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  1. So it was ok for Guru Nanak to question the hindu texts but not ok for me to question our beliefs? If Galileo did not question Christian beliefs then where would we be? I don't blindly follow science but can you honestly say hand on heart that modern humans have been around for 4 million years and the ones who first existed lived for 100,000 years? Be honest. Would you also say Christians who believe the earth is only 6000 years old are right? Despite evidence clearly saying that is wrong? It seems you are blindly following something.
  2. Oh god. Humans have not been around for 4 million years! It is preposterous to think Ram ruled for 10,000 years! This is the equivalent of Christians thinking the world is 6000 years old.
  3. Seems like what a fascist would say. What is so wrong with questioning things?
  4. Cowardly Tamil Tigers. They can't even protest properly. I remember when they were getting butchered in Sri Lanka 4 years ago and they decided to bring all of London to a standstill, instead of using their brain and just protesting in front of the Sri Lankan embassy.
  5. Tell me this is not true. No human has ever lived this long. Humans have not been around for 2 million years. Modern humans have only existed for 200,000 years. Lifespans are increasing not decreasing.
  6. What do you mean we believe in the yugas? Like the traditional hindu view? That is obviously false. I hope you don't believe in that.
  7. Do we believe in the four Yugas like Hindus? Satya Yuga was 1.7 million years. Avg human life expectancy was 100,000 years. Treta Yuga was 1.3 million years. Avg human life expectancy was 10,000 years. Dvapara Yuga was 864,000 years. Avg human life expectancy was 1000 years. Kali Yuga will be 432,000 years and the life expectancy will be 100 years, coming down to 20 years at the end of this yuga. Modern humans have only existed for approx 200,000 years and generally lifespans are always increasing. So this information on Yugas is wrong.
  8. So why is he playing this game? Why do we need to praise him? Is he that egotistical that he requires our worship?
  9. Why has god made this universe? Is it just a little play thing for him? Why even exist instead of nothingness? We believe we have been seperated from him but why did he seperated us?
  10. Shamshere


    I don't know what dreams are. Last night I met the queen and her husband. Sometimes they can just be random.
  11. Why are you trying to give proper answers to a troll thread?
  12. You should exercise as well. Do some weights, cardio and have a healthy diet.
  13. I saw one girl today who didn't even bother covering her head in the langar hall. Just kept her chunni on her shoulders. What a fool.
  14. What kind of question is this on a Sikhi forum. Ask such questions on Punjab 2000.
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