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  1. I've been to Dubai three times and found it to be a safe place but the airport is lawless, it does not matter what religion you are some of the staff are power mad. Once I witnessed a poor muslim old man who was wearing shabby clothing declaring 3 small gold bangles for his daughters wedding, a staff member just grabbed them and put them in his pocket. And just waved him on the man was crying and quoting the Koran but the passport guy just kept on waving him on - I was getting quite angry and thought sod it I will make a fuss even if they stamp my passport with a black mark. The old man mad such a scene that he got his bangles back but the way it played out you could tell this sort of thing must happen every day. Now if I travel to such countries I tend to stay near other singhs so that at least there is strength in numbers.
  2. This is awful my ears hurt, twang twang twang and that's just missed poooja. That turbaned guy more goofy than gangsta blud - money making easy scam... no change in my pocket sorry
  3. easy No Money = No Business, don't wait for leaders to deliberate and kick everything into the long grass, if ALL Sikhs stop funding these outfits then they soon come back on the right path. Look at that Ram Raheem he is so drunk with money that his power over men is more demonic then many fairy tale stories
  4. Watch here in i player if you missed it. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04n6dmc/lost-treasures-of-the-sikh-kingdom
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04n6dmc Looks like a very good historical programme especially on prime time afternoon viewing
  6. This sort of scum are not Sikh they are Punjabi or coconut hollow corpses who do not have any religious faith but are lustful for money, drink and drugs and fake celebrity including being part of a criminal gang. She should not get away without her identity photo being splashed across the internet. This is the type of dirt that joins ISIS and then cries when they are raped and beaten by their new Islamic brethren. There is no point in getting angry with her parents or the Sikh community as many of these people do not want to belong to our community or have to some extent mental issues a body chemical imbalance which persuade them to attach themselves to this type of glam ego lifestyle. We are all on a journey and we should pity these rotten souls as they will not know Waheguru in this lifetime.
  7. Can you please spread the sign in intervals more widely as it was only done a couple of weeks ago - I try and send lots of traffic via facebook (5000 so a few do click to view) to SikhSangat forum but many people may not want to join unless they know what we're about. They will have to join to comment anyway.
  8. Another idea could be TPV set up a charity to do parchar and network with other Sikh youth from every Gurdwara and Uni Sikh Society in the UK setting out a blue print for the next step to be voted in. We are the next generation and we can place our money anywhere it will do good instead of feeding overweight people with 7 types of curry and 3 "deserts" in the langar hall giving them diabetes and installing fountains and marble arches in a new Gurdwara 6ft from another one in the same borough. Once a business stops making money then only the really concerned people take over so we should not dig deep to give to the committees but give money as seva for parchar and the needy direct. This way you will see many of the smaller Gurdwaras being forced to merge into one central one for each Town.
  9. He sounded late 20's early 30's with a good command of English but came across very self-important and it was he that said Sikh first, I was driving at the time so did no catch his name at the first bit. Later on my wife said another Sikh male came on and he was great very grounded and added to the discussion, whoever he was WELL DONE. As LBC is a commercial radio station to listen again you have to subscribe to its downloads, so if anyone is a member it would be good to link it here so we can all see this fiasco and learn from it.
  10. I was listening to LBC radio (UK) this morning, Thursday 25th September 2014, and a rep from the Sikh Council telephoned in, not as an invited guest but wanted to make sure his gravity of status was mentioned, to object to the word bumfluff being used! The subject was about a muslim school girl wanting to wear a burkha in class. But this person was very upset that the presenter had used the word bumfluff which when James O'Brien, the host, was younger a teacher had asked him to shave it off as it was not in line with school rules. The Sikh council guy was going on about how offensive this word was and it would affect a lot of young people growing up and hundreds of people would telephone in to complain. By the end of the conversation the presenter reminded the guy that not one objection had come in during the chat, the Sikh guy then resorted to playing the victim and saying you can do what you want as you own the radio station. It all ended up looking daft for no reason - please if you want to represent the Sikh faith get some media training or we all just end up looking foolish.
  11. It's still breaking news but it's 2 Gurughars that have been attacked
  12. Watch Sikh Channel now 1730hrs http://www.sikhchannel.tv/watchus/
  13. https://www.facebook.com/terapanthvasse?hc_location=timeline Please watch latest video on facebook page and read updates voting takes place shortly
  14. https://www.facebook.com/terapanthvasse Please read about dirty politics and our media - no wonder Panjab is lost sorry I can't copy and past the Tera Panth Vasse post from Facebook can anyone please help the Sangat must read this now
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