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  1. ur dumb thats why!! press ups man do about 200 a day sets of 5 forst then build up 10 15 etc, ull burn all those naughty hormones away and be too tired for anything else
  2. hes a fool u deserve so much better! 4get him he sounds like he was just after one thing. seems liked uve lost confidence but u shudnt concentrate on urself for a while. ive been thru sumfin similar and i still get upset but talking about it helps. if u awnna talk to me just pm
  3. what an <banned word filter activated> he doesnt deserve ya! u need to move on and 4get about this <banned word filter activated> hel always be chasing girls and never be settled and happy. i too was in a long relationship that brokle up i think about it a lot but u must respect urself and realise that ur way better than the likes of him. u get me?!
  4. advisory board pls shut up!!!! i think teh poor girl know what rape is!look how much she is suffering? physical contact plz dnt be so naive. penji/parji i in an environment where this thing is brought up a lot and its sickening! a girls life can change just like that all for the lust of a man! how can god let this happen??i dnt get it. shes needs to talk about it. u reli need to get her to talk to u or talk to sum1 maybe she doesnt know. but if sh lets it stick with her itl wreck every relationship with a man shel ever has. u need to show her ur there 4 her keep texting dnt lose that even if she dnt reply! ie just text sumfin light hearted and ask how she is. even if its sumfin like ' hey miss x i just burnt the roti hope u are well?'. this will make her laugh and reassure her that ur there. pls keep teh cintact im worrried for her. my heart hurts hearing this there no answer as to why god allows this <banned word filter activated> it p's me offf so baddddddddddddd
  5. sherlsurj


    fateh all!! il start off by saying im a 24 year old guy not reli done many wrong things in my life. im religious and loved it and things were great. reecntly ive been going gym a lot and having protein shakes and i feel a change in me. before ive treated all girls with repsect now i just cant stop flirting with girls all teh time day and night im textung calling girls meeting them up . its bad. al i want is sex! its so bad. is it coz of teh gym?what do i do people
  6. awww im sympathise with u so much. my best girl mate went thru the same thing so i know what im talking about. u shudnt do anything u dnt wanna be strong. i hopr things turn out better 4 u. they did 4 my mate eventually after much talkimng and space from her hubby. . pm me and ill get her to mesage u.
  7. kick them out of the uk!! everyone hates them. they calim they love pakistan well why not live there then does us all a favour and p off!!
  8. absolutely appallin what this gudwara is allwoing!!!makes me utterly sick thanks for the info
  9. u r jokin??????ill be calling them tomorrow!!awful
  10. so just vcoz i think women shud be part of the panj pyaareh i disagree with sant jarnail singh?ive never even mentioned him. my opinion is my opinion. please keeep to what is being said and stop making up things.
  11. The very Sant you disagree only five what u on about ??which sant dont i agree with ie never mentioned antyhing about sants. so many dumb people on here. one dimensional minds.
  12. just shows me how sexist so many guys are on here! kaur power !
  13. can sum1 tell me where it says in guru granth sahib that a man has to go b4 a woman during lava ?
  14. i didnt get that last message u sent sure it doesnt m,ake sense. your point about the guru is damn right wrong. u can look at the guru and say they were all men!!!the gurus were something else and in mu opinion cant eb compared to a normal man. they weer not a label ( a man) but gurus end off. ur anand karaj point i did not get. but no where in teh guru granth sahib ji does it say a man has to go infront of a woman. so a woman can go 1st if she and heer hubby want. i dnt get u guys how can u say sikhi is all about equality but yet women in thsi instance dnt have the smae rights as men
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