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  1. Is anyone going to particpate in this, what questions have you got?, I think MP's will be present so this will be real good chance to ask some important questions from the Sikh community.
  2. Agreed! I hope everybody reads this post! OP is just trolling here. FYI, most of Muslims moving to Canada these days are Arabs, not Pakistani. But however, Arabs in Canada are usually very peaceful people unlike Sikhs. ****************** You may think they are peaceful, but in ten years when they have more power than you, they will just see you as somehting they can terriose. How can these people be peaceful ,. look where they come from, their mentaity will not just change just becuase they have immigrated to Canada, Nor will their childrens, Canada is just another Islamic timebomb waiting to happen. Was'nt there a muslim lady who was married to a Sikh, and later the muslim lady was killed by her father for marring a Sikh, was'nt there a planned terrorist attack in toronto. You need to all open your eyes and smell the coffee!
  3. The problem you canadians fail to understand is and I am trying to get into your heads, is the fact Muslims were not a problem 20 years ago in the UK but now they are a massive problem now, You may think thay Muslims are not a problem now in canada but as there numbers build up ( already twice of canadian sikhs) they will become a problem. Why don't you prevent all this from happening use your brains do not wait for the storm.
  4. To Sikhiwiki, You can disagree with Khalistan, but I do not know why you would want to, as I have stated there is more evidence for Khalistan then not. You say you do not know anyone that wants Khalistan in India, do you know that if anyone were to openly talk about a land for Sikhs he or she would windup dead the next day. Alot of people that wanted Khalistan are dead, 300,000 dead Sikhs is not a small number, and its not as if you know everyone in Punjab, I too have come across these individual that do not want a seperate Sikh land, but I find they do not know the facts. I am sure the Guru has spoken about politics, I am sure the Guru wants us to be stong in all fields including Politics.
  5. You have asked this question, and this is exactly what you should be doing and not follow anything without knowing the facts, which I will outline below. We need to raise an international Sikh discussion on this topic, on why as Sikhs we need an Independent state. This will enable people who do not think we need are own land to change there minds, as there is abundant evidence that shows we need our own land . Until we get our own land, we will just be beaten physically, mentally and spiritually by our enemies in fact this is what is happening now, we are just the new Jews of the World, I would not be surprised to find out that there are more genocidal incidents that have occurred against the Sikh community by the Indian government than the Nazi regime committed against the Jewish community, we Sikhs are a very weak community specially in Punjab or Amritsar the site of our most holiest shire Harmindir Sahib, this is where RSS and BJP activists are operating in open its like Nazi's marching through Israel , you may think we are strong but we are not, the Indian government has shown us this, the Harimandir Sahib attack or the Mass genocide of Sikhs could never have happened if there was not involvement of weak Sikhs, we need to now setup Sikh strongholds in the West, like Historical and religious institutes, Political organization and think tanks similar to the Akal Takhat, as the Sikh institutes in India have been compromised by the Indian government. On the basis of the Sikh Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, I think we should have our own land maybe international law supports this, we should deem the India government an illegal entity in occupied Punjab. If the Indian government could put us in gas chambers they would, like an Indian parliamentary stated in the 80's that if they had to kill 25 million Sikh then they will. Why to Sikhs in Punjab say they do not want an independent land, because they know if they ever speak of a separate land they will most likely be killed , they are afraid for their life, this is slave thinking and not the thoughts of a free individual. This is now a War of Minds, if a community does not know about its history, religion, or culture, then how will it know if a crime is being committed against it. For example Hindu extremist advocate that Sikh heroes were actually Hindus and have changed school teaching books in Punjab, within four generations Sikhs will actually say themselves that Sikhs heroes were actually Hindus themselves. Lookup the dictionary meaning of a Sikh, they mostly state it is a combination of Hinduism and Islam, this is totally wrong who gave them the right to state such inaccurate information. Ask yourselves why do Sikhs know more about the Jewish holocaust than the Sikh genocide committed by the Indian government? Ask yourselves why the world knows little about the Sikhs genocide, and why the World has taken little action against the Indian government? Ask yourselfers when an atrocity has been committed against a Sikhs in