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  1. Get a solid leather belt, with a chunky buckle.....get used to swinging it with the buckle hitting out, its a great weapon and the police wont arrest you for wearing it..
  2. Akaal Muay Thai in Southall, classes every Wed evening from 7 to 830. Great qualified instructors http://www.akaalmuaythai.com/Akaal_Muay_Thai/Home.html
  3. I agree with Aman !! Well said Aman, we should all attend Panthic rallys, protests etc....So Kaur, you dont attend June 84 rallys either ? Because they are organised and attended by all Jathas....don't be so negative Kaur Ji !
  4. Raj Kapoor ( i think he was an actor ) had great respect for SGGS, he walked barefoot from someplace in India ( think Madiya Pardes ) to Amritsar and stayed there 3 days with his whole family and carried out seva inc washing dishes. He was a regular visitor to Harmandar Sahib .
  5. Do all the names you mentioned have government jobs ?Even if they did how would that be so bad. This is not India ?
  6. I didnt even know Amar Radio existed, i never listened to Akash...But now i know it exists. Why give it publicity on SS ?! Sometimes its better not to discuss these matters on public platfors because you become a marketing tool for the unwanted..
  7. I just can't follow the "cult " of Ishmeet, there are much more deserving cases for the Sangats attention and money....sorry but all he did was sing a song and suddenly his some sort of Sikh hero.. deepest sympathy to his parents as no parents desrves to see their child die before them......but his family milked it well
  8. I dont ask for a private room, i run my hands on my Dastar and after 2 mins all done......Why ask for private room for this ?? Dont be be so whimpish, stand tall Singh and show em that they dont intimidate us !
  9. I agree that The Sikh Federation does a great job ! Their lobby days in the UK parliament are very positive and effective.
  10. I have travelled several times to the US and you do have the option of "patting down " your own Dastar. The only problem is that they make you stand in a secure see through area until an agent is ready for you. Everyone stares at you as they go by, it makes you very uncomfortable , not nice being stared at as if we are terrorists. The Sikh Coalition are doing a great job , we should all support them.
  11. Fully agree with Neverforget84 and Kharkooartsy , SUPPORT OUR LIVING SHAHEEDS, the Dharmi Faujis ! They sacrificed all for us and now they are living in poverty, give them hope and honour them.
  12. Withdrawing from government jobs is not an option, there are no other jobs in Punjab. The Indian government does not encourage industry in Punjab and the Badal destruction team does not care, they just want to fill their own pockets. Also dont forget there were many Sikh military personnel who helped the freedom fighters from repairing/maintaining their weapons to training them. Support the real living heroes of the Panth ! The Dharmi Faujis.
  13. A great cause, our Brothers are locked up in Indian jails without trial or representation.I hope we all can support SPOW so that our Singhs in India know that we do care.
  14. Please also remember the real modern day Khalsa heroes who gave up everything for the Panth and are today living in poverty. Help them in their hour of need.. The Dharmi Faujis, our living heroes !!
  15. So GPS, we should follow SGPC ? You know what, i took you seriously for a few moments...SGPC...LOL !! The same SGPC that have neglected the Dharmi Faujis? the same SGPC that have let down the widows of 84 ? The same SGPC that only recognised the Shaheedi of Sukha n Jinda in 2008 ? The same SGPC that are are doing absolutely nothing about the huge rise of HIV/AIDS in the Amritsar area of Punjab ? !! etc etc etc.... Why not give that donation to the Badals, you be happier this way ?
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