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  1. Also guruvah, everyone is here in this world because they have done something wrong EXCEPT sant mahapurkhs, whom are sent here to help us and this world. Could admins please make sure this doesnt turn into the ususal sant/brahmgiani/mahapurkh debate, as the thread was going very nicley so far, and maybe guruvah veerji would be so kind as to make a different topic if diagrees with what is being adressed here, thank you. Koee sajan santh milai vaddabhaagee mai har prabh piaaraa dhasai jeeo ||1|| If only I could have the good fortune to meet some friendly Saint; he might show me the Way to my Beloved Lord God.
  2. Use the following thread to say your congratulations to the Panth only and not for discussion: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php/topic/50181-congratulations-to-the-panth-for-the-excommincation-of-panth-enemy-snake-prof-darshan-ragi-finally-he-is-no-longer-a-sikh/
  3. Further to http://www.sikhsanga...excommunicated/ Only use this thread to just say congratulations to everyone for the excommunication of the tyrant snake panth enemy Darshan Ragi, the self proclaimed "Professor" and an ex-Jathedar of Akal Thakat Sahib who was set up by the government and anti panthic agencies to destroy the Panth from within. He will go down in the history books as a traitor, a fake kesdhari snake dressed as a Sikh who tried to infiltrate the Khalsa but was caught out! This is a lesson for all others. SO... CONGRATULATIONS TO THE PANTH!!! Its everywhere, all in media and all over Sikh Channel as well. Finally he is out, finally he is no longer a Sikh. Anyone who tries to help him or support him from now on are enemies as well. Simple! Sikh Channel are going to do a special report about all of this tonight at 9pm, everyone watch it!
  4. Matheen ji its happening to me as well its really bad lol. Same as AK-47 and Guru Maneyo Granth. Everywhere you post a large white space is under your post and the whole screen (forum board) gets messed up, everything out of alignment and everything. I cant read the posts properly or reply or quote as the buttons are so hard to find and mixed up. I had to just click reply at the top of the page as everything below is all mixed up lol. PLEEEEEEASE do something about it quick LOLL!!!
  5. Finally! This is excellent news, congratulations to everyone!!!
  6. So making new accounts now to post, bad move. The reply to your post remains the same as in post 8: so nothings changed there. and sikhlionz paaji - yeh you are right in your post! all absolutely ridiculous.
  7. this is a panthic matter that requires input from sikhs around the world, not limited to a single country. The traitors and their followers must be burning with rage after what has happened today and how they have been exposed in one of uk main gurdwara with thousands of sikhs there and thousands more listening around the world and thousands more who will now start to know about it all in the papers and word of mouth lol
  8. Please dont try to twist everything, akj is a respected organisation as well as the real Babbars who have dedicated their life to the panth, not these fake wannabe's who are missusing the akj name and babbar title (not the organisation or sangat as a whole, just the so called self made leaders). I think everyone is clear on the stance of akj canada, usa, india and rest of the world and then the stance of the fakes in the uk and germany (i repeat, not the organisation or sangat as a whole, just the so called self made leaders in the uk and germany). and in regards to kulwant dhesi, he is the president of the cross roads cov Gurdwara for heavens sake!!! of course he gave the go ahead for this anti panthic meeting and he couldnt be there to make his speech and spit venom because he ran off to india from what i heard even though he gave the go ahead. he may even have been there before going india (assuming he did go) for a little while (he is more sly, reserved and clever than the rest of them!) and dont think no one said major sandhu or babbu were there lol, but both supported becuase major sandhu has been promoting this meeting in cov on his show on venus tv, calling the ragi on air, speaking against the new calendar etc and babbu - apparently people were saying yesterday the organisers wanted him over and had invited him to sing "dharmak songs" during the conference/meeting lol, how pathetic!! Also, openly speaking the truth and exposing these snakes is not "inciting violence" - please get that clear. do not spread lies on this forum which is panthic and will not tolerate twisted views! i would be grateful if the mods could keep a close eye on chele followers of the traitors who are and will come on this forum to change and twist everything and go off topic? thanks!
