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  1. This Years annual Khalsa Primary School Camp SLOUGH will be held from the 1st of August to the 5th of August with the last day being a trip to the lovely British seaside!! The camp is a fantastic place to learn, explore and ask any questions you have about sikhi, with classes for all ages including adult sessions held daily which will be lead by Bhai Surjit Singh. For more information or to register please feel free to email: Slough_kps_sangat@hotmail.co.uk See you there!!
  2. needs a sarabloh mala.with fat beads. need the chain type, like the dhumalla mala you can get, but a small 1.. pm me if u have 1 to sell:)

  3. all that comes up is a link to facebook sign in :|
  4. KhalsaRaj 89


    LOOL cybersex?????? honestly tho, if ur engaging in cybersex u need to think of more productive ways of expressing your self.. i dunno pic up a hobby, or go join boxing, masturbation on the other hand... yep u need to go
  5. wet dream isnt a result of kaam thoughts, its plays a part, but like its mainly because masturbation is like telling your body my reproduction cycle as a male has started, and therefore sperm production is high..., and because of this, your body things that in your dreams, your reproducing, this + all the sperm= a wet dream umm im pretty sure that they should stop pretty soon depending on how long ago u masturbated and a lot of other factors. in the mean time ardaas, bani, naam simran, and sports!! :D
  6. LOL i have the feeling that something like this has been posted/discussed before :| :BL:
  7. On facebook the other day, i saw a post on the wall of some singh: **DASAM GRANTH MAHARAJ AKHAND PAATH** DATE - 15-17TH JANUARY LOCATION - BABA SANG GURDWARA, SMETHWICK ** EITHER BE THERE OR BE ANTI PANTHIC** just to re-inforce the bit that really cheese me off ** EITHER BE THERE OR BE ANTI PANTHIC** ok, fair enough, some one who doesn't belive in Dasam Granth may be called anti panthic, people who argue it not bein bani may be anti panthic, but on a level, this is WAYY over the top. its like saying attend a rainsabhi or be anti panthic or attend a akhand path or be anti panthic :S i really dunno how this veer would justify wat he said, some people may be busy, may need to be some where urgently.. doesnt make them anti panthic... does it?
  8. to Moorakh ji (original poster) nice post... n yep ur certainly right, ive seen that happen many times myself, but this might sound contradictive, but the 'tunes' which us youth use, for me atleast they like help me connect with the gurbani thuk, not only that but its just the sangat all singing away. however on a level, i agree with what your sayin, i might be contradicting myself, but yes you are right. most people complain how rainsabhis are now 'dry' they think its because of the kirtani, but really its because the majourity of the sangat leaves and this tends to affect the atmosphere. anyone else got any thoughts they would like to share?
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00pzc69/1984_A_Sikh_Story/ the link for iplayer it should work... though im not sure about countries outside the uk
  10. okay veerji next time i will bdw LOL- do you know what that means yeah? its not a bad name
  11. LOL don't apologize, it was just a suggestion
  12. hunt him down.. then kill him but seriously, there are too many dogs like him all barking away, in the end they will regret and suffer
  13. look we are always going to face people suggesting and claiming absurd things about various jathabandies, the more we go nit picking the more satisfied these people feel. the panth knows that AKJ is not anti-dasam granth, so this guy or whoever, is making a fooool outa him/her/its self
  14. i read sumwhere that the trick to the panj chor is that, you recognize them when you experience them, so like when you experience kaam, you realise that 'yep im experiencing kaam' then, that is when bani like those posted by veers above have the proper affect on you. lastly, im sure this topics come up before= search for it
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