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  1. I;ve been stuck on quality control for ages any chance i can get off it? Also i do not have the option to change my signature
  2. as usual the tharkhan ramgharia gurdwara spit on sikh maryada the same story every week alcohol meat parties in halls durga pooja in kent and slough last week these gurdwaras should shut down and mark my word they will the so called 'ramgharia community' is on the verge of extinction
  3. Media Lies no issue has been resolved .. all Panthic Orgs reject negotiations
  5. In his latest interview Gen Brar's so called stab injuries are nowhere to be seen further evidence of how the entire drama of him being attacked was all lies and staged by Indian RAW Intelligence.
  6. Dal Khalsa UK Statement On Hindutva Terror Threats To Wipe Out Sikhs HINDU TERROR THREAT AFTER THE 15TH OF OCTOBER THEY WILL TAKE ACTION AGAINST SIKHS Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Dal Khalsa UK in the strongest terms condemns the highly insulting & threatening videos released via Youtube against the Sikh Nation by Hindu Terrorists of the Hindu Suraksha Samiti,another front of the Hindutva Terrorist so called Sangh Parivar Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)/Shiv Sena. For the last year since the hanging of Jathedar Bhai Balwant Singh Ji Rajoana was announced the sheer manner in which these terrorists have been coming in to the open is not only disturbing but by now should have sent alarm bells ringing in the minds of those who know what these people are capable of. It was only in March this year (2012) when these very people were burning the Dastaar's (Turbans) of Sikhs in the streets of Panjab,Challenging Sikhs to open warfare & with Police support attacked Sikhs in many areas such as Gurdaspur which lead to the death of Sikh student Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji.Now if we look deeper in to the wider scope of what is being played out here it does not take a genius to work out that the killing of Sikhs,specifically those who speak for Freedom ie: Khalistan is being planned at the top level of the Hindutva state. Since the Indian Intelligence RAW lead staged attack on General Kuldip Brar which we've discussed in previous statements we have been seeing a mass Anti Sikh propaganda campaign against UK Sikhs.Specifically the youth & organisations such as Dal Khalsa UK which have been labelled as 'Radical','Fanatical','Terrorists' & 'Militant' by Hindutva TV & print media.This has all been done in an effort to force the British Government to crack down on peaceful democratic rallies for the freedom of Khalistan in the UK,by all means all the UK Sikh Nation has always acted within the law & have never carried out any 'Militant' activity in the UK. So it comes as no surprise that within the description of the Hindutva Terrorist video they mention an ''Open Challange to so called Khalistan members and Khalistan leaders, Open Challange to so called Khalistan members and Khalistan leaders, Dal Khalsa,''. The videos begin with poems which go on about how they will take over not only India but,the entire World they also make threats about how they will kill those who speak in favour of Khalistan & state 'Kanga,Kacha,Kara,Kirpan pejhdangeh Khalistan mangan'alya nu Pakistan',this slogan is an echo from the one these very same Hindu Athvadis used to use under the leadership of 'Harbans Lal Khanna' in the 1980's against all Sikhs 'Kach,Kara,Kirpan ehkho bhejo Pakistan'.In another shorter video one of the Hindutva Terrorists state 'Kasam Ganga maiya ki khai hai Khalistan mangneh valo ko Pakistan pounchaygeh Rajoaneh ko Fansi keh takht par latayngeh'. The rest of these videos go in to how they will wipe out Sikhs from across India if they speak up for their rights or Khalistan,they also remind Sikhs to remember the 1980's & specifically 1984 where 'Bhindranwala died a Kuthe Ki Maut' referring to Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale's Shaheedi as the death of a dog. While they may seem comical to many Sikhs these people are far from the word comical in reality these are the same cold blooded,blood thirsty killers who went around killing any non Hindu they found in Gujarat in 2002 - Anti Muslim Genocide & in Orissa in 2007 - Anti Christian Genocide.They didn't even spare unborn children and ripped them out of Mothers' wombs such is the hate they have for non Hindus,they want a pure Hindu blood line or they want slaves who are subservient to the Hindutva system of Hindi,Hindu,Hindustan - the pure race ideology of Brahmanism promoted by the RSS/Shiv Sena/Sangh Parivar. We warn the Sikhs of Panjab to be tyaar bar tyaar as Guru Sahib has ordered us,we also request that those Sikhs living outside of Panjab warn their relatives & family in Panjab that dangerous times are ahead as the mass killing of Sikhs is being planned and the plan is in motion.Large numbers of RSS/Shiv Sena Hindu Terrorists are being sent to Panjab from across India in order to take part in large scale violence against Sikhs in inner cities and towns in some places even villages which have a low Sikh Population or are isolated.One only has to look at Hondh Chillar in Haryana to see how entire Sikh Villages were wiped out post 1984 by these Fanatical Terrorists.Sikhs need to be ready for any eventuality and have to be Shasthardhari at all times. The plan we now see at work is the same one we saw in Gujarat/Orissa where Hindutva Terrorists & the Media launched large scale propaganda against the Muslims/Christians,they carried out a false flag attack on Hindus themselves blamed the Muslims/Christians and then after violent clashes they started their killing spree & attacks on the local non Hindu Populations. Jathedar Bhai Balwant Singh Ji Rajoana warned Sikhs about these people and their venom last week in his statement when they demanded a memorial to the dead soldiers of the Terrorist Indian Army which destroyed Sri Akal Takht Sahib in 1984,these terrorists vowed to stop any memorial to the Shaheeds & they did this standing outside the gates of Sri Harmandar Sahib unopposed.The so called memorial now will be nothing more than a Gurdwara thanks to Badal to please these Hindu Terrorists but that is not enough they have now come in to the open to call us terrorists who need to be sent to Pakistan. At the time this statement was written several new videos have appeared on Youtube in which these Hindutva Terrorists have held open press conferences in the Sikh Homeland Panjab spewing pure anti Sikh venom towards the Sikh Nation.They say they will meet on the 15th of October with their fellow terrorists and will never let a memorial to the Shaheeds come up in Sri Harmandar Sahib even if curfews take place & street fights take place.Therefore we urge Sikhs worldwide to wake up to the harsh reality that we are now entering dangerous times,and these very people will be the ones with the blood of innocent Sikhs on their hands if we do not wake up in time. May Guru Sahib keep the Khalsa Panth & Sikh Nation in United In Chardhi Kalla Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  7. http://dalkhalsa.blogspot.com/2012/10/dal-khalsa-uk-statement-on-hindutva.html They;ve given a deadline till the 15th after that they say they will start attacks
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLiGyiKIN4g&feature=plcp They are planning killings of Sikhs in Panjab RSS terrorists are being bought in as we speak from across India,Panjab's Sikhs are unaware of this
  9. We're looking at killings of Sikhs across Panjab,as well as Presidents rule its well over due now ,as per recent history
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