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  1. I agree with Singh_Soldier Hindus should either die or convert to islam. only messin, their not all bad..the coniving little cheapskates. Joke: How do you know when you are at a Hindus house for tea? When there is a folk in the sugar bowl.
  2. What a great inspiration to Sikhs world wide. Its such a great to humanitarian rights, all our sympathies go out to his family...He will be remembered for forever in the hearts of all Khalistanis. As a tribute to such a great man, we should carry on the mamouth tasks he took on.
  3. We need to all work together. Lets make sure this film works in our favour to unite our community against War criminals. Bollywood should be targetted to the wrold as Glorying a Murderer who killed so many innocent people. Lets get some good/strong worded letters to all those who suport our cause, all the Gurdware, Sikh Organisations both UK and Abroad. We need united community spirit against these killers! They are spitting in our faces, are we just gonna lick it up like PuSSi3s or do something about it. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
  4. Citizen Soulja please change your name and your logo. The logo, to all means and purposes represents a mentality and cause. You do not not represent the cause of the mentality. You have done nothing but disrespect fellow brothers who are trying to tackle an issue which is out of controll. Please do not post your views on these topics because you are a Gidhar, and would sell out your people for your own gains...it was people like you who got our Shaheeds killed. And it saddens me that you have decided to attack your own people instead helping them!
  5. There are 3 spaces left. Please let us know if you are interested, or if you know anyone who is interested? Thanks By the way, why are we under moderation???
  6. C.O.V


    HSD brother, I totally agree with. We should not be joining with these EDITED either, but we should try and not disrespect a fellow brother on the net who obviously feels the same pain as us. The BNP are the same people who were attacking Gurdware and knocking off Sikh turbans 20-30 years ago, all they have done is swap the DR martins for Tesco suits. However, they are the only gropu who are condeming S.U.L.L.E.H, we should not join them should do our bit to protect our community from such threats. Today S.U.L.L.E.H are attacking the police stations and churches, tomorrow it may be Gurdware?
  7. C.O.V


    Leave Ford Capri alone, he is the only person who actually goes out of his way to monitor what is happening, instead of putting up posts like "Why do have 5 fingers" or "lets pray for Michael Jackson" when the guy is already dead. Its scary to see the people who are supposed to protect us running like cowards from a bunch of Inbred, Uneducations, Benefit Scamming Freaks! They get hit and all sorts...if you have seen the post regarding the Sikh boys who were recently arrested, they were innocent, the police know they have arrested the wrong people, but say its in the interests of justice that arrest are made. Not one muslim was arrested for the fight in Coventry, even though they were 40-50 at the scene when the police arrived, yet 15 Sikhs were arrested when only 8 were originally involved. The police force in this country is fast becoming a racist institution, however not against asians but for muslims...The Met Police is more pro-islam than F*ckin al-queda!!!
  8. Sikh Youth Project are paying the £600 fee to take a person from the UK on the camp. We are willing to pay for 5 people to go for free. We are not sponsoring an indian child to get educated at Baru Sahib. I hope this answered your question and cleared any confusion.
