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  1. Let him do what he wants, I don't see you guys complaining when some other singers buy cars, get of his back.
  2. So I was on facebook today, and as usual "turban pages " all over the place. I looked at a few, some of them had hundreds and thousands of active members. To many surprise I say many Punjabi/ Sikh people {more girls then boys o.0} defending and telling that the turban is all about. So I thought rather then trying to get these groups, use them to teach about Sikhi and why, No intentions of converting but rather just plain teaching. Why? Most of these fans/members are teenagers/ young adults, And they are going to be the future if WE can help them just learn the bear difference between "Musl
  3. Hinduism Just like the guy who didn't move his left arm for 16 years, point that I don't know
  4. How do we make our self's more recognized with more respect and to be known as a strong race. I'm not talking about my self I talking about US whole.
  5. from what I know... He's a bad person, He used to kill young sikhs for money in the 1984's times, they don't arrest him because it's 19 million votes vs 1.1 billion.
  6. will take some time trust me.........
  7. 34% of muslims are in jail says the article .... They do there typical thing forcing people to convert.... meh atleast there in jail
  8. o rely ?? Cutting your kesh... it's up to you, because you think you will look better with out them, meaning your desperate to be attractive/etc The truth is you don't seen to have cut hair and everything to be liked by people. And yess it's against the religion. Seeing how you took the time to post here seems like you CARE. Wait for a few more replys and don't take action to fast.
  9. The old/ middle aged seen the bad times of 84, and the young don't care.
  10. whats with all these Muslims going around and saying Guru Nanak was a Muslim.
  11. clearly this topic is created to make hate..against our self's and Islam. Posting any further is pointless because it's just encouraging this uk kid.
  12. o well, lets stop worrying what Muslims do to country's and ask god to guide us to our own Sikh country, where we control what happens. Not people like badal
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