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  1. Saadh Sangat ji, I have a few questions about gurbani teachings. What does the bani that is given to us by our gurus say about science, physics and mathematics? Are sikhs instructed to pursue and gain knowledge and try to understand the universe around us (physics, math, chemistry, biology, etc.)? Or are Sikhs instructed to only focus on naam japna and not purse other topics? Also, (I am not well versed in gurbani yet, but I am learning) I have had many instances where if I ask a supposedly learned person about meaning of gurbani, the person just quotes some other passages from the bani as
  2. Sat Sri Akal, I am doing some background research on finding different choices to setup a digital flat screen display in a gurdwara which will greet the sangat as they enter. The objective is to display the daily vaak. At present, the one method I know about is to have a computer hooked up to a flat screen display with the display mounted on the wall and set up as a second display. With that, we can display the vaak using Sikhi to The Max II software. However, this requires one dedicated computer, a display with the computer and the large display to be mounted on the wall. I wonder if the
  3. What's wrong in migrants working in the Punjab? It is a free democratic country. Even if it were not, the practice would nevertheless be in conformance with Sikhi values. This kind of xenophobia is only spread by racists, independent of geographical location. You can replace "Punjab" with any other place and "migrants from Bihar" with any group of people and you have the most common form of racism. Also, why should migrants and Hindu's fear Sikhs? This misguided sensationalist and extremist view is what is one main thing wrong with some "Sikhs". In Sikh religion, all religions are accorded eq
  4. Totally agree (regarding decline of culture and language). It is as if there is no more pride in being a Punjabi anymore, no more pride in our history and culture. These things can be of immense value as an experience and in identification with each other. But please be under no impression that Punjabi culture and language is any safer abroad here. Very often I notice this "holier than thou" attitude in Sikhs living outside the Punjab in the sense that they are maintaining their culture and language better than the ones in Punjab. But this not true practically. ਪਹਿਲਾਂ ਸਾਨੂੰ ਆਪ ਮਹਿਨਤ ਅਤੇ ਯਤਨ ਕਰ
  5. I agree regarding the social and economic influences on Sikhs cutting their hair. I am glad you have mentioned rational explanations and accepted that there is indeed a problem and that today's Sikhs are diluting what it means to be a Sikh. Only The Punjab and Haryana High Court come to our rescue when it reminding us recently what trimming of hair means to Sikhs! Even before the onset of globalization and universal TV channels promoting popular hero images in which trimmed Sikhs were the ones shown to be glamorous (the common term used is cut-serds in India). Even before that, trimming and c
  6. While keeping in mind the definition of a Sikh that you just posted? 1. An increase in a trend does not mean that the total percentage has changed from minority to a majority. Example: % turbaned Sikhs: 20 in 2008, 21 in 2009. The trend shows increase, but the total percentage is still small. 2. Turbaned Sikh is different than one who does not trim his beard. But without the news source, it is difficult to understand what it was about. I tried but could not find the news article. But if this is true, I am really glad ... but it is no indication of being out of the woods yet. BTW, are you
  7. Thank you for these. Much appreciated. Thank you for these also. I am quite interested in Bagdad references, I appreciate bringing my attention to these. I will check our gurdwara library to see if they have any relevant books. I already mentioned the practice how we, believing in the Sikh religion, are wearing our Kesh. So based on the definitions from the times of Sikh origins, can we say that Sikhs number only a tiny fraction of the people from Sikh background? This is taking into account that 70~80% of Sikhs in Punjab are trimming their beards and mostly all of those who are abroad do
  8. I am glad you are now paying attention to proper usage of my words. I will put this a bit more specifically. By definition, you are probably thinking about Amritdhari Sikh, Patit Sikh and Sehajdhari Sikh (more to come further below). Various important Sikh organizations have defined these terms. It is quite easy to find it on the web, here is one link: http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Patit and you are probably thinking about the main kurahits as well: "(1) trimming or shaving of hair, (2) eating kuttha or halal meat, i.e. flesh of bird or animal slaughtered in the Muslim`s way; (3)
  9. " "(I am not sure the last line makes any sense, probably a messed up typo) You are conflating two different issues here. The latter I have already dealt with above. The former: numbers are used by politicians, not the other way around. If I say that vast majority of Sikh youth is cutting their Kesh, I am stating that based on my own observations. Do you disagree with this? These is the only context I have used numbers in. Quote me where I used them in any other context. Where did I say that Gurbani says that Sikhs can cut hair? In your other comments, you are now just beating a dead ho
  10. So are musical notes. So are tablas and various musical instruments. What is your point? So does religion, but religion can be easily used as a propaganda tool, just like extremist Muslims are doing (or extremists of any religion of the world, for that matter). My point is that one should not mistake tools with intentions. Guns do not murder people, they are inanimate objects, yet they can be used by people to commit crimes. Nagara and tabla are used in gurdwaras, but they can be used in any sort of music. Well, this is the only sensible thing you have written. If you are coming from the
  11. By "genuinely interested" I wanted to clarify that I was not being sarcastic by asking for exact citations. Besides, whoever resists giving citations shows that he is making empty claims without the will or resources to back them up. If you have the requested citations, why not give them and settle the argument? If you yourself have nothing substantial to contribute, then why are you barging in to the discussion? Furthermore, who in their right mind thinks that politics is number game? Looks like you are yet to be introduced to one of the fundamentals of the universe: mathematics and statisti
  12. 1. Can you please cite where this is stated as fact by a court of law? Also, which court? Please be complete and exact. 2. Can you please properly cite where you got the above pangti from? I am genuinely interested. Please refer to recent responses in this thread. We have already established what we mean by "equal" in terms of religions of this world. If you can find something in SGGS that actually clearly contradicts that, please quote is properly here (I am sure you won't find anything). Which facts are you talking about that I have twisted? The examples you have quoted just show tha
  13. Very nice! BTW, I thought it was clearly understood and obvious that by "equal" I did not mean to be equal in the literal sense, but in the sense of their equivalence to show people the right path and for peoples' right to practice them. You have nicely elaborated what I had in my mind when I wrote that all religions are equal. And thanks for the counter examples showing that all religions were considered by our gurus to be equally important religions for their respective followers. From Sikh history, it is clear that Sikhs never forced anyone else to turn to Sikhi (as did Mughals tried to c
  14. Thank you for a very interesting reply and related quotes. I suppose this is going to give me new material to learn! I have some very important question regarding what you wrote, but I do not want to stray from topic at hand. So, regarding the question of hair, where do we stand based on what you wrote? It appears that it should be an open and shut case, kesh cutting => straying from path of joining with God as recommended by Sikh religion => not a Sikh. On a related note, what are your views regarding most Sikhs cutting their hair in their youth (for any number of reasons, but general
  15. You are right in the sense that all Sikhs should not cut their hair. I am not contesting that. But the keyword is "should not". If you read my post completely within the context, you will see I tried to make two points. The first was kids' behavior issues at teen years. Do you agree to point or not? The second point was related to current issues with Sikhs and equality of religions. Have you been to the Punjab recently? More than 75% "Sikhs" have cut their hair in one form or another. If they are not Sikhs, it should be clarified. Are you familiar with the state of Sikhs outside the Punjab?
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