  9. please log on to www.sasorg.co.uk , www.barusahib.org for more info and application forms The Way to Establish Permanent Peace THE KALGIDHAR TRUST AKAL INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CAMP(UK) 2009 PROGRAM AND GENERAL INFORMATION LOCATION: The camp will be held at the Akal Academy, Baru Sahib, located in the lap of the majestic Himalayan Hills, 135 KM from Chandigarh, near Solan in Himachal Pradesh, India. Mailing address: Akal Academy, Baru Sahib, Via Rajgarh, District Sirmour, Himachal Pradesh - 173101, India CAMP DATES: JULY 31st 2009 TO 29th AUGUST 2009 AGEs 6 to 25 CAMP CAPACITY: 150 PROGRAM AND ACTIVITIES: The campers will learn Gurmukhi, Naam Simran, Nitnem, Gurbani Santhya (correct pronunciation), Kirtan, Gurmat Sikh Philosphy, Sikh History and practical way of Sikh living. Classes for learning musical instruments will also be provided. To sharpen the mind and body - Yoga. Exercise, Gatka, Sports, hiking in the hills, picnics and many other fun activities will take place. Interested campers can avail the opportunity for Amrit Sanchar at the camp. Music instrument class: Campers can choose to learn to play any of the following music instruments: Harmonium, Tabla, Sitar, Violin, Rabab, Saranda, Touse, Sarangi CAMP FACILITIES: The camp will be housed in a new building with modern, sanitary facilities for boarding, lodging and classrooms. Campers will be provided with distilled water for drinking. Separate facility will be available for camper parents. MEALS: Delicious and highly nutritious vegetarian meals will be provided, Pizzas, Veggie burgers, French fries and other western dishes will also be served specially for the English taste PARENTS: Parents of campers can also accompany them. Program activities are usually focused for campers only. Parents can be a part of the camp management team and are actively encouraged to take full participation. MEDICAL: Baru Sahib has a fully equipped hospital and competent medical staff. Each Dormitory has 4 full time nurses COMMUNICATION: Children may receive mail; phone communication may take place on the designated days; and e-mail messages may be sent and will be printed to keep contact with Parents TRANSPORTAION: Transportation from Delhi to Baru Sahib and back to Airport campers. CONTACT Middlands & North: 07500430449, 07774160006, 07930522475 London & South :07828076305, 07711382621 The cost of the trip is £600 inclusive Flight, accommodation in India, excursions to Harmandar Sahib, Fateghar Sahib etc. Date of departure from UK is 31st JULY 2009 and returning 29th August 2009
  10. The Sikh Youth Project has decided to sponsor 5 people to go to the Life Changing Baru Sahib Camp 2009. The Sikh Youth Project will pay the full £600 for all of the 5 chosen people. Please write to us at sikhyouthproject@hotmail.com and explain in less 250 words why we should give you the opportunity to go for free? Deadline this weekend Sunday 28th June 2009 Ideally we would like to sponsor people who have no base in Sikhi, or have not been to a Sikhi camp before. If you do know of anyone who, you think, deserves a second chance at life, please email sikhyouthproject@hotmail.com This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, please do not just let it pass you by.
  11. No one deserves that, no matter what their beliefs. Though we are Hardcore Khalistanis, we would never treat a Hindu like that at a cricket game. if someone was wearing a Indian Cricket top, its their issue, If they still bow to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, they are still our Brothers and Sisters. And even if they don't, it is our responsibilty to help anyone who is in need of help. Im sorry but anyone who witnessed this, regardless of if you were with your family, you should have helped. It was your Duty. If tomorrow someone tries to rape your sister or mother, than a witness comes along and says I saw it all but was with my Dad, what would you think? In my eyes, this is not physical rape but mental rape, these *edited* are trying to demoralise our faith, culture, religion and people. That is Rape of the Mind. Let us know when the next pakistan game is, and we will go along *edited* mod note: your post has been edited and you've got a warning. This is your second warning, next time will be a ban. Please see our forum rules and guidelines for more info.
