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  1. Thanx for your bday wishes. :D

  2. Vahiguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vahiguroo Ji Ki Fateh Ji Guroo Pyare Guroo Roop Sadhsangat Ji I hope u enjoy the video and the audio, this video tells a quick story about some of the issue Sikhs are facing today. Check it out. The Truth Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y_A40mTcDQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y_A40mTcDQ Vahiguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vahiguroo Ji Ki Fateh Ji
  3. Are there still a bunch of muslims and hindus disguised as sikhs on the forum? Its been a while since ive sat down and posted like I youst 2 because Ive been working, but I was wondering if there are still a bunch of hindus and muslims pretending to be sikhs trying to further their agenda by twisting Sikh history and principles?? I used to get in trouble for directing my efforts towards the pretend sikhs on the forum so I was just wanting a generalized answer. I find it funny that they try to confuse people by pretending to be a Sikh. Anyway Im trying to make time here and there to post constructive comments in threads maybe needing my opinion etc Some posts/comments/threads might be goofy and some might be serious its up to u to decide which kind of a post it is
  4. I personally see the video as a good thing for kids. These days we have other cultures infultrating SIkhs, how many "sikhs" do u see that think they are black gangsters??? how many people know more about other religions than they know Sikhi?? how many people cant follow Sikhi and have no way to share sikhi with their kids? do kids not watch cartoons and shows?? I bet lots of kids know more about spongebob than they know shabad Gurbani. I think its a good attempt by sikh channel to provide kid level learning of bani. I find it hilarious that people teen aged kids trying to make a 4-5 year olds learning ability comparing to theirs If you know Raag kirtan then kewwwwL but how can a kid know this stuff in modern times? I think its a good start for kids "young kids" to find interest in the tv segment as compared to modern day gurduarey brawls and nonsense put out by the panjabi community. There is always a bad attitude person complaining (weve all seen for years all the complainers about any little thing ) My question to the opposition of the tv show: What ideas do u have to teach the youth kirtan and actually have an impact on them down the road of life?? I would love to see your alternatives. Post the video of your alternatives. Take this in mind: other religions young kids know about their faith because the people take a kids prospective to teach the kids in their way of thinking. how many kids of other faiths know about their faith as compared to Sikh children??? I ask this question to see if the grumpy one grumbles
  5. This is a topic of which u either take it or leave it. Id say look at the credibility of a majority of modern Sikhs, they have very little or no dignity, they dont even wear a dastar, they cut their hair to look "cute", they eat anything a dog would and I feel its because they derelict anything gurmat. Would Guruji eat from anyone??? no he only would eat from those whom prepared food made with love, people that dont even love GuruJis Anmrit and roop cant be someone who is making GURU KA LANGAR with love, with what love? Love of manmukhia? Now a daze people eat garbage and then blame bibek for their strictness then they want to do a quick "seva" to cover their major blunders, to me its a kop out of them not being a Sikh to do a quick "seva" and get mad when people see right thru them. Most actual Gursikhs hold this strict bibek strict rehat strict paat strict Sikhi that others that have no nitnem no kesh no ithaas no ANMRIT can not even comprehend. A lot of people that derelict basic Sikhi are the loudest complainers of this topic and in my view their opinion has zero credibility. Laziness and dereliction are a majority of people that blindly matha tek and visit Gurduarey. Rehat is rehat and many want manmat criteria to be the rehat so they dont feel guilty of having no pre-thinking of any bibek rehat what have you. Are the ones in opposition of others not eating from manmukhs anmritdhari that actually follow rehat? or are they just people with cut hair no paat and want to try to draw a picture of something they have no idea about??? are they sunmukh? are they wanting to gain a hold on their mind and how to be a GURU KA SIKH? do they do paat do they do seva? or are they someone that does nothing inline with sikhi but comes to SS and spews their non-credible views??? Now some things are debatable but wen someone that has not an ounce of sikhi wants to debate i will wait until they follow Guruji to explain my stance to them, it might be a few years it might be never, but wasting time talking to someone that is ignorant on basic SIKH principles is just that a waste of time. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Sahib said "Rehat pyari mujhko Sikh pyara nahee". Now how many "sikhs" are going to whine and twist gurujis own words to fit their manmat modern "Sikhi"?? How many "sikhs" are going to take Gurujis own words out of context to fit their foolishness and dereliction of Sikhi??? People need to wake up and understand strictness is an intregal part of Sikhi we constantly need to judge ourselves everyday to question if our own manmat is holding up to Gurujis greatness, do u "learn everyday" as a "SIKH" means a student that learns? do u learn the arts of Guruji? do u follow the hukam of Guruji or the hukam of lame society?? Ask yourself this "If Guruji said who and who isnt a Sikh do u have the right to make a new manmat law and try to replace it with a Gurmat law??? Sikhs back in the day were Sikhs now a daze we got just a majority of people who visit the gurduara, they have no substance in their character as a Sikh some are even exact opposite of what a SIkh even is and stands for. WAKE UP. "Rehat pyari mujhko Sikh pyara NAHEE" 10th Guru Sahib. Ask yourself what does this mean???? How does this personally apply to u "if" u are a Sikh????
