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  1. Thank you very much Bhai Sahib Ji. May Satguru Maharaj Ji bless you with more Seva. :D
  2. Apologies if this has been posted already but just recently came across them NEW Parnaam Shaheedan Nu REMIX by Nikka Sev. Enjoy... http://www.youtube.c...h?v=3W-yxMm0bbE NEW Guru Arjan Dev Ji REMIX (Shaheedi 400) by Nikka Sev http://www.youtube.c...=response_watch
  3. What a beautiful Sakhi, thank you dearly Khalsa Ji for posting this up Dhan Dhan SatGuru Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj... Vaheguroo Vaheguroo Vaheguroo Vaheguroo Vaheguroo
  4. Vahegurooo Je Ka Khalsa Vahegurooo Je Ke Fateh Thanking ju berry much Akaal Purkh Di Fauj Veer Ji. Vahegurooo
  5. Vahegurooo Je Ka Khalsa Vahegurooo Je Ke Fateh Daas was reading through PACHMI PARKASH, available here for those that don't know: PACHMI PARKASH and came across the following: "such as, when for the Fifth Guru Maharaj Ji's beautiful blessings, Moosan and Suman had spoken the truth and in return their own father with his own hands beheaded them. Also in the land of Malvaa when Bhai Sadhu and Roop Chand in the scorching heat of the summer months, had stuck by their word that every thing special they have shall be first given to Dhan Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj first, and in that scorc
  6. Think its to do with the upgrading of the forum, but heres the youtube links in the meantime Lehar 2008: Lehar 2009: Enjoy.
  7. New, Rubin Paul Singh - 84 - Lahir 2009 Old, Rubin Paul Singh - Another Fallen Tree - Lahir 2008
  8. For All The Lets Forget '84 Dummies Out There
  9. Video made by the Ram Narayan Kumar on the Disappearances in Panjab Recommend to all to watch... http://www.saintsoldiers.net/multimedia/vi...tlink&id=27
  10. Picked up a copy on Sun and couldn't agree any more. Solid production and an album that has something in it for everyone
  11. :lol: didn't know it was the anniversary... but thanks A little bit more info here in the converts to Sikhi section: http://www.muslim2sikh.co.nr/ Leeds, Alia Kaur is the sister of 7/7 London suicide bomber Hasib Hussain. Kaur embraced the Sikh way of life in the late 1990s. Her strict Muslim family disowned her after discovering about her conversion. N those who hate 'Muslae' here, the list is to long to mention any names, :D ... you may take some pleasure in reading the replies from 'Muslim' girls dating 'Sikh' guys at the bottom...
  12. Another friend of the Sikhs shares a few words: Once again taken from: http://www.worldsikhnews.com/1%20July%2020...ired%20Soul.htm Three days after news of his death shocked the civil society, Indian media is yet to even publish a preliminary report about Human Rights activist par excellence, Ram Narayan Kumar. Only a couple of newspapers in Punjab cared to carry the news as late as on July 2. Only Kumar himself would not have been shocked. It just proved
  13. On top of all that lol, its also a whole week with your True Father Let us know how it goes, may give it a shot next year.
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