  12. Brothers and Sisters I am very sorry my PM messages are not getting to you. The two girls are years 9 and 10 at Secondary School, I have met them, and can honestly say from all my experience in meeting many familes, that these girls are quite innocent. They then both took a day off school and chilled in Leeds City Centre in McDonalds. After that they went to University of Leeds with their muslim friends, who were all female. There they met two girls who in their words were very modern, and weren't religious. But one of them wore a scarf, but still had make up on. The muslim Two girls (whom we have names for and passed to the Police) from Leeds Uni then took the two young Sikh girls in their car (New black Golf) and one other young muslim girl. They drove around for a bit and then dropped off the young muslim girl home. When the Sikh girls said what are doing now, one of the girls got on the phone, while the other said we can get a hotel room and have a girls night in. At approx 10pm, they ended up at some hotel in Leeds, (they would not tell us the name, even though they knew it). They remember the guy at reception saying "its all sorted", and "of course their off, do you think I wanna get banged up?" (referring to the hotel cameras). When the girls got in the room, there were already drinks poured out, They remember watching a bit of the new fast and furious film and some muslim guys knocking on the door. At this point the 14 year old was knocked out, but the older Sikh girl remembers the muslim girl with scarf saying "its ok, they are our brothers, just do what they say, and it'll be alright" The older girl then remembers, two more muslim girls both with scarfs coming and leaving, then she remembers nothing else. In the morning the 15 year old Sikh girl woke up and thought somebody had given her dead legs, she looked at younger Sikh girl and saw blood all over her naked body. She thought she had been murdered and quickly tried to wake her. She then noticed she was naked and had blood all down her legs. She then broke down and they both stayed in the hotel room for 3 hours just crying. The girls were gang raped for, they said, about Six hours. They both said they came in and out of consciousness and thought it was a bad dream or chose to think it was a bad dream. They can't remember exactly how many guys were there, but can remember one or two faces and remember one of the guys saying "where is your God now?" They left the hotel by running out; they cannot remember if the same guy was at reception. They then ran in the streets, and luckily bumped into some goree students who took them to hospital. We met the Sikh girls and their family and asked if we could record what had happened. Unfortunately, they do not want us to help them. The family have already changed their telephone numbers and are planning on going on a holiday to Canada to have some time out. The police are not involved though the hospital did inform the police; the family are denying anything happened to them. We have the spoken to the students who helped them and they are unsure which hotel it could have been and said there weren’t any in that particular area. This is the most recent incident we have dealt with, it only happened in the last week of May this year. There are many cases like this and whether people want to believe it or not, there are many families that have gone through this. This is not to do with a lack of education or Sikhi, it is do with these BarStewards targeting our little sisters and raping them! mod note: your post has been edited and you've got a warning. This is your second warning, next time will be a ban. Please see our forum rules and guidelines for more info.
  13. S.u.l.l.eh are out of controll. After hearing what happened at the cricket match recently,we have become more active in what we are doing. Sadh Sangat Ji Please join us in stopping these hooligans of mohammed. They will go to any means of attacking our people, this includes those with and with out tubans, and also women. I recently heard about two Sikh girls who gang raped in Leeds. When we met their parents we were horrified at what they told us. The girls are only 14 and 15 years old and were raped for 6 hours all together in hotel in Leeds. The most disgusting is that the family do not want to tell anyone, and also are not getting the police or social services involved. These young are obviously going to be traumatised for the rest of their lives by this ordeal. But oh well, may be Im just being PARANOID!!!
  14. My family boycots their shops. One day there was a big kick off at my yard because someone wanted to get the Subji for their shop coz it was cheaper. One day I was walking past the market in the morning and the fruit people who were dirty Solleh were unloading their past sell by date fruit off the back of their stolen van. In the van, they were playing some Nasheeds (Solla verses from that book which is written backwards), anyway to cut a long story short, it played on my mind whether we were wrong for boyctting their shops as they are still doing Kirat Kamai (though fraudulent). One day I met a GurSikh who explained how Amrit was created, by reciting Gurbani over water. The Bani affects the water and makes it into Amrit. This is why the Sarovar at Darbar Sahib has so much Shakti, and also why Amrit is the only means of allowing you to obtain Mukhti. The positive energies and power of the words, and the Naad affects the Amrit to make it into something special. In the same way, their negative verses that talk about 72 virgins and beating women and being allowed to rape your wife if she denies you sex has an affect over the food and liquids around them. This is the main reason we cannot eat halal, because the affect the negative verses have on the meat. Therefore, by buying products from muslim shops you in fact are slowly converting yourself to islam. Though I have not explained my argument very well, it still makes sense? I have noticed in alot of Sikh shops they play Jap Ji Sahib in the mornings, this will no doubt affect certain products in the shops positively. You are what you eat.
  15. Your argument put a smile on my face. It is so simple and yet so true. It is good to see some fresh interpretations of their crazy religion. From my understanding, there will be 72 sects of islam on the day of judgement. The De-jal will fight against the Masiyah, the De-jal is apparently in some cave right now in the middle east. If you read Hussain-Al-Bakhri's version of the quran and also the ha'diths its says only those with unshorn hair will enter paradise...Though we do not believe in the concept of judgement day, I guess we are ones who will allowed to chill there. But they will never admit it...Crazy FutherMuckers.
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