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  1. ok to clear this up... tupac was within the illumanati introduced by shukh knight, later he found god and wanted out of it, so he started a thing called killumanati which was to combat the satanic rituals etc, the reason why he died was because he was exposing everything that they did, who they were, and most importantly who was involved so they had him killed via shukh knight and later used a cover story stating biggie smalls killed him in a gang attack. NO tupac aint alive No he Doesnt live in a cave No He doesnt work in sommerfields secretly..... and i would be suprised if badal and th
  2. HAHA i second dat ^^^ LOOOOL no man allow dat play gears on 360 wid chandi di vaar
  3. the fact like they treat cultral ritualistic things as a "MUST DO" thing i.e. when serving alcahol u must have four glasess even if there are like 3 ppl drinking becuase an odd number is BAD, what the hell is that craziness about But when it comes to sikhi its total disregard! and this really unhealthy obbesion for having boys.... reallly gets on my nerves amongst a thousound other things.....
  4. yerr i dunno y they didnt include the speeeches.....
  5. lol that video was sooooo funny i couldnt stop laughin 1st tym was when the 2nd geeza came from nowhere and started runnin around like he was being attached by bees 2nd tym was when the geeza fell in the ditch LOOOL
  6. Wjkk WJkf sangat ji im going to do a presenattion in front of a assembly of secondary school kids and just wnted to know the best possible way to answer these questions in a way that secondary kids will understand, they are not from a sikhi background thnx 1. What do Sikhs believe in? 2. What do Sikh people believe about death? 3. Why is it important that you don’t/aren’t allowed to cut your hair? 4. What do you do as part of your religion? 5. Why do Sikh men have long hair? 6. Do you believe in life after death?
  7. i heard of this, its a sleeping disorder where the person feels that a figure is holding them down and, some ppl get a choking sensation or sum cant beath etc, i advise u see a doctor about this and also read kirtan sohilla. that will help put your mind at ease
  8. AVG ALL THE WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FOR VIRUSES..... ITS REAL GOOOD Just as good as norton and mcafee and its free
  9. wjkk wjkff sangat jiooo im having problems on a subject which i have to do a presentation on. i have to talk for 10 minutes on AVCHD? is it for the professionals or amateurs???? :| .. i noe its a new format developed by sony and panasonic. thats about it. any help would be appreciated, could any1 give me their opinion an why....thank you WJKK WJKFFFF!!!
  10. unibrows is wiked man makees u sttand out there is no need to rmeove it. !!!!
  11. just coming back to the hunting... guru ji did go hunting but NOT to eat the animal after, but to let the atma inside the animal get mukhti. there are sakhis but i cant remember fully. could someone please help out thanks
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