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  1. Happy Birthday Singh!!!! =D

  2. bibi harjit kaur and bhai jagpal singh i tink bhai harpreet singh cumin nex month to hola mahalla smagam yooooo
  3. bump seems like were all goin ekta ^^^^^^^^^^^ sticky plz
  4. ask a batahead maybe pakhand she shud know
  5. to all bataheads banana cake: one (normal sized) bata of flour 1/2 bata of sugar 1/4 bata of oil 3/4 bata of bibeki milk 2 mashed up bananas stir it all in a bigger bata, put in the oven to cook for 1 hour.......ther you have it you can add different stuff, insted of the banana, like nuts, raisins etc.... or make biscuits...... to keep bibek rehit ideally, one should obtain bibeki milk, i.e) you get the milk yourself without any others persons handling it. there are quite a few farms in the U.K, where you can make freinds with the farmer and get ur milk yourself, on a weekly basis :
  6. i bet sarpanch took so long to get his sniper ready the pakhandi saad left by then
  7. doooooooooooooont complain :D :umm: guru maharaj is everywhere
  8. http://uclac.facebook.com/event.php?eid=11990755247 anutha myspace ^^ yipee :sady: :D
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