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  1. Also people who daytimers both Panjabi's and the Muslim type are in it for the same thing. Dollars and hoes. In clubs, the number of Muslim girls is negliable. However Girls from a Panjabi/Indian background are plentyful. Muslims boys also are plentyful just like Panjabi boys. Just forget for a second what a girl dresses up like. However most Panjabi boys get drunk, try to womanise and act like complete idiots when intoxicated. Sober muslim boys can then slap up these fools without even trying most of the time. So some Panjabi girls think yeah he tough, he half decent looking, he sober, he okay to talk too and he ain't a drunk fool. Both young men and some old men are there to get what they can anyway they can in some way, happens in all communities. While most women are more concerned with finding the 'one' and being in love. Give a woman time and attention with a bit of sweet talk every now and then then watch what happens, it a simple as that. Obviously there are the loose women who don't care where they are are and whos around. There are also a few cases of strong coersive methods used. The typical most common tactic used is piling girls with drink, beacuse most drink because it is accepted within our community. On one hand you have both Panjabi boys piling girls with alcohol in pubs and clubs to get their leg over. So what does it matter if it is a Muslim man does it? They can use the justification and mis/interpretation of their Dharam to engage in these thing depending on what their views are of Kuffars. Whats the excuse of Panjabis? What because they are simply Kanjars? The only real difference is that Panjabi lads don't go round ACTIVELY pursuing Muslim girls in all levels of society and then getting them high on liquor and drugs for them to only become pieces of meat for sexual gratification, to then in certain cases be pimped out etc or for them to embrace another faith after the girl has fallen in 'love' or been blackmailed. Even more importantly is that Muslims have PRINCIPLES instilled in them (whether they may be tright or wrong to others is another matter) through going to the Mosque daily or Sunday school at the Mosque or are made to submit to the will of their elders on way or the other. This is why very little of them elope with other people from other communities. While Panjabi's, well what can be said, too much free will without a cultural education, understanding and solid PRINCIPLES (be it from religion or other) and without good role models doesn't make for clued up kids at all. Most Panjabi's have role models in their own families of people who drink smoke, have open double standards and emphasise just making money is the most important thing in life etc this leads to clueless Panjabi's BOYS and GIRLS. While in schools Muslim kids are clued up and Panjabi's don't know kak about their faith except to chat crap about what 'caste' they are from which is nothing to do with religion. Girls from another community is easy 'work', while doing it within your own community for Muslims and getting caught may lead to becoming the next headlines. While in Panjabi communities its accepted because boys do it to other boys sisters, but then don't want that in their own household when it their sister. Ultimately does it make a difference if the girl is a SLAG or the BOY is and if he is a MUSLIM SLAG or PANJABI SLAG? Something to ask yourselves?
  2. To JALANDHARSHERE..... A real soorma, burrrrhhhhh! Lol. Who said it happens actually in Gurdwarae? In party halls and outside absolutely yes. Now this is an old video before you start throwing your toys out the pram, because boy you ain't throwing NO punches yet. It is not leeds either, but you will be able to figure that much out at least: I hardly doubt it that the people who actually take an interest in their faith would come out with random accusations to make themselves look better and as saviours of the faith while knocking other denomination tribes/casts who may be a little lost from the rest of the Panth. But your as so adamant that you want evidence like you the top man to then and go do something for the Panth MR SHERE, lol. Many Sikhs who visit this forum actually do go up and down the UK and have seen things with their own eyes. It's not always convenient to take a picture or film, imagine if you were getting beaten up on the road somewhere and people knew you were the one and only JALANDHAR SHERE, in their laughter they may actually forget to take some evidence of this really important happening that your actually a clown disguised as a Lion who doesn't know a jab from a hook and has a 'girly' roar. :smile2: Rest assured there is a video that exists of both leeds Gurdwarae and the beadbi that took place (the chapletown issue has now been resolved) there is also one of the the leeds ramgarhia place because there was someone making a video when some Singhs (real lions) went down. You obvioulsy have something against Jatts, maybe in your next life you will become one, lol seeing