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  1. aap shayi hoya, sachche da sachcha dhoya

    Baba Harbans Singh Ji Kar Sewa

    Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Delhi(India)


  2. i agree with you, i didnt say not to respect thm, just we shoudnt worship them, wch is wat some of our fellow sikhs are doing. u say sants attach ppl to the guru granth sahib, this agen i agree with, bt only true sants do this, many that i have met and have herd of do otherwise, all i pray is that we should be careful, not to end up worshipping them. i agree yet again! lol..i didnt say i was perfect far from it, waheguru is the only perfection, and i am happy to question and correct my self :lol: that is wat sikhi is :nihungsmile: WGJKK WGJKF
  3. How do we know you're a gursikh? That's a powerful word. You said you have much to learn, but you have already reached the status of gursikh????? Also, I didn't really care for how you said most Sants are involved in the "sin of maya". I shut people like you off when they talk like that. Unless you can tell me what makes you the "chosen one", I'm fixing to make a note of your username and ignore your future posts because you weren't my cup of tea the first time around. I find it funny that you were so concerned with Namstang's post. hahah!!! Ur failing to understand sikhi my brother....th
  4. yh thats xactly how i feel nw :lol: thnx a lot penji WGJKK WGJKF!
  5. WGJKK WGJKF! thanx for all of your replies :lol: , reli appreciate it!! yh i know not to get too close to them, but wen i was younger i woudnt evn talk to them, lol i was always getting into fights or arguments with em...but i agree now i think about it, hangin out with em is making me stronger about myself and what sikhi teaches ... and just 4 the record no1s tried to convert me yet , nd trust me they ent gna try lol, but thnx nd hanji haha im gna stick with changai bundai haha :lol: thanx agen... WGJKK WGJKF!!
  6. can i say tht paaji namstang, is ur post neccessary? do we need to take the p out of other sikh brothers?? @paaji kam1825 "Tell me who do you use to show the youth of today how you should live your life in accordance to gurmat." how can u come to ask this question?? Firstly, the Guru Granth Sahib includes every single thing a sikh needs to become a true sikh. why else would Our beloved Guru Gobind Singh tell us to accept maharaj as our next Guru?? people seem to forget this and turn to sants instead, maybe because they are the easy option i dnt knw.... i agree many "sants" of today have do
  7. WGJKK WGJKF!! my skwl is full of muslims !! its almost 50% muslim!! as a sikh i obv dnt have a personal thing against them, the problem i hav is th way most of them act...wen i was younger i gt into fights with a lot of them, there isnt reli eni sikhs in my skwl, only 2 in my yr the rest are younger...i used to hang around with goreh and evrything was kwl..but after yr 11 the goreh i used to hang around with strtd to drink and take drugs...i didnt wnt eni part of it and so i mde the choice to mke friends with other ppl (Muslims) i knw some ppl r gna think im an <banned word filter activate
  8. gur fateh, personally i would beat the crap out of the guy!! but im not the smartest of persons the best thing to do would be to ignore what ppl think, and just tell the coll whats happening, and i think if there arent eni singhs in the coll or ur area that u knw, violence shouldn't be used. where im from muslims are not a minority, my skwl is 50% muslim!! in my previous years i gained a reputation of causing trouble with them..im in ma last yr ne, iv learnt that not all of them are bad, but they aren't to be trustd...i reckon u should atleast let the head of ur coll knw, and dont let pp
  9. wassup praa,

    i was readin ur last comment on babies names..

    i fink yuvraaj singh is a wiked name, for a boy.

    or for a girl i like neelam (neelu) lol sounds kwl or even simran

    thats just some that i like, haha


  10. if enough of us report it as abusive youtube have to take it off.... is this person a sikh she should be ashamed!! even if she is mentally unstable it doesn't make it ok. may waheguru help her WGJKK WGJKF
  11. WGJKK WGJKF!! i agree, sant worship is increasing, our sikh brothers and sisters are falling into the trap of these so called sants... if they were truly "sants" then they would also understand sikhi, and not dwell in maya. :nihungsmile: peace to all
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