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  1. another good story is the one with the son who wanted a brand new car
  2. Mod Note: First warning ! Do not post anything that doesn't go along with the thread. If you again post anything about caste in any other thread, it will be deleted and upon third warning your id will be kept under moderation. Thanks
  3. I cant look at the spiritual side right now, I'm still unclear on what Sikhs are allowed and not allowed to do, there are many ways Gurbani can be interpeted.
  4. Yup, same deal here in Edmonton, they got pictures of these living saints right above the SGGS, not one single reminder of atleast ONE out of ten Gurus. Its SICK, I dont understand how you can even respect this sect.
  5. Ofcourse not, but I think the way it was said to mean about the way you wear your jewellery, out of pride perhaps? I mean if its out of pride to show off to other people HEY LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY ROCK I can say thats wrong. If it symbolises something to you then there is no problem with it, theres nothing that says you cant have a reminder of your own personal life is there? Correct me if Im wrong.
  6. Guru Nanak Dev ji did cook and consume meat at Kurkshetra, this event is documented through out history just as well as his travels towards the sands of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Mecca. Do you suggest we disregard all this?
  7. Hey could you explain something then? So what were the Sikhs eating in the jungles through out 15th-17th century? I'm quite sure they were living in jungle/forrest terrain since it was isolated, women and children would of had a less chance of being harmed etc. etc. So were they farming wheat and barley? If so, wheres the proof of this agriculture? No. They werent because they were hunting. We cant hunt in this day and age the same way, and these animals getting killed in slaughter houses are not getting sacrificed or getting slowly killed. It's a quick fast slice and dice, I see no harm in t
  8. I do know, but I also know that Sikhi has been around for close to 400 years, and I can positively say 95% of todays Jatt clans are still within the Jatt circle, whether Guru ji was here or was not and thats a fact. I've seen my own family tree at Hardwar on my dads side, not one person has married out of Jatt circle in the past 13 generations. This is true for an overwhelming majority of Jatts. This is definitely not caste based, more race based. The differences are too great between Jatts and other groups of Punjab/Haryana/UP.
  9. Ok well you look at the jeevans of GurSikhs while I point out the jeevan of our actual Gurus while their time on earth. A) Guru Nanak seems to have eaten venison or goat, depending upon different janamsakhi versions of a meal which he cooked at Kurukshetra which evoked the criticism of Brahmins. B) Guru Amardas ate only rice and lentils but this abstention cannot be regarded as evidence of vegetarianism, only of simple living. C) Guru Gobind Singh also permitted the eating of meat but he prescribed that it should be Jhatka meat and not Halal meat that is jagged in the Muslim fashion. "O
  10. I am more then positive Waheguru will not hold some sort of grudge against you simply because you wear a ring, God cant be like that. If your mind is pure, that will be recognized. I wear my ring, I wear my kharra, I have gone to great lengths just to make sure I have the respect of my parents and to keep their heads high. I only see my parents as my true Gurus right now, wearing a ring has no impact on their love for me; I am quite positive Waheguru's not going to overlook me either.
  11. Nice Singh47, its quite simple, if the Akal Takht says its wrong, theres not much more to this argument.
  12. Yeah please do clarify how you can hunt and obviously hurt an animal quite badly, but you cant kill and eat it to save it from misery. Please do clarify.
  13. I have no url's to contribute on this matter, it was something that was stated by Bhai Ranjit Singh, I heard this over the radio. If I do come across something conclusive and physically evident I will post it ASAP.
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