ ॥੧॥ Jananee Cheeth N Raakhas Thaethae ||1|| His mother does not hold them against him in her mind. ||1|| ਰਾਮਈਆ ਹਉ ਬਾਰਿਕੁ ਤੇਰਾ ॥ Raameeaa Ho Baarik Thaeraa || Wahe
  14. Yeah, I don't think thats a Sikh viewpoint. Perhaps they are silently calling out for help, but we are just ignoring them. The crops in Punjab have failed this year, some farmers are just sitting in the market and no one is buying their produce, you have children from Sikh families not being able to go to school, they walk the streets doing drugs, you have families that were devastated by 1984 and the subsequent genocide. You have Sikh farmers killing themselves because they are in debt or their crops have failed. You have Sikhs being converting to Chrisitianity, because that House of Guru N
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