  6. I think the burqa and hiding their identity is very strange as I could wear a burqa rob a bank and two blocks down remove it and nobody would ever know its me who robbed the bank/store/person. "Who robbed the bank" i dont know a 6foot sheet did. now with a face attached to a person at least minimally protects society against crime. (in a security camera or an eye witness description)
  7. gurls like to imitate bollywood and since Sikhi is the exact opposite i can see why thees bollygurls are embarrssed to actually be a Sikh for even 20mins of their life.
  8. I would just say they want to marry someone that doesnt do paat, goes to the Gurduara biannually and one Nagar bhangra. If they marry an Anmritdhari then they have to actually be a SIkh(Paat,Simran) and they want no part in that wen its wayyyyy funner to be wreckless and foolish. Long story short they just derelict SIkhi and only culturally want to be in the community.
  9. Theres some truth to what the video is trying to say. I think when u start to condemn other jathey then u are taking your view and making it supreme, I dont think thats Gurmat. Beaadbi is a different issue but if someone eats meat then let them fall for it or if nihang to jhatka and bhangniddan then let them be judged by dharamraj, if u dont eat meat dont think u can make other people eat what u want them to eat. I dont eat meat and?? You eat meat and?? can u make me eat meat?NO can I make u not eat meat??NO. We only have control over our own mind (and even that technically isnt our control because Vahiguroo created the hukam). I have seen with my own eyes Singhs that do paat, simran etc but have a wretched attutude and ego is the culprit. Bad attitudes and sikhi DO NOT MIX. Ive had racists think they are righteoous, they are dead wrong but all I can do is let them spew their garbage view aslong as it doesnt make me an <banned word filter activated> then overlook others faults as a person, again beaadbi is not every to be overlooked but if meat and tradition start contention then the two parties are falling into a vikar trap, and both would be considered wrong. Gurji set a marg that is very difficult so if it were easy then everyone at the Gurduara would be muktia but its only those destined to the highest form of thinking that get the Kirpa we all beg for. Dont argue, once you disagree then simple agree to disagree. SIMPLE. Fighting and arguing to someone ignorant then just drop it cause u can beat a dead horse for hours and it aint gonna get up and move. Dont be a Sikh with a bad attitude its the best way to screw up any bit of Sikhi u have. Bad attitude = forfeit your sikhi. Wahiguroo
  10. http://www.youtube.com/user/Keerpa#p/a/u/0/cHiyYRh43_c KeerpaSound "Wahiguru" YouTube video WAHIGUROO
  11. New KeerpaSound music, song called "Wahiguroo". Deep vibes riddem with Gurmantar lyrics. Positive. 7min track. Check it out, best song yet. Going to polish this track and will be released as a single LP. The new track will be on iTunes within the next few weeks. ---------------- band: KEERPA song: Wahiguroo ----------------- checkout the KeerpaSound myspace page its vibe-n. Lots more songs on the myspace page check em out Lots of this music gets submitted to major and independent movie producers and radio stations all over the USA. www.songplacements.com favorite song is "Idea True". http://www.myspace.com/keerpamusic Click here to hear the track titled "WAHIGUROO"
  12. KeerpaSound new Song-----------------Raj Karega Khalsa------------ I had fun doin this one Raj Karega Khalsa Mp3 http://www.4shared.com/file/256458331/198a8b4d/Raj_Karega_Khalsa.html
  13. SEEN Ill edit in a few things and turn up the vox. (alot of people tell me that )
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