that you love them so much. :rolleyes2: So okay, how about in turn you evidence where Sant Ji is holding an AK47 you befkoof? There is no such picture, maybe you have the image of Bin Laden superimposed on your brain, because you think Sant Ji is a terrorist like him. You know nothing about the background to operation bluestar or things affecting Sikhs and the wider community except for the propaganda that you have readily lapped up without even considering to research both sides of the story. Otherwise you would of quickly come to the conclusion that Sant Ji did what he had to do for very valid reasons. Too long to explain to a 'imbecile' like yourself. Also you should go back to school and do some Maths too. There are 11 Guru's by the way, the last one being Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, EDDDDDDDDDDDDDDIOOOOOOOOOOOOOT BOY! Just as you know alot about Sikhs and Sikhi, Muslims would definietly praise and revere their defenders of Faith if something happend in mecca, not like wet behind the ear 'Sikhs' like you. Once again where is Sant Ji using an AK? Have any evidence? Is no the answer once again? Then get off your high horse and on your bike. Your just as much as a hypocrite as those people who jump on the beadbi bandwagaon and then don't do nothing in their local areas to help resolve issues or come to protests. So in conclusion the only egomaniac here is.................................. you :tongue2: JALANDHARSHERE and the way you have come on this forum and painted everybody who has posted or supported this action in some way shape or form with the same brush. This is only one indication of the stupidity the beholds you. Funnily enough, remember this: "evidence every accusation... Or in absence of that, keep your uneducated mouths shut" Will let the other brothers and sisters who know more about Sikhi to counter your other BS. And here's something to sulk over further, seeing that you can't live it up like these stupid JATT clowns, if you do a quick whip around ramgarhia websites you will come across things like this http://www.ramgarhiakom.com/index.html Read the sections about whoever the deity with the chisel, hammer and hardhat is. It is hardly unlikely that if he is given so much praise that he has his own Arti and Ardas that within ramgharia temples/hall there is no reference to this miracle lord who would propbably knock up a party halls for jatts, ramgharia and other like minded folk who let manmat preside over Gurmat in seconds with all his skills from creating the universe, lol.
  3. Agreed UK Law is important. But UK Law is not above God's law. Your thinking religious fanatic ain't ya, lol! Well mate you should really think about picking up a book and learning about Sikhi and Sikh history. Do something useful with your life kid. Guru Ji (Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji) used to sit on the Akaal Takhat Throne and give Hukam defying the governmnets of that day and the law of the land in the interests of Sikhi and Sikhs, not frigging Manmat which some people here seem to keep justifying through ignorant views, comments and the baseless Gurdwara Constitution. O but your thinking that Jathedar is just a man so who is he, he ain't the Guru! So you start to question the Sandesh, but put simply you can't question Gurbani! Maharaj states clearly in Bani about the use of intoxicants and to reffrain from this. The dudley kinfolk and their supporters may be able to convince the wider community through pathetic reasoning, backtracking and lies that the committee and the people were in the right to have the hall and a party sharty. But when these people die along with the many people who think like this, they won't be able to convince Guru Ji about misuing funds through the Golak or otherwise (the council's money or whoevers) just to have a 'good' time. :rolleyes2: Secondly don't be so naive to think that there are people in the community hell bent on simply causing trouble, but this is the image DUDLEY 'SANGAT' want to paint ain't it mate, just like that blonde Aunty in the video? If that was the case they would of done it without provication and at the start regardless of the damage to the movement and image of the satkaar campaign. Satkaar Campaign have unequivocally said and stated that protests are arranged on the lines of peaceful means and have released statements to this effect plus a protocol for the protest. They are not an organistation or formal body, just read their blogspot instead of chatting BEKWAS. So just what Methods? What Tactics? What Organisation and Control are you reffering to? They currently don't hold meetings before hand with the protestors to reiterate the peaceful nature where they can exercise another level of control. Thus in the meantime they are not responsible until they exercise all possible levels of control and become an organisation for the actions of a minority of people who may take things into 'their own hands' because they have lower levels of tolerance towards abusive ignorant people. :laugh2: Goli Maro
