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  1. Gurfateh, Last year, i had to undertake a back operation for an abscess around the armpit area due to hair follicles going into my skin and creating pus which led to incision and drainage. After my operation i was required to have dressing every day, this meant that a plaster was put against my skin to keep the padding in place to prevent it from falling off The following week i went to take Amrit at the local gurughar. This dressing carried on for about 2 weeks and it was only until seeing my plaster that i realised hair was being removed unintentionally with the plaster once the doctor was removing my dressing and replacing it with a new one. You could compare it with hair being removed if you had a plaster on your knee, elbow, arm or foot. I want to know if i have committed a bujjhair kureit in anyway? As far as i know, the removal of hair is a bujjhar kurheit, however the removal itself wasn't done on purpose to get rid of an area, it just came off onto the plaster when it was removed against my skin. There was no other way of keeping my dressing intact otherwise this would have caused another infection and a further operation which may have led to having hair around my armpit area actually being removed purposely. Thank you, apologies for the long post.
  2. Thank you for the advice, Is there any help anyone can give me regarding my nitnem? I do paath but i dont understand why i do each bani and dont feel anything from it once ive completed my panj bania. Is there anything i can do?
  3. Vjkk Vjkf I lost my virginity about 3 weeks ago and i feel as if my life is going downhill. I haven't been able to do Amritvela between 12-6am and my faith towards Sikhi is going away from me i feel. I want to take Amrit soon but my faith in Sikhi feels disconnected. I really dont know what to do, i need help but i just cant see any light at the end of the tunnel. I get stressed quite a lot due to family problems which affect my daily life, I know i've upset Guruji by losing my virginity but i dont know whats going on inside me, i just feel totally lost
  4. Not going by yourself but with others whether it is family or friends, lets say if they have an event or just a catchup with friends, apologies for not making it clearer.
  5. I think the line would be drawn at soft drink and thats about it really, i doubt you would see a amritdhari jumping about on the dancefloor or am i wrong? Plus i'd also say that even if the person went once every few months is that still bad?
  6. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fathe, Wanted to raise this topic for some debate and some positive judgements on the above issue. I wanted to know if it is acceptable for a practising sikh, where he is amritdhari or not amritdhari to go to places like Clubs and Bars ie Pubs? This would be on the basis that they are not committing any of the Bujjhar Kareits and just going for a soft drink or some food? I know some people are judgemental and argue that they are disrespecting Sikhi but didn't Maharaaj tell us to represent Sikhi wherever we are? If we have positive morals and can control ourselves in these environments, doesn't that show us to be people of humanity? What is the sangats view on this?
  7. Any help/suggestions on how to get bigger arms? diet training core exercises etc? Thanks
  8. Is it ok if your material is on the floor on your carpet when your tyin it or you gotta mek sure it dont go to tha ground?
  9. Wat would the best bani be for listenin or readin to before going to fight or war to give u strength n fearless mentality?
  10. Its k phaji, i know that we cnt wr red, but i wanna find out bout black
  11. i heard off a few ppl that guru gobind singh ji sed dat we shldnt trust sikhs wearing black patka/pagh as it is color of the enemy? This true?
  12. WJKK WJKF I was wondering, is it ok to listen to paath while doing work on the computer?
  13. I have the english translation when im reading it and speaking aloud. I still lose concentration though. and what about ardas?
  14. I dont understand what your trying to say? I dont know what Arth or Vichar is etc
  15. so you suggest we do each bani separately each day?
  16. During Amritvela i have been concentrating reading paath off my itouch. I always tend to lost concentration and start to think about other things even if i listen to naam simran or kirtan before i start it. Secondly i wanted to know during Ardas, what do we ask for? Should we be asking for things? or should we just be telling Waheguru we will be embracing our destiny which he has written out for us? Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated Thanks.
  17. I was wondering if it is deemed ok to fasten the speed of nitnem when your listening to it? I feel that if it is slow my concentration tends to go quite quickly, any views? I can change it by just increasing the tempo using a music program thanks
  18. WJKK WJKF, hope your well, i was wondering if our community would support a new political party based on Sikhi values for example which helped the Sikh Empire become so respectable and prominent such as equality etc. Im thinking of setting up a political party to combat the main 3 parties who are only in it for their own gains. We have plenty of people in the Financial and Social Industry, and could easily come up with policies which will help the whole of society and not just a minority. I feel that the british community will respond to this in a positive way because they feel let down by the Coalition Government and Labour. Let me know your views, appreciate any feedback Thank you
  19. i dont have access to a gym due to my boxing and only have lightweights at home
  20. Thanks for the advice, and regarding scoobyworkshop, is his training advice worth it?
  21. wjkk wjkf, i came across a group called SYGM. they aim to help raise awarness to the sikh youth through literature and media. i suggest you should contact them for more info on how they plan on doing it https://www.facebook.com/SikhYouthGroupMovement
  22. Is this required when the couple are walking around Sri Guru Granth sahib ji that there is people standing on the 4 corners to help them?
  23. What if your forced to wear red though? I have a wedding coming up and we're forced to wear red ties
  24. my punjabi isn't as fluent as mentioned in the video. I understood he said black yellow white and blue. What about red and green?
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