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  1. go to your local chemist/pharmacist and buy cotton wool disc pads. these are small and soft and approx 2inches in diameter. use these between your first larh and your ear until your ear heals, or indefinately.
  2. No he will not be. The jathedari should go back to Buddha Dal, as per puratan maryada, where the jathedar of Buddha Dal is the Jathedar of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib Ji
  3. i means jack all. absolute squat. i had a dream where a snake bit me in the foot, then a gun materialised in my hand, and i shot it in the face. do you know what this means....it means i watched snakes on a plane before i went to sleep. stop getting paranoid.
  4. just kindly remind him of the fact that the king of the middle east during the 10th century had all the Qurans burnt, as they went against his ideology of what is halal and what is haram (including forceful conversions). He has the Qurans rewritten to his own accord and had these fakes WIDELY distributed to all muslims. So he may worship the Quran, but its a fake Quran. ...just a little known fact... originally it was 72 grapes. but over time the two words sounding akin, turned grapes into virgins.
  5. u CAN find it online.....but u must be willing to look hard for it.....
  6. its exactly the same as Shaheedi Degh Prashad, but without the punj pathe. The Nihang Singhs would make and drink this everyday, as grinding with mortar and pestal strengthens the arms, and the protein from the Shardai allows for intense training. This is the energy drink of the old BABA JI. Better supplement that an protein drink or energy drink. Shardai would be consumed as a normal drink on any day or whatever, but Shaheedi Degh would only be taken during battle or as a medicinal aid.
  7. and can you please enlighten us as to why that is? tyaar bar tyaar. close quater armour piercing dagger. good to have on you. but the kirpan is the kakaar. it is Bagouti roop. it is the shakti known as chandika kalka bhavani (not as devi, but as shakti). er i might be wrong, but arent stilletos a type of footwear with a massive heel...or were you just being sarcastic?
  8. because sgpc are a bunch of idiots who have ruined everything. To all who will read this, you MUST wear a Kammarkassa. And your Kirpan should be held within your Kammarkassa, along with which ever other shastar you may carry.
  9. actually no. you do need to carry a kirpan as your sri sahib, but as a nihang you can/will carry a pesh aswel, as it is a shastar for close quater battle. you should carry both.
  10. Sanatan Sikhi is the true Sikhi, but not as how most simple minded folk understand it to be.. For those of you who do not know what Sanatan is, look it up. But for the lazy people who will not bother to research beyond their mobile phone contacts list or this primitive forum, heres a simplified version. Sanatan means beyond time - timeless. it is Aadh Dharam. Aadh, being beyond time. Sikhi Dharam is beyond time. This makes it SANATAN. Instead of being scared of things that you dont understand, why dont you try and find out what lies beneath, rather than failing to see under the veil of ignorance that has shrouded people's eyes.
  11. you have to be lost to find something that can't be found...else everyone'd know where it is...
  12. when you cook you use oil. when you empty the patila, the contents come out. but the oil is left sticking to the sides... Gurbaani, whether you understand or not, will stick inside you....
  13. a baby is born a sikh. it has not consumed intoxicants and its hair is unshorn (regardless if it has grown or not). Before the atma enters the fetal body, Vaheguru Ji explains all of existance to you. you then make the promise that when you are reborn you will do you bhagti and simran. but when your atma enters the fetal body, you forget everything. so as to learn it all again through lessons and trials. a baby is born a sikh. when his head is shaved he becomes a hindu. when he becomes sunath he becomes a muslim.
  14. satpunga singh


    Mod note: This is not the place for personal issues. There is a Jathedar of one of the Nihang Dals in the UK at the moment - you can ask him what the appropriate response should have been.
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