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  1. On 4th November 1970 at St Chads Hospital in Edgbaston UK, Sant Baba Mani Singh Jee graced this earth with his arrival. Today is the 43rd anniversary of his birth. A small glimpse of this divine soul can be seen below............take out 45mins from your busy day to listen to the sermon, I will be surprised if you do not glean something to support you in your Gursikhi journey.
  2. _Singhni_ you cab get veg muffins and cupcakes from Extraordinary Cakes in Birmingham. Take a look at www.vcake.co.uk
  3. At the moment I would say it is for professionals. Mainly because on the Mac the only way of editing or downloading the files is by using professional software or by taking it straight from the camera if using iMovie. You cannot use the MTS (AVCHD) files in any of the 'home user' software apps without spending hours converting it it an MOV or DV file. There are numerous posts on the internet in realtion to this. If you search for MTS - the output file of an AVCHD you should find more than enough info to fill 10 mins
  4. Bhai Gagandip Singh Ji An element of the questions and views being posted may be a result of a lack of transparency and probity required in any public service bodies such as BSSF which you are establishing. What concerns me are the following points: An initial meeting has been held in Woolwich but this was not widely publicised to ensure a diverse and representative attendance There is no transparency as to the 15 individuals who attended Your next meeting does not have the time it will start or the hall it will be in It is not clear as to who is welcome at the meeting below i.e. is it
  5. To clarify as written in the Enlightenment article he received enlightenment at the canal side where he used to go to do his bhagti. This was before he went to the basement at Soho Road. Prior to going to Soho Road he would do a lot of seva at Smethwick Gurdwara and Nankasar Gurdwara, Waterloo Road including washing and drying the kasherae of the sevadaar at Nanaksar. He also did a lot of seva at the Gurdwara which was built at the Shera Punjab Factory. Following enlightenment he would secretly do seva in particular jura di seva. Even up until his departure he would do some form of seva of
  6. To respond to Moorak. I have not stated that Sant Mani Singh was the same joyt as Sant Mani Singh Dyalpur vale who gave enlightenment to Sant Puran Singh Ji. This was said by another poster. I have chose not to enter this debate since Baba Ji always said who cares what my previous life was since it is this life that matters. What I have said is: - Bhai Nurung Singh bought Sant Mani Singh to GNNSJ - He built a pora for him to mediate in, in Dec 1990 - Bhai Nurung Singh changed his name from Resham Singh to Mani Singh based on the chamak from his forehead, Baba Ji has written a fully detai
  7. The full programme for tomorrow is as follows: 6am Darshan begin at 15 Silverton Road Smethwick, B67 7PH 9am Depart for crematorium 9.30am Meet sangat at Forge Mill Lake 10am Arrive at crematorium 11am Langar in tents at Forge Mill Lake 1.30pm Ardas at the asthan
  8. Yes this was indeed a very unique soul. The vichaar that he did was very deep indeed and his commitment was to bring back Tat Gurmat into Sikhi and ensure that Gursikh were rehat behayt tyar be tyar. In the last year the one thing he kept speaking of was to hold an amrit sanchar which followed full maryada. He wanted the Singhs to have a very high jevaan so that the ablakhis all experienced something amazing when they were given the amrit. However he never got around to arranging it, mainly because he felt that none of the Singhs in the sangat had reached the avsta required to be part of the
  9. Darshan will be at 15 Silverton Road, Smethwick from 6am. The tents are a waiting area for the sangat plus for langar afterwards. The plan is that the sangat will walk behind the coffin from the tents to the crematorium thereby reducing the risk of congestion with cars etc.
  10. Yes it is. He was very proud of the fact that he was born in the UK, hence why his funeral is to occur here. He always said that the British flag should be placed on his body when the time came. What I did not know though was that 15 years ago he gave the flag to a family in the US. He asked them to keep it safe since it will be required one day. There has been a slight change in the programme though due to the number of people being expected. The police have asked that that the sangat does not block the roads. Therefore darshan will begin at 6am and a tent is to be provided near to the crem
  11. Baba Ji's Deah will be arriving at the asthan - 15 Silverton Road, Smethwick B67 7PH - at 6.30am, from where it will depart at 9am to go to West Bromwich Crematorium.
  12. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Being busy with the funeral arrangements etc unfortunately I can't share much about Baba Ji's jevaan with you yet. But to reassure you there will significant pieces of literature coming out over the next year which he wrote himself. THe piecies on enlightenment, love and God were handwritten by him and the ones above are ectracts of the orginals which had numerous references to Gurbani. As to his depature it was as he said it would be. Since I first met him in 1996 he always said I wil be leaving this earth before I am 40. He also said more recently
  13. The first Sant to be born in the UK left this earth to merge with the one creator on 13th August 2008 in California, USA. Sant Mani Singh's body has been flown back to England for his funeral, which is to be held on Saturday 30th August 2008 at Akal Bunga, 15 Silverton Road, Smethwick. The Sikh Congregation will have the opportunity to pay their last respects from 6.30am before the congregation depart for West Bromwich Crematorium at 9am. Sant Mani Singh was named Resham Singh at birth at St Chads Hospital Birmingham on 4th November 1970 at approximately 1am. He was raised and bred in Smethwi
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