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  1. QUOTE(SaRpAnCh @ Sep 24 2007, 01:22 PM) * They're not Singhs of Guru Dasmesh,- Real Sikhs Will Not & Cannot Fly The Flag Of India nor Support its cricket team. who r u 2 judge mans, r u god now??? i dont giva a crap wot u think son am gna keep flyin the flag of my home nation!!!!
  2. congrads 2 india !! it was a great game with india just winning !! the india team has a great future big up yuvraj singh n da rest of da singhs !!!!!!!
  3. it all started wen sum1 swore at sum1 he got slapped up, den his lads came to look 4 the guys who jumped him- dats it reali nutin major, but all dese peoplemakin it out 2 b a world war 3
  4. i dont no y every 1 goin round blamin sohi wen he had nutin 2 do wid it??? as for all the babbars dat think they big go n sort the singhnia that go wid muslims and iraqis, or if u got the bottle come down to the brum tournament, plus there gna b no woman n small kids der
  5. hey sarpanch and all u hooligans how come u lot didntturn up at the tournamnet it would have made my day to see u lot, u must av fount out that u would av got slapped up hey!!!! dont giv it loads if u crnt back it up and it wasnt a fight between organisers , it was personel friction between to sets of people, SO DONT GO ROUND SPREADNG LIES!!!!!!!!!
  6. thats the fing, none of our youth train, they just after girls n dat, we shud b hittin the gyms, boxin, wrestlin , kabaddi everythin that helps u fight, we have turned into a laughing stock, we gta get that lion spirit bak, n so wot if we giv bad pr to others, if u got beef u deal wid n make the whole world no u mess wid us u gna get dun
  7. bhaji i no wot u mean, i no some of em hate us but we have 2 work with them 4 the better of this country, if we dnt act its gna be sharia law every where, they already got the halal meals in schools, am not a violent geeza i jus dnt wna c my panjabi community get walked all ova but at the end of the day our community dnt wna no so we gta wrki wid peeps who got the same goals singh fasge kundian dey mach kabaddi dha ajj horna
  8. i feel that working with the bnp will help us tackle the issue's with the muslim community, to fight terrorism u have 2 unite and tackle the issue head on, i myself with my friends have had talks with bnp leaders about these issues. singh fasge kundian dey match kabaddi dha ajj horrna
  9. yea its fine, i have a dog and i feed it meat, i dont eat meat cuz am amritdhari but it dosent mean i crnt feed my dog
  10. singh 1983 - evryone is just listening to someone else, whether it be the singh/singhni listenin to their jathebandi father, the mona listenin to sp supporters y is it that when we talk about sp its always the "mona" listen, whether u r a mona, keep ur hair we r all one race, we are all brothers n sisters so y cause a divide
  11. why is that every one says the mona from sp? the sp is made up of both singhs and mona so dont get confuesd.
  12. u no wot akaal ustat , ur da onli 1 who actually talkin sense on here respect
  13. then people wonder why people who r cumin into sikhi r looked down on? if every1 just flippin stop fightin each other we would b a force
  14. y r mans callin me a joke n dat u dnt no me
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