  4. To all the visitors on this profile!

    Waheguru Je Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ke Fateh

    seeing that nobody going to say it first :P

  5. These Pathetic Committees (even Gurdware where there is no cultural or party hall) do not see even Gurdwara as the Guru's property, let alone some cultural centre. They see it as a business and an extension of their egos. When the R4G campaign was on and before that the Guru Granth Sahib Campaign plenty of Gurdwarae said just like these dudley people 'who are you to tell us what to do' 'we started this gurdwara' 'you don't live nearby' 'we payed for this with our own money' ultimately they see it as a business and something that is theirs, where they can poamp their own egos and think they have actually done something good for the community when in fact they have not. They have instilled a sense of manmat in our minds and not Gurmat If the oldies back in the day sorted this mess out the youth today would never have to step up to the mark. People are saying its been going on for 20-30 years. Well you BEFKOOF LOK, when the youth want to do their very best to reform Sikhi for the benefit of the upcoming generations they are going to just that or try their damn hardest. Just because the oldies were silent, incumbent or actually part of this mess in the past does not mean the youth who have love for Sikhi will accept it anymore. Now this committee along with its slimey supporters backtracked, walked out of talks, repeatedly swore and cursed at the Singhs while peaceful negotiations were going on since Jan. To take it one step further they further provoked the situation when that family who initally booked the party backed out and they arranged another party in their egotistical defiance. Ultimately if they did the respectful thing in the 11th hour and totally backed out and opened up negotiations none of this so called bad publicity in the western media would of probably been so widespread. Thank you you dudley for goading and challanging the protesters, your really a hard bunch aint ya, why didn't you hold a counter protest instead of a party with all your supporters there? Put yourself on the map with this one you have! These people may backtrack and disregard the Sandesh just like that pathetic old man who called up in that show. But ask that joke of a man or any of his family can you Disregard Bani you DUMB FLOPPERS? What does Guru Ji say about intoxicants in Bani? Forget the meat thing for a sec. Forget whether its a building across the road or not. Simply what does it say about intoxicants EH in Bani, O sorry forgot that you don't know that but you know the Gurdwara constitution and clause where it says alcohol and meat are permitted in the centre. DUMB FLIP FLOPPERS! Coming to the whole violence thing. The police have't mentioned that a woman recieved a broken arm in the police report so that pathetic family if your reading this, sorry you can't go to 'don't delay claim today either, lol! The youth or whoever weren't armed either! No mention of this in the police report. Not all the protesters were Amritdhari either, there were people who weren't baptised that eat meat and drink booze in their lives who were there supporting it also, because ultimately they know to do it on land obtained through Sangats donations via Golak or off Gurdwara stages is total Manmat! Some were simply Keshdhari as they say, so how are all the protestors militants? Some may say there is no report of provication form the dudley sharbi kebabi's either which is seen as being one of the main reasons for the whole kick off, but don't be so niaeve to think that there are people in the community hell bent on simply causing trouble. If that was the case they would of done it without provication and at the start regardless of the damage to the movement and image of the satkaar campaign. Satkaar Campaign have unequivocally said and stated that protests are arranged on the lines of peaceful means and have released statements to this effect. They are not an organistation or formal body, just read their blogspot instead of chatting BEKWAS. People who agree with the issues they are representing and standing up for will naturally want to show their support. Thus they are not responsible ultimately for the actions of a minority of people who may take things into their own hands. These people should remember that anything that they will do will naturally tarnish the image of Satkaar no matter how much they distance themselves for it. So next time be clever about it and leave the poor building alone, lol! At the end of the day if these dudley people didn't exercise their egos as they did in such a defiant way and then to put fuel on the fire by not being their themselves (committee) and letting the people in the hall take the fall for it then this whole thing would of remained an internal matter which would of not come up on the radar of western media and tarnished the image of the Sikh / Panjabi community. In respect to our own media well that damage was done by showing that video which people are using to form part of their arguments now. "My mission is to ensure that everyone - Hindu, Sikh, Muslim remain true to one's religion, that there is unity among all people, that the modesty of women is not violated, that the people are weaned away from the use of narcotics, that all social evils are curbed and to see that the Sikhs mobilise themselves under one banner by strengthening their faith in Guru Granth Sahib. If all this, which is the mission of my life, is termed as extremism then I don't mind being known as an extremist" ~Sri Maan Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa, Bhindranwale~
  6. :laugh2: Very true. There is still time for Sikh Channel to fix up and do some damage limitation in our own community regardless of whether they have given up the tapes or not. Maybe run a piece on the whole thing showing the other side of the protest also with people on the panel that can talk about the issues mentioned here also.
