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  1. Nothings gonna happen. Sikhs are not a miltary community anymore. If Somethinglike that happens, Sikhs are gonna be the biggest losers wealthwise.
  2. My friend it easier to live in state of total ignorance. Its not gonna happen. Indian State can crush maoists in 24 hrs if they want. If Maoists can topple Indian Govt then destroying Sikhs will be a small task for them. Sikhs are one of the most prosperous and richest communty. Maoists will take away all wealth. I say Sikhs should prepare to flee as soon as India Falls. otherwise be ready to be slaughtered like sheep or abandon religion and personal wealth.
  3. Either you are suffering from depression or some part of your brain is not working. You are too much man. Even the cows woundnt dream that wildly. I cannot stop laughing.
  4. No two person are the same. Everyone is different . What is important to me may be of no value to someone else. Break up of marriages is not uncommon in India. Break up of engagements is no big deal. I mean people do talk but thats how it is in India. People talk even if you go to washroom an hour later than your usual time. Dont worry about that. It is totally wrong to decide based upon the girls situation. You didnt marry her then why worry. As long as you didnt get physical, infact even getting getting physical is no big deal. Either you are too naive or too senstive. Emotional blackmail is very common in India. The girl should have thought about this before she lied to you. Did she think about the hurt you would feel upon knowing the lies she told you? Obviously she thought about only herself. Her family knew what you were looking for but didnt give a damn whether you got that or not. It would be terrible if you were to start life with this girl based upon sympathy and pity or Guilt. That spells only one word. Depression. On a side note you are never gonna get 100 %, thats life. But you cannot see a fly and eat it too. If you had found it after marriage then it would have been wise to carry on with her. But since you are not married the wise thing is to stay away from her. Also i am not a woman and i dont give a damn, its not a woman whos gonna marry her. P.S - i am assuming you gonna be able to find a suitable girl for marriage. If not and this is your only and last chance of avoiding being unmarried all your life, please marry her.
  5. http://www.tribunein...00719/main1.htm In their document , “Strategy and Tactics of the Indian Revolution”, known as the ‘red Bible’ in official circles, Maoists have made it clear that “the central task of the revolution is seizure of political power through people’s war and the goal is to seize power in Delhi by 2050-60. http://news.google.ca/news/search?aq=f&pz=1&cf=all&ned=ca&hl=en&q=maoist
  6. Was that singhnee partaking meat alcohol etc? theres so much tobacco, alcohol, sex, wars, bloodshed on this Earth. Its happenning right now as you read this ! Yes immoral acts are going on the city you live in, in the nearest hotel to your residence. Honestly i think this place called earth is too much for us Sikhs. You know we need a spaceship to take us to some distant planet where these things dont happen. How can we be safe inside the walls of our homes when the air that we breathe is the same that is inhaled and exhaled by every drugie, prostitue, pimp, Muslim (lol) and who knows i may be inhaling the exhaled air of a sinner. Gawd..even my body is made of the same flesh, the same flesh that someone is enjoying somwhere. Grrrrrr. When are they gonna send people into space (for ever), where their will be nothing but calm.
  7. i was reading a news item in ajit about sohan singh saying he was never part of 'panthic council' ? and some guy named atinder pal singh said people should come out with truth, people being panthic council, as these people were connected with movement which caused death of thousands of sikh youths in 80 and 90s.
  8. They did not attack anybody. They died defending the Temple. Do you feel agonised that the vastly superior Indian Army did not explore other options to capture Sant Bhindranwale? Why did they bring Tanks? Did you see the army choppers hovering in skies of Punjab with mounted artillary. Was Sant Bhinderanwale present in Muktsar Gurdwara? Why was heavy artillary fired into Mukatsar gurdwara? Do you know how many Sikhs were blasted by Tanks on GT road near Amritsar?
  9. That is classic ! I am a being , lol. You might go outside and commit suicide, it will save us the pain of having you on this forum and you since are a being you can go on to become non-being. It wouldnt matter. lol bloody hypocrite and Liar ! And it is absurd that you are studying the naxalite movement in Punjab?? Do you have a weak heart or are you afraid to see the bull standing in front of its nose? Go to the areas where it is alive and happening. Please spare us the agony of another 'foreign movement' on our soil. Agriculture existed in Punjab but the money was taken to Delhi. When Sikhs came onto the scene, those who worked only they reaped the rewards, and not some alien power thousands of miles away or their puppets . and thanks for admitting that your ancestoral grandmothers provided comfort to Muslim rulers of Punjab. Mine didnt ! No wonder ! I am not surprised. Basically its time waste with you. Some people are dim witted. BTW this quote "From the very beginning he was the deadly enemy of Mughals." is taken from Muslim Rule in India by VD Mahajan. It is taught in Graduate schools in India in History classes. It is the same book which says that Guru Tegh Bahadur was a looter and was executed for plundering people of Punjab. It also says Guru Nanak was saint poet and his knowledge about Vedas was superficial (typical hindu propaganda) . However it fails to mention that despite having powerful armies that defeated the Mughal regiments for the first time in India and shattered the aura of Mughal invincibility in India, Guru Har Gobind did not establish any rule over people of any type and that the Sikhs took up arms because they were not ready to take bullsh1t from anyone.
  10. Why would you use '- Now looking at a simple wikipedia article on your guru .... Can i ask what is your religious belief? Since you are barking for right perspectives and honest opinion, dont run away from this question with lame excuses. (Can the Admin check the IP and confirm he is not a troll or sock puppet ?) About Ram Rahim there were numerous cases he was facing particularly regarding rape of his female followers before he got mired in controversy with Sikhs. He is a very small fish by the way, certainly not as big as he or the media would like you to believe. And now it seems he is without political patronage as well. And i wont comment on your knowledge about History of Punjab. If it wasnt for Sikhs you would be crowing like a crow atop a tower five times a day and your beautiful sister or cousin would be in some mullahs bed. And did you use the term 'agriculture'? DYK it was a Sikh general who gave shape to what agriculture is today in Punjab. Punjab abolished Zamindari system long before rest of India did, the gap is a few hundered years though! Also list the 'local born and bred' rulers of Punjab who contributed to its prosperity in the past millenium. Theres not a single non-Sikh!!
  11. Bogus talk by Bogus people. Chandumajra himself is Bogus as he was sworn political enemy of Badal and then ditched his party and all of his party members (akali dal longowal) before 2007 assembly elections for a ticket from Akali Dal, none of his followers were admitted to Badal Dal. These dogs are now barking becoz of SGPC elections and will unforunately eat away rotis of Sikhs from Golak money. I would trust a prostitute than these modern masands.
  12. i didnt know true sikhism promoted beef eating. although true sikhs must have skiped this.
  13. Babbu Mann has issued three page apology for his remarks. He said he was only quoting from some book and regreted the remarks himself which was innocent mistake.
  14. Dont mind but can i worship my car? it gets me around and being saroop of vahiguroo protects me from rain wind etc. and errrr can my car mechanic be my guide? (with respect to my car) hmm...
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