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  1. different parts of Taksal choose different leaders, some Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, Some Harnam Singh Ji "Bhindranwale" or Ram Singh Ji, This all happened after Sant baba Thakur Singh Ji Went To Heavenly Sachkhand Sant Thakur Singh Ji prophecized that after he left the Taksal would be broken down to 3 heads, some others think Bhai Mukham Singh is third
  2. does anybody have a online reading link for Sant Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwales book where they also descrive jevan of Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindranwale ?
  3. Why Don't Great Nihang Mahapurkhs also come to America, its always Uk Uk Uk. We Need some in Bay Area, some one who goes to do Darshan of Mahapurkhs please for KHALSA tell them Singhs in America want them to come, Only Giani Thakur Singh Ji comes to U.S. and how long are they in UK i will be coming to UK in mid may
  4. he isnt in America then because he said his son called from America, where could he be, iv heard hes the most safety gaurded person in the world and yea mark tully is bukwas, i also heard him say that Shaheed Gen. Subegh Singh Ji looked at himnot Sant Ji, hes phony and just trying to discredit the Sikhs
  5. I think the movie was kind of depressing in a way that it didn't show all the events like Anandpur Resolution and made Bhindranwale seem to start movement against govt. because of his personal relationship with police when the cops "burnt, and tarnished his sons (pothis)" i think, that made it sound like Sant Ji was just a crazy fanatic. Mark Tully did really destroy movie, with his own prophecies which can't be true. The movie didn't even mention that there was no evidence found on Sant Ji on the murder of Paapi Jagat Narain
  6. showed a little new clips of Bhindranwale so thats good.... but gave long interviews from Mark Tully n Paapi ks Brar... that killed documentry
  7. did anybody record and have it posted on internet and have link because even with a uk proxy server it sill doesn't work for me, even with hotshield it doesn't work
  8. lol they do love it, our dog loves, it but just feed them dry dog food type things cause then they don't die fast with rotis, ladoos n all tht lol
  9. Theres Manmat, Gurmat, But Whars SriMat ? Does anybody Know ?
  10. Bloom-exactly--- And also the Congress of Amrinder "Singh". The congress wants to come back in power and use Ludhiana Khaand as an excuse against badal, but inside they don't care, for god sake they are backed by rss, shiv sena and they wanted support from lucha choota sauda. I am ashamed most of the Gurdwaras are run bu sgpc. The cash from Golden Temple goes to badal and he uses it also. What does Guru Gobind Singh Ji think of us people who call our selves SINGHS and are watching this happen, and living with all these fake money hungry clown ninadks, by watching this happen and allowing it happen is a paap and Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji will ask us about this when we have our day
  11. Yes I Have heard in news that he even went to some pinds in 2008 around september or so and talked about the Kurbani Of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale and said that they will expand in the Seva for getting youth to know more about Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Kurbani. My cousin told me a week later that Singhs went around Punjab Pinds and talked about Sant Ji and gave out posters and promised to go to every pind in punjab
  12. who is Ram Singh, i think ive heard people on internet and even in one post on here (which I cant find) that Ram Singh is self styled Jathedar of Damdami Taksal and also there is conspriacy that he drinks, but out of all that I have another overall question on present status of Ram Singh in the Panch Singh Saibhans
  13. Also Everyone Report This Facebook Group, It Is just terrible, so much nindiya to Sant Giyani Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale and to the Singhs of 1984 http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=510140548&ref=nf#/group.php?gid=57820352914&ref=mf
  14. I Was the 57th signer and that is a very less number of signers. Sikhs please sign this petition. BritishSikh StudentFederation January 6 at 6:44am Reply Bhai Daljit Singh Bittu has been falsely accused of taking part in “anti national activities” but the cases put against him are slowly being dropped at court hearings. Bhai Daljit Singh has been conducting Panthic service for the Sikh Nation in a peaceful and Accountable manner for the last few years and has never caused any threat to Public life. A number of Organisations have declared that they will be releasing posters/stickers of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale including AISSF (Mehta) lead by a Executive member of SGPC, SADA PP & BSSF jointly just recently again released 100,000 stickers of Sant Bhindranwale in Dec 09. Sikh Students Federation have released Posters from time to time, but none of the leaders have been arrested or silenced in this way! The ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) feels threatened by Bhai Daljit Singh’s growing support amongst Sikhs, espically the youth and these false cases are simply put against Bhai Daljit Singh to defame and silence him. Bhai Daljit Singh has been purposely arrested so that he will be unable to address the Sikh Nation and organise Sikhs to lead a Peaceful Civil Rights and awareness movement. Bhai Daljit Singh was accused of “encouraging militancy” simply on the grounds of distributing Poster/Stickers. This is a absurd allegation and Bhai Sahib should be released immediately. Please sign petition below - http://www.gopetition.com/online/33241.html
  15. Why Don't People Want To See The Change, I Don't Understand If its A good change or bad, some ppl say bad and some good ?
  16. what about Singhs with kirpans, is there a special paper or something Amrit Dharis can get before going on flight so they don't have to take off their Kirpans ?
  17. Very Nice Post, Didn't Know Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji added another, thanks. But I would say when kaam comes into place in your life think of something else or do something else quickly thats how most people get rid of all the 5 vikaars. Twitch around fast or start doing Naam Simran of waheguru.
  18. <banned word filter activated>, this just makes me mad/sad who the hell does she think she it, she's been made the principle of a Sikh school, and she should know <banned word filter activated> she is saying, sal*
  19. Last names might be different but there still is some type of blood relation so its sick lol
  20. seen it last night at Gurdwara, me and my cousin went to go eat langar, and a lady kept looking at us over and over again like she was annoyed at us sitting down, and openly stared at us and was talking to her friend, surly about us.... another time I seen a boy sit down while kirtan and phaat was going on and every 2 minutes start texting, I had to stop him by saying that for one day of the week and for about an hour can you please not use your phone and listen to the shabads of god Ahaha This Post is right, post pictures of repeated offenders around the gurdwara lol--that way they will stop
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