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  1. Men who think like this - What should we do with them? Sorry bro, no personal attack intended. But some food for thought for you. And hopefully some hope for sisters of the world and this forum that there are men who stand behind you in your fight against this type of sexism. BT somewhere in your thinking there may be something constructive on an issue. Please think it through, as the comment comes across as sexist rant, not as a meaningful contribution.
  2. The story doesn’t move me either. Don’t now the guy and don’t care for bhangra much. Do appreciate most genuine artists. Didn’t read far enough into the story to see exactly on what basis he would be referred to as a fool. But none of that pushed me to post. However… Sstriker? Dude what’s up with suggesting some stranger, the woman in the picture, is a prostitute? Not cool anywhere. Very not cool on a sikh forum. All I recall is you’ve been around forever with I think some decent perspectives. Bro consider retracting that.
  3. I also had the same thought as JKV because of your fused references to interracial and interfaith. The two have nothing to do with one another from a Sikh perspective or any logical perspective. Race is irrelevant to the discussion at hand. You fuse this as part of a query but also as a lead up to a personal criticism of JKV. You needed to mention the two together but rather than own your thought you decide to say “some may call it...”. I was liking your open mindedness but all of us, including you and I, have our limits I guess. Absolutely it is her prerogative. Do you mean that?
  4. buddasingh

    Im A Besharm

    Everyone can use humility you bring forward. In your case, meditate in action and your thoughts will follow. If you really mean to leave the past behind, then do what you are meant to do in the present. Don’t negotiate in your mind with Guruji. Simply follow by serving humanity. Be a humble courageous servant. Seek your high in that service, and you can let go of the score. If you find you are keeping score then no degree of heroics is seva. There is much hardship, injustice and suffering around us. You don’t have to save the world, but you do have a duty as a Sikh to serve the world that su
  5. Perfect response jkvl! Thank you! So perfect I'll simply echo... I don't care what faith one claims. If you use ANY woman like this, it's our duty to stop you.
  6. Bro re-evaluate what you said there, it’s not you. That’s a desi trump comment deserving of a harsh rebuke. However, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and try to keep it simple. Let’s not generalize race and sex to denigrate women in this manner. This sexism is typical of indian reverse-orientalism. It comes, not from knowledge of western women, but, from indian men’s own fantasies. That’s not you, and you can do better. We need to seriously step up our game if we are claiming Sikhi.
  7. Congrats on coming this far! But don't insult yourself bro. It only takes a rudimentary education and an iota of courage to be clean bearded. Read what you need and stop living in the prison of your fear. Think about it bro. It's a absolute despicable shame that so many punjabis claiming Sikhi could not grow a beard. But as soon as their Hollywood white male admiration interests grew one, they couldn't shave. Impotent sheeps mane. Their white masters fashion will shear those sheep soon enough. Be a lion bro. p.s. as for the race reference , colonial slavery mindset still exists. But to my
  8. Quantavirus your personal attacks against Balkar are completely unnecessary. He's outclassing you by a country mile in style in being patient with your personal attack. In addition, unlike you, he's actually making a responsive and on topic point. Are you multiple people using this account? I recall interesting respectful views that in the past that seem to have come from a different person.
  9. I would also rather be safe than sorry. That's why turbans should be mandated at all times outside the home to mitigate against head injuries. I also don't want to be paying for someone's medical bills who was a pedestrian or vehicle driver and chose not to wear a turban to provide some degree of protection. Oh and motorcycles, they are dangerous, they should be banned. In other words, not so simple.
  10. Good advice above about getting independent adult support. Consider telling the family you are grateful to them and as you say love them as your own family, but would consider it disrespectful to Sikhi if you adopted it or any faith to secure stable housing and food on the table. Are they suggesting you leave the house if you don't adopt Sikhi? As suggested in posts above you should respect basic house rules. Are you able to get in touch with young Sikh sangat for support? You know you have the right Sikh support if they say you should not feel pressured to adopt SikhI. Reading your post,
  11. Imagine if there was a faith that at it's very core and inception had this message rather than have to retrofit messaging to appeal to today's masses. It's all the rage and religion to 'love all' to get them to your church, mosque or temple. Nonetheless, nice gesture with enough left to opposing interpretations to please all. Good yet clichéd politics perhaps? I trust the word and intentions of a sincere Christian, Muslim or Hindu sister or brother far more than institutions steeped in marketing and exclusivity.
  12. Sorry to digress for a moment. It's almost worthy of a stand alone post on this forum. MisterSingh's comments earlier in this thread about refraining from making arguments personal assist us all in learning from one another. I am certainly not immune to this mistake and it takes ongoing work. It's not always easy to find the right mix of passion and reason. We can detract from our own interesting points by making things personal. MisterSingh's approach is not a mere strategy or surface communication. It's a state of mind that's integral to any saint-soldier. Beautiful thoughts and approach b
  13. Somewhat of an interesting study opening the topic... worth 3 seconds of thought. No poster seems to have concluded anything serious from the study. And we should be careful not to do that. We are doomed if we believe height equates to some kind of merit. We might as well speak of how fair we are or how dark we are. Sadly, we do. Our guruji’s threw such notions aside long ago. For all we know genetically we grow the fastest to age 5 and then the slowest thereafter. For all we know it’s due to the growth hormone in dairy which we consume in the greatest amounts, and it also is the cause of hig
  14. Cheering you on bro. Somehow you're an inspiration to even those who don't drink. We can all do better for ourselves is what I'm learning from you. With respect to changing your circle and cutting people out, err on the side of caution. But if you are feeling strong enough, you can still interact with those people in other environments and do different things. They can be carefully planned so alcohol is simply not feasible. It can make things more difficult if you are not respected by them for your stance, plans change and you're tempted. However, it might also make things easier if you ca
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