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  1. Yes Inqalibi when points get raised on hinduism which are rubbish will state them simples! Understand there are millions of different points in our world, so whichh one are you talking about ,because each point has a different answers from different people. INow for the second part of the above, baseless rubbish from u to speak on personal level, know and condemn butchers of Hindu faith without hesitation, whether Delhi 84, Gujurat or Christians, just as condemn killers from other faiths!
  2. Lets not forget the Afro Carribean worker at HSB Garage who praised the deceased, on BBC news. Futile to go down this communalisation path, when there are good human beings in Afro Carribean community who commit no bad acts.
  3. Yes, realise where your coming from , and can understand your anger or annoyance when non Sikhs tell Sikh people what they are, as they have no right, it is not their business, just as when Non Hindu people tell Hindu faith people what their faith is about, but turns out to be rubbish.
  4. That is your belief, so no problem with that, we respect different faiths, but in our faith of Sanatan Dharma it states Karma Yoga-selfless service or sewa: King Janaka and others attained perfection by Karma-yoga alone. You should perform your duty with a view to guide people and for the universal welfare (of the society). <LI> Next primal message: FACT!!
  5. Let us be clear we acknowledge that Sikhism is a separate faith, and completely disagree with RSS on this point. Vast majority of Hindu faith have their own lives to be getting on with, and this topic just does not come up, it is when bigotted hatefull individuals try to blanket everyone as the same that creates problems, regardless of who is doing it!
  6. here we have a diatribe of rubbish written by Maxy Macuacliffe, it is this that shows the hate, one chappie held up as some sort of knowleageable person on Hinduism, dear me!! this Maxy clearly has no knowledge on Hinduism, and this causes problems, as people will defend their faiths against rubbish like the above. Hinduism verse: FACT!!, any more lets us know what, will show more facts on sanatan dharma as responses to rubbish on Hinduism
  7. That is your belief, no problem, respect different beliefs and faiths, as many pathways to God. Only one God, whatever his name maybe
  8. oh dear, what a number of bhamans did, is not what Sanatan Dharma says: http://www.paklinks.com/gs/religion-and-scripture/88527-vedas-hindu-scriptures-prohibit-casteism.html these are facts, more to follow if required My caste is human, function is something else, but all fucntions deserve equal respect, as thats how society as a whole functions for the better. I dont give two hoots what Maxy Macualiffe said about Sanatan Dharma, dear me, as if hes some standard for Sanatan Dharma!! Lets see what others have said:
  9. Only one God in Vedas, but many manifestations:
  10. Sanatan Dharma is more pluralistic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_pluralism
  11. Whats this. bhraminism, no idea, Sanatan Dharma-Hindus real name is from Vedas, Upanishads primarily, so what is written there counts. Now prime messages in Sanatan Dharma: 1) 2) Karma Yoga-Selfless service or sewa: 3. Moksha- end game for a hindu faith follower, but can only be acchieved by conduct of righteous deeds. Simple enough
  12. Typical anti hindu rubbish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decline_of_Buddhism_in_India Wheel on Indias flag is of King Asokas chariot, and he became a bhuddist, so go figure.
  13. Really, scriptures do not say such a thing, all functions are equal in helping society function for the better, dignity of labour for all functions:
  14. Disgraceful excuse. Those politicians that came up with that, need to think other groups have their marriage acts, so therefore Sikhs, ,Jains and Bhuddists rightly should have theirs as well. Considering the delay to Anna Hazares anti corruption bill, just gives an indication to the corrupt individuals present in the govenment at current time. Either have one seculAr marriage act, or many religious marriage acts for all faiths including Sikh, Jain and Bhuddist faiths!
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