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  1. This has to be the worst album of the whole series
  2. The report is from the 26th of April, stating the incident took place the day before (25th). Glasgow Nagar Kirtan was on the 11th of April. I doubt it was a 4 figure sum, hardly anyone goes to what is referred to as the Bhatra Gurdwara
  3. Just seen this n Youtube, was this recent?
  4. Thats not the first time I seen you take a shot at BSSF....wisen up bro. There where a lot of Singh's who had problems with other Singh's and Jathebandis in movement, now you wouldn't like it if we talked about how Taksal called Baba Manochahal a sarkari agent would you?
  5. KH4L1$T4N1 you got your info mixed up in parts, it wasnt Sandhu that General Labh Singh was referring to, it was a police tout, who was in their own organization. However, its widely accepted with Jujharoo's circles that Sandhu was an agent, whether its true or not is for sangat to research and decide. Keep in mind that Sandhus wife was Shaheed in bluestar, family protection is a priority for traitors, why wasn't this the case here? There was a large element of doubt placed on Sandhu, which is why they had him killed. Gurjit Singh Kaka (SSF) & many other Singh's where also suspected of being agents. The govt played us well. PS: Bhai Gurmukh Singh Nagoke (KCF) completed the hit on Sandhu.
  6. What are you trying to say bhai sahib? He's sayin that there was a lot of controversy surrounding Harminder Singh Sandhu Can you question or comment upon anything what was said in the statement? Huh? Harminder Singh Sandhu was controversial following Bluestar (and even before it some say), Singh's believed him to be a double agent and panthic committee ordered to have him killed
  7. What are you trying to say bhai sahib? He's sayin that there was a lot of controversy surrounding Harminder Singh Sandhu
  8. Yeah it's after Sarbat Khalsa, you can see Sri Akal Takht being rebuilt too.
  9. It's at the Sarbat Khalsa by looks of it.
  10. Dashmsh force jio Bittu is not from Dal khalsa.He was from All india sikh students federation I know he is not part of Dal Khalsa, the question was in relation to you saying why hasn't Bittu spoken out against whatever...my point being its bit hard to do anything when your in maximum security prison
  11. Nobody is questioning Bhai Gajinder Singh, however the other people like Manmohan have very little credentials. GPS: Aint Bittu in jail?
  12. I've heard from Taksali Singh's that Sant Jarnail Singhs birthday is on 2nd June 1947. and that 12th February is Sant Sunder Singh Bhindranwale's birthday.
  13. Thats not Vikram Chatwal's tattoo...he has a Khanda directly above his tattoo of Guru Gobind Singh Ji
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