  7. Just for everyones info the little birdy mentioned previously has gone back to the source who has said that a sikh channel staff member told them but will not mention any names. Suppose it is utter BULL TATTI and Sikh Channel haven't given up the tapes to the PO PO. Just think about this then and who the real jokers are, If you broadcast something on tv you need to retain a copy of it just in case any formal public complaint to OFCOM is made, ask the weird and wonderful staff at Sikh channel this. Now they put that video up, so now the bacon rashers are probably aware of that recording also due to snitches like some of the people on this forum who don't like what happened, if not Avtar Seon himself. Plus they monitor these kind of forums too. So if they approach the channel with a court order for the tape the SC muppets have to hand it over as someone already mentioned, hardly think Avtar or Bal would decline especially after the comment and thoughts that Sikh Channel representatives have expressed in word and over the net (see the panthic article and the comment posted up on their facebook thingy) At the end of the day doesn't matter if they have given it before or will do in the future, the damage has already been done in the eyes of the wider community by them showing that tape completely out of context. Plus nobody is fighting here, fight night was already aired on saturday on the Peoples Channel sky 840, did you miss it, :tongue2:? This is just verbal jostling! The march will not stop either because of this whole mess of Sikh channel airing a segment of the video. It will still happen, people will just walk away from their cameras knowing that if something happens later on in the day for a small proportion of the actual day and Sikh Channel air the video trying to do the whole 'worlds first exclusive' thing again, they may become famous through police charges and a mugshot in the local papers, :biggrin2:
  8. No internet rumour mate, because it started through a phone call, lol! Some people out there may keep their head in the sand! But let me reassure you the person who gave the intel doesn't, but don't take my word for it. Just wait till someone with a better reputation on this forum does with some concrete evidence. Yes they can when they say they haven't got any evidence left because they got rid of the recordings! Ha, never heard of the situation where there been a robbery at the local store and the shopkeeper has beaten the robber senseless only to say he hasn't turned the CCTV recorder on when actually he did but got rid of it. Some people just live their lives wrapped in cotton wool. If they wanted that for their own intelligence instead of wasting tax payers money on helicopters recording from the sky, maybe the incumbent police should of got a bobby with a camera running around the place, o wait they have Sikh Channel for that, lol!
  9. If that is him on facebook, he deleted that post and many of the others posted in response to it. Plus a little birdie just told me that the Sikh Channel have given the video footage over to the POLICE. Always remember Sikh Channel, Pride of the Panth! Yeh EFFing right! Sangat TV and Sikh TV both declined the police's request as all parties agreed that no charges will be made or upheld on either party as per signed statement, rightly so! Thats probably why he has no problem with the Police pulling Singh's beards and knocking their turbans off either.
  10. Dudley flop squad, actually a handful of the Singhs that went to the protest were the very same Singhs that went down to ensure that there was no case of mistaken identity when the E, E, EEEEEEDL were marching through. If you were there yourself instead of being an internet warrior you would know that there was also one of the main members of the EDL close on call to speak to any of the other EDL members if they still came round. Ask your local committee about it, they might actually speak the truth for once. Even when the bins were placed outside the other Gurdwara in Dudley and set alight, it was these Singhs that went down, so don't be giving it ten man large Dudley Flop Squad! Get out more an get clued up about whats happening in your own backyard! :smile2:
  11. Read their facebook status update here jee: http://www.facebook....149575988442445 - "Very shameful scenes today at the Dudley protest. Those cowards who attack old men and police officers will get what they deserve. Everything was filmed but very sad and to embarrassing to air!!" The peaceful protest part consisted the majority of the protest, however as you have correctly said this is something which has not been highlighted correctly.
