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  1. this is real life not no james bond 007 film lol , as if sikhs from uk can go india and do sumting like that lololol jokes the police is putting money into this <banned word filter activated> lolol omg while muslim bombers want to bomb this country that's terrorism, UK police and government always get used and abused. no wonder edl and bnp are getting more support because , young white girls are killing themselves due to no jobs and these pigs want to spend public money on some james bond theory (hilarious ) our taxes get wasted all the time
  2. yeah it is true the commitee is bad, i live there, and there was a gym for the youth to keep them on positive track, alot of youth are into drinking , clubbing etc, the gym was good for loads of reasons, the youth collected loads of money and a wicked gym was made, out of no where it dissapeared and no one is saying where all the equipment is gone. the tabla class for little kids was stopped and the teacher was threatned not to come back and teach the youth. the finacail records are not transparent too from what i have heard from sangat. i heard there was meant to be a meeting , i couldnt make it, but i heard it turned abit pear shape, and a fight broke out. it was only matter of time dough i could see that coming, when people abuse the money of a gurdwara or act out of ego due to their powerful role, it all back fires, beacuase a servent og the gurdwara should be humble and do positive things for the community. but if you look at most gurdwaras these days they are run by people intrested in making money and not the sikh principles and every time they are asked nicely to put right what is wrong. they strat abusing and cursing and threating poeple and most of the sangat are powerless. i think most gurdwara have this problem and things will erupt as sangat is waking up and want a better future for their kids so that when they come to the gurdwara they learn something or partake in a good activity. alot of youth and elders are frustrated with their committies , but elections are forged or gangsters are used to dishearten the weaker party. i think most gurdwaras have this unrest and tension due to a corrupt commitee and it is only a matter of time before things boil over, after bitter frustration.
  3. madness the world is crazy man, i guess sum people have too much of oppression and just lose the plot and go on a madone
  4. ohh my fault i just assumed it was an racail attack, sorry sangat ji. damn must be over money then. it always is
  5. http://www.emgonline.co.uk/news.php?news=2236
  6. what the hell is happeningto our youth, have they not got lives to live. what losers, see the rascals for yourself, i feel sorry for their mums! www.bloodandhonourgang.blogspot.com
  7. I think i am their number 1 fan lol anyway i have took time out to make a blogspot deticated to them, and if sikh unit or any one that knows them, why have they not got a website , myspce or hi5 etc. most of their tunes aint available on the net, i was given them at a nagar kirtan in east london by some kids. they got so much talent but aint publically known, anyways i hope this blogspot will help tp promote their work! i have included all their interview which i copied from this forum on there too weeeeeeeeee lol www.sikhunituk.blogspot.com
  8. i first heard of sikh unit from this very site, i have been hooked and followed their every movement, i feel they are very underated and hated for no reason, i myself and many of my friends who i passed the cdz on to have change our way of thinking due to the lyrics of sikh unit. i would be good if you pass this link on to people who listen to that corrupt rap shi on mtv base and channel u and get them into sikh unit instead man. www.sikhunituk.blogspot.com
  9. ello sangat ji im from southampton and am jus getting into sikhi , music inspired me, as i look to elder brothers and sisters as role models, i really thought the interlude by crative boy on punj was good, but then i read that this mc doesnt even practice what he preaches that is real upsetting i read it from the following blog. most of other musicains are bad role models i thought cravtive boy was diff man! LINK DELETED
  10. http://frontlinepunjabiyouth.blogspot.com/...own-out-of.html
  11. First of all before i start , i want any sikh unit rappers on this forum if you are on here to contact me cos i really wanna knw why u have stop making new albums. I was a druggie living in conventry i hear some of sikh unit stuff in a mates car, i kinda liked it, he gave me all their albums, they made an impact on my life and sparked me to look into my religion, it has been 2 weeks since i took my amrit now, so i made this blog as a thank you, i knw maharaj gets u into sikhi, but maharaj works threw people at times. the rap cds really hit me in a format i understood, so i want people to pass this blog on just incase they might change other peoples lives http://deticatedtosikhunit.blogspot.com/ P.s Sikh Unit please contact me on PM
  12. http://frontlinepunjabiyouth.blogspot.com/...y-sikhs-in.html
  13. what people dont understand is that the hall belongs to the gurdwara and was made by money that sangat gave to Guru ji, is this the type of thing that Guru ji would want happening in his hall. This is the principle its a total piss take and disrespect. Its the Gurus hall!!! we gonna have slags dancing half naked , meat served , people drunk etc all in gurus property!
  14. thanks sikh unit for all your albums i enjoyed every single one of them. they are based on reality and deal with alot of real issues. but im so sad that u will not hit us wid more albums
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