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  1. Are you serious? I clearly remember it was very much liked and never heard it got banned. Maybe it was another TV serial. Please confirm. You are right. It was not banned but some people "sought" to ban it. I think I just remember that there was something going on and there were people who wanted to ban it. see the following: "The telecast of the television series Tamas was sought to be banned. The petitioner’s complaint was that Tamas depicted Hindu-Muslim and Sikh-Muslim tension before Partition and showed the killings and looting that took place involving these communities. Consequently exhibition of the serial was likely to incite the people to commit offences and therefore its exhibition should be banned. The Supreme Court rejected these contentions and held that “viewed from an average healthy and commonsense point of view there cannot be any apprehension that it is likely to affect public order or it is likely to incite the commission of any offence”. The court emphasised that the effect of a book or a movie must be judged by standards of reasonable and strong-minded persons and not of those who perceive insult and injury in any unpleasant or hostile version. " source:http://www.indianexpress.com/story/277092.html Do you know any place on web where I can watch it?
  2. It was banned after few episodes. I liked tamas very very much. I wud also like to download if its available.
  3. You make it sound like he is Jesus!!!!!! lol. That was nice. There are always mysteries surrounding great ppl like bhindrawalee. People can't accept death of their heros. Like subhash cander bose...people never accepted that he died. Same is the case with people whos hero is rajiv gandhi. I know few gys who still beleive that rajiv is still alive and will come back..........only TIME has the answer. 1984 happened cuz governments dont want things going out of control. Governments still employ these covert operatios to maintain control over their regions. People who doesn'r wanna live like slaves always die fighting for freedom.....
  4. Balwinder Singh


    Interesting. Any source? I also heard it from a katha-vachak...but he didn;t provide any source to verify this info.
  5. Though I liked the article...but can u post the REAL source. I mean not a sikh website. Guru of sikhs is SGGS ji however there are whole lot traditions associated with sikhism which doesn't make any sense to 'atheists'. I know many atheists whose questions are hard to answer regarding sikhism as they are not ready to have faith without a ture experience.
  6. ^^ I think milk is a good resource and can be used for human consumption......use of chaur sahib and palki, i think, is a different topic. I questioned this tradition at my local gurudwara in India....people told me that I should not question if I am sikh....I was like okay... However, i saw a lot of flies (makhiyan) stickin to the nishan sahib after we washed it with kachhi lassi. I thought we just wated milk.
  7. How can there be love if the two individuals hardly know each other? It's almost like an extended blind date to me. Keep in mind, I am talking about people who have never met each other face to face until the wedding ceremony. Doesn't love take time to cultivate? I believe people who are only truly in love should marry, shouldn't they? Not because some matchmaker set you up. I dont know if we are on same plane. "Cultivation time" is not a requiement for "Love". I very well beleive in love at first sight. There were many saints who fell in love with their guru at the very first sight. Love is so vast that we cannot define it in terms of circumstances. It is highly debatable that love exists in so called "love" marriages....where people spend loads of time together. Do you agree? Love is not conditional. Love doesn't require compromises. Love (and devotion) is so powerful and forceful that it can perform miracles.
  8. Then love in an arranged marriage is sometimes forced, right? I'd be interested in knowing the divorce rate in arranged marriages. Love CANNOT be forced. Do you think that "forced love" is love? Absense of love doesn't mean divorce. In societies where arranged marriage exists, divorce is a tabbo.....that may one of the reason for lesser divorce rate. I know women personally whose husbands use to drink and hit them....but they never filed for divorce. Love in arranged marriage exist but its not forced. Its natural.
  9. It is very natural and humanly to fall in love. That is the beauty of love. Love has to be natural. One canot force love.
  10. i think ur verdict resembles sharia law... ...and then we say muslims are cruel.....
  11. Can you cite source of ur information? I think guru ji had many muslim followers too....I dont beleive guru can make such generalization abt a religion.
  12. If it was this easy then why they killed all the sikhs who died demading such a legitmate demand??? what reasons influnced goverment decisions then.....and how the situation differed now?
  13. You need to have the knowledge to engage in critical thinking. What sometimes happens on here is akin to a first grader trying to understand and criticise an essay on quantum mechanics. Without faith, there is no Sikhi. I agree with you, however, there is a difference between faith and blind faith. Questioning is a good habit but reaching at premature conclusions can be dangerous. We should not call names, demean and stop these questions We should answer them with faith and determination.
  14. Can sombdy cite a reference stating that bulle shah actually said the above quote? I read works on baba bulle shah and never came accross such statement. It will be really nice to know the actual source.
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