  12. Think Satkaar need to up the ante (have said this to them before anyone turns around and says 'say it to them first') If there is to be a protest and then supposedly a resolution is achieved then as an extra deterrent just like in this case where the same slimey 'Sikh's' go and arrange another party in its place when the family respectfully bowed out of the situation; Satkaar should contact accomadating Gurdwarae in that area who would be able to cater for the diversion of protesters from the planned protest into the Gurdwarae in an actual 100% agreement has been made. Thus it won't be seen as a mixed message and everyone can do Sangat and enjoy a program where Satkaar can reiterate the main principles on which they run. They should also do tours of Gurdwarae stages on the 'Sikh religious day' 'a Sunday', lol and create further awareness where it counts, to the masses of people in divans across the UK no matter what affiliation to caste a Gurdwara may have. Also they should be prepared for violence from both Police and the opposing people and have a PR team and even people who record the protest and gather intelligence on the opposing people too comes in handy after :biggrin2: Ultimately things like these will always lead to a confrontation and they will be people on all sides thats are up for provoking the other. Police did it at Bekwas Centre with the dogs towards the Singhs, then the Baba's chelae started throwing stones etc. If everyone (for those who know that it may get nasty) has the same dress code :ph34r: it would be harder for cctv to be effective and police to clock on who is doing what, unless you get clocked red handed. Just a thought in future for those that know that high handedness is required once in a while when other means have failed. The police won't be able to charge everyone for the one 'incident', if it turns out to be a serious one, then everyone should admit it then they won't be able to do anything either. Finally Satkaar should call the shots on when there is to be a charge to 'rush the doors' as they say if there is to be one at a protest. They need to plan and have contingency plans for every possible situation. Otherwise when people get garam they will let off their own steam when they want and it may get messy and prematurely lead to a possible no win situation due to these happenings. But if you let the people get garam then control it then release it in a controlled manner in unison when finally needed not even the police will be able to do jack. Goli Maro
  13. singhfauja you have mentioned relating side issues, im just stating the obvious. Where did the 'nang' fauj come into it? FYI I do not know where the woman goes and who she visits either. :rolleyes2: lol, what a way to sideline the issue. I couldn't give a flying EFF about them two things either jee. Try mentioning a few more conspiracies maybe, lol? Do you blindly follow panthic.org, work for them or a part of the 'JATHA' or something that you don't allow yourself to see the point that was made? :nono: Goli Maro, think what you want jee but there is more to that video then is being shown. Not even the woman and the Swami are seen together in it. Before you say they are seen together in other videos I'm on about the house video thats shows supposedly the 'Sikh Parchariks At Hate Monger Sadhvi'S Uk Divan' , lol.
  14. Panthic.org state this on their site 1) "London, UK - In a newly released video, the notorious Hindu Sadhvi Rithambhrai, who leads VHP's Army of Durga, and vows that those minorities that challenge the unity of Hindustan will be crushed and killed like dogs is seen in sangat of several Sikh parchariks before a Havan is performed at that residence." This as already mentioned cannot be the case as their is no concrete footage showing this. 2) "It is assumed that this video was recorded on the same day when the Havan and Aartee occurred - although it is not known whether Baba Randhavewala or Giani Avtar Singh were present when those rituals took place." in reference to the last video segment where Nirmala got clocked with his wet hair down trying to dry it by a fire, lol! I find it hard to believe that Nirmala has got two homes where he resides unless one is for when he lets his hair down and the other for when he ties a turban. Moreso the two houses in the video both have patio doors, unless it is one house with a patio door at the front with a tent and a shed in the drive, lol. The way they present the article and using the captions and title is misleading, biased, and unfactual. Instead of being senationalists like Panjabi/India media they should be more rational. Finally I couldn't give a monkey's about who this and that person is and whether they are a man of God, Baba or whatever and if they have the minerals to stand up for the truth when it counts such as at a hate speech which the nutcase woman gives frequently. What have stated is a blatant misrepresentation of events as per imho, any rational thinking person would be able to also deduce that there is no truth behind the following title statement. "SIKH PARCHARIKS AT HATE MONGER SADHVI'S UK DIVAN" They have implied the plural and not the singular. The only Parcharik there clocked on the video in the presence of the woman is Nirmala The rest is up to them what they do with their lives, but it ain't no business of mine. :biggrin2:
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