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  1. Mandela is a coward of a man but surely you are the real deal so can you sort it out for the panth. Mandela feels you are the man.
  2. what do you mean by what ya say gal? lol

  3. Mandela is very annoyed at the mods for deleting my posts, if this continues then Mandela will not be held to his actions.
  4. Mandela says hello

  5. Mandela feels for your situation and yes there should be facilities for your kind but just like tables and chairs was implemented for people like you but if you got to your local Gudwara you will see majority of able bodied people sitting on them. Once they get abused it will continue for years on end. Also for many years sangat has been going to the Gudwaras all over the world why all of a sudden have we seen this beadbi happing in our Gudwaras. Mandela feels this a direct attack on Sikhi values.
  6. Mandela agrees with sangat who may have problems but must we forget that was the main argument for tables and chairs in the langar hall. Mandela feels people cannot see the slow dilute of Sikhi values in the Gudwaras, we must go back to Guru Gobind Singh Ji's times and see if he allowed chairs in his court? Mandela is sure in the times of the Guru's and after that disabled people still used to sit on the floor along with every other member of the sangat. Once a precedent is set then the more "modern" Sikh will take full advantage of the situation. Mandela challenges mental singh and a
  7. Mandela says ohhhhh its okay for people to sit on chairs in Guru Sahibs court huh, if people like you had your way you would put benches like they have in churches in Guru Sahibs house. Mandela feels you really are a mental singh.
  8. Mandela has received information that on Sunday 28th August 2011 a major beadbi took place during a wedding in the main Darbar Sahib upstairs. The sangat during the wedding managed to take chairs into the Darbar Sahib and sat on them during the wedding. More than 10 chairs where present after the wedding. Mandela was informed by a local sangat member, Mandela made his way to the Gudwara and saw with his own eyes. Mandela tried to take photos on his phone but was confronted by angry members of the girls side. Mandela then informed the vice president Amrik Sahota and trustee Gurinder Joshan, t
  9. Mandela asks who is this Manpreet, he should be exposed with a picture on here.
  10. Mandela has heard that Sikh TV 848 has become bankrupt. Its a sad state of affairs.
  11. Mandela would like you to clarify more on the owner of the station.
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