  9. I vote yes to all three Coudnt make it from down south to the midlands to the conference today, but listened to it on the radio and was really good, told the truth about a lot of things and really did expose all the people above. one of my friends who went said loads of ppl turned up with even gurdwara committee members coming from up and down the country to oppose these fake wannabe leaders from yesterday and make thier views on all these current important matters clear. looks like its clear to everyone now where the panth realy stands regardless of a few self made leaders and their minority of sikhs supporters and chele! and in regards to all them people named above, well, i've been saying they are traitors for ages now since the babbu singer issue especially. darshan ragi started a panga with dhadrian wale sant ji first on a radio show a few years ago, the nindaks tried to support him even then, but he has been a traitor since the word go, he was one of the main people planted by government to crush the khalistan movement. then the award vala manmohan samosa of fake dal khalsa uk, and the gold medal vale tarsem deol and kulwant dhesi from british sikh council, we all know what they been up to recently as well making statements on the name of their one or two-band organisations during the babbu issue doing nindya, and again, they were probably traitors from the word go as well, govt plants, i still remember the RSS report published by panthic weekly exposing all three of these people for having back door meetings with rulda of rss, backstabbing the panth, all sell outs with the same stupid views. im glad they are now finally openly exposed because they couldnt resist causing trouble and showing their true colours and now everyone knows who they really are and who they are working for! the rest who were mentioned today are no surprise either, all dodgy shady characters who have always spoken up in the past to arrange seperate meetings and making opposition whenever the rest of the sikhs were together! they themselves have chosen to dissasociate themselves from mainstream sikhs and the panth. the ragi and all them people who spoke in cov yesterday and named above are worse than even the masands from history and are definately not sikhs (as one speaker said on stage in wolves today)!!!!!
  10. i think the conference has left no room for argument. we shouldnt go off topic and just concentrate on these two conferences, the panthic one today in wolves and the anti panthic one yesterday in cov!
  11. so who exactly is going to be speaking at tomorrows conference and what is gonna be said? which jathebandis are supporting and involved in this panthic conference in wolverhampton? i hope they speak openly and also name and shame the so called sikhs who called the conference in coventry today and did nindya on stage!!!
  12. Some of those who are said to have been supporting him today and doing the mentioned nindya in a post above at the anti panthic conference in coventry cross roads earlier: kulwant dhesi and tarsem deol of british sikh council, manmohan khalsa of dal khalsa uk, joga singh of fso, (possibly avtar sanghera), the alcoholic major sandhu, punjab radio crew (apparently maybe the nindak babbu maan singer as well???) and other gold medal award vale nindaks of dasam granth sahib, damdami taksal, sant jarnail singh ji, sant ranjit singh dhadria wale, baba thakur singh ji, haters of the new panthic nanakshahi calendar and supporters of darshan ragi and heretic missionary views - all these people need to be exposed. others who went need to list the nindak speakers at cross roads coventry here.
  13. The conference was really really long but basically the following points were stressed on: The new calender (with changes) won't be accepted Dasam Granth should not be respected/parkashed Guru Gobind Singh Ji did not start Damdami Taksal Nindya of Baba Thakur Singh Ji Sant Dhadrianwale should not have nice cars Sant Dhadrianwale are too young to be sant Boycott Damdami Taksal Respect that heretic ragi Boycott all that do not agree with the above no way?????????? this cant be right? is it all true? nindya of baba thakur singh ji as well and why talk about taksal? and did they really mention dhadrian wale sant ji by name or indirectly? all who attended to support and all organisers of this meeting on cov are now enemies of the panth and should be boycotted from all sikh events. they are not sikhs. no one should assoicate with them. the majority of sikhs and sikh youth are against these views and these so called leaders! name and shame these people here now!!!
  14. Is there such a list actually published like who is on the black list from usa, canada etc and especially who is on it from the UK? it would be interesting to know
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