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  1. I think we have to be very careful before milk is dismissed. Firstly we must look at Gurbani and see what Guru Jee says. Now if we look at Ramkali Ki Vaar, both Bhai Satta Jee & Bhai Balwand Jee praise Mata Kivi Jee for her seva in the langar and make particular reference to how beautiful the 'kheer' in the langar was. Bhagat Dhanna Jee, who is not wealthy ask Vaheguroo Jee for some essential for him to servive in life: I’ve particularly not quoted Gurbani which refers to or uses mother’s milk as a metaphor. But the quotes above clearly show praise or highlight the necessity for
  2. Adding to S1ngh's point...i agree that most focus should be on online parchaar as it can go to the 4 corners of the world but face to face parchaar is essential too as in my experience it's here that we'll really see lives change….so in my opinion both are needed. From my experience people can have the most randomest questions that create doubts but in face to face parchaar these can be answered in Q&A sessions. I think it's awesome that the youtube channel will move onto kids parchaar too as as a community we're so very behind so I think this is also really good too. It's soo important
  3. All one needs to do is go onto Twitter and see what is being said. Even on issues such as Dera Sucha Sauda are being made out to be 'high caste' oppressing 'low caste'. We know this is untrue. This is now also being said about 1984 to bad mouth the movement. So if we can start highlighting Shaheeds from the movement who may have an ancestral background of the Ravidass community..it prevents such debate from taking place.
  4. Whilst Sikhi is against the caste system...it's quite apparant that some members of the Ravidas community are vilifying the Dharam Yugh Morcha and the sangarsh that took place after by saying it was the 'high castes' oppressing the 'low castes'. Does anyone know namesof some Singh's/Singhni's from these time periods who attained Shaheedi and would have had ancestral lineage with the Ravidass community? Thanks
  5. Gurbani is clear what the true pilgrimage for a Sikh is. But on the flip side, the kumbh mela is a spectaular event and we should use the opportunity to do parchar of Gurmat and bring the people that attend it, into the sharan of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee...i'm sure the Nirmale will be there but i still think it's a missed opportunity by the panth to spread the True path to those who are lost without Satguru Jee's Gurbani.
  6. At the time of Sri Guru Amar Dass Jee the nishan Sahib was white...it's evovled that's all
  7. if we look at the way puratan Gurdwara's were built ie hazoor sahib or harmandir sahib...they were always kept small in size. The sole reason appears to be is that is small buildings can only host small numbers, resulting in teachings being propagated on a personal level & Guru Jee and puratan Sikhs knew this. i feel it's very important the Gurmat classes are taught in small numbers (eg 25 max) on a regular basis (once a week) where the youth parcharak can build a bond with the kids. in my experience, firstly the teacher needs to show that we're human...as stupid as it sounds but most k
  8. They def censor comments as i always find my comments changed and at times they don't even authorise them. I don't even bother writing comments now as they only appear to allow comments that are in like with "their" version in Sikhi.
  9. That's exactly what they'll say...but doesn't that also stand when they make video's saying Sikhs shouldn't eat meat. I suppose it's ok for Guruka singh to decide when someone is right or wrong...he's never trapped in right and wrong?!? Ps i don't endorse eating meat
  10. Some people say it was 7yrs, others 8months or 1year. Does anyone know the exact time Guru Sahib were imprisoned for?
  11. "However, Harper indicated the Conservative government would take action if it detects that those Sikhs turn to violence to advance their cause." I think we'll start seeing Indian Gov sturring up trouble in Canada now. On the positive side...India is shittting!!!! :biggrin2:
  12. It's not just a dumalla thing, i would throw in gol dastaars too. But worse still, is that it's these 'kids' with their pick and choose sikhi that are pushing alot of mone away by judging them and looking down on them, instead of giving them pyaar and satkaar.
  13. i've listen to his koorh parchar and it's just laughable but you'd be surprised how many ppl will be influenced with what he says...why? Because he has the roop of a Gursikh. I met afew individuals that went to his talks in London at the Golden Temple exhibition...they left very confused and felt that clearly Sikhs are Hindu's. They presented his points to a Gursikh i know and he ripped each point of Niddars to shreads. Point being, he looks like an Amritdhari and new comers will beleive him, hence why it's vital correct parchar is done...to allow him to go unchallenged will be more danger
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