Indian, it does not make international news around the world ? I don't really know why we want khalistan, what do we hope to achive from it? Sorry if that has offended anyone, but i'm sure there are many youngsters who don't know either so please kindly educate me on the issue. At present, in the future and the Past the Sikh religion and people have been and will be under continuous attack by the Indian government by means of attacking us physical - The genocide of Sikhs throughout the 80's in Indian specially Punjab, the lack of resources for Sikhs like energy, the Mass migration of Bayee to Punjab to change demographics and destroy any stronghold of Sikhs, making votes for congress. Attacking us mentally - The Indian government regime of discrimination against Sikhs, eg Sikhs can only marry under the Hindu marriage act, Sikhs not given jobs in Punjab due to the ethnic representation laws, allowing alcohol and drugs to run freely in Punjab. Attacking us spiritually - distorting Sikh history, distorting Sikh religion, the setting up of Cults in Punjab, Encouragement of Hindi over Punjabi language in Punjab. There is evidence to indicate that the Dasam Granth has been compromised by Hindu's long ago and distorted its scriptures. Like the serpent with many heads the Indian government is not attacking us on one level but multiple levels, the Indian government spies have infiltrated our committees and organisations for one this indicated by the infighting between Sikhs over issues that are very much clear. The creation of a country for Sikhs will enable us to live without persecution, allow us to think freely, insure justice and security, allow Sikhism to flourish and most importantly have the right of self determination without being the slaves of the Indian government. I personally think having Khalistan will do more damage than good. Of all the religions in the world Sikhs are the best at fighting amongst themselves! We want to escape the corrupt Indian government and police officers....how often do we hear about corruption in the gurdwara's committees etc, Most of the Punjab police officers are mostly Sikh and that hasn't stopped them being corrupt. The discussion for a Sikh nation, and Sikh self determination out-weighs the notion we will just fight amongst ourselves, every community and nation has corruption and argue amongst themselves, there is indications in fact the Indian government has infiltrated the Sikhs communities, and are causing much of these arguments so that Sikh community will not come into union. We need to have more faith in our communities and abilities. If it's about being able to pass laws to ban drinking, smoking..........that in princple is great but i can imagine it would still go on behing closed doors, as panjabi's are known for being the biggest drinkers (after the irish). I am sure once we have our own country we can combat such addiction like alcoholism and smoking. the Indian government is truly our enemy maybe even worse than the Mughuls, why does the Indian government not ban alcohol in Punjab or setup addiction camps why is Punjab one of the worst states for addiction. The Indian government does not even stop illegal liquor stores in Punjab, what this all points to is, the Indian government actually want Sikh to be addicts so that they will be easy to control then. Infact all Punjabi's are know for now is having parties, singing and dancing and drinking, what happened to the past perceptions of the Sikhs community such as martial saintly people. The Indian government is positively encouraging Sikhs to drink and become addicts, it is not stupid to think that the Indian government created operation to make Sikhs alcoholics. I also don't agree with segregating our religion off, we are one of the only religions in the world that don't actively go out and convert people, so i think its good for sikhs to be integrated into other different societys so people can learn about out religion. I give lifts to people at work and they always listen to kirtan in my car without complaint. One of the people i have given a lift to is muslim and he said our kirtan was relaxing. I have different gurdwara's as my screensaver and the polish guy i work with recognises each of them now and what is special about them. So i really think it helps not having all the sikhs in one place. The idea of Sikh nation, would not mean cutting of other religions, have other countries like the US cut off other religions infact the US is very much multi-cultured. A Sikh nation would mean a better springboard for Sikhs to teach others about the Sikh religion and not be silenced as they are now in India. In theory what i think we want to achieve sounds good, but in reality i can't see there being many major differences. The only way for Sikhs now, is a nation for Sikhs. We have seen genocide be committed by the worlds largest so called democracy and no justice been given to the perpetrators in fact the perpetrator walk feely and have been rewarded. There will be major difference the laws and polices of a Sikh nation will be based on Sikh scriptures, Sikhs will live freely without persecutions and have self determination<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">
  6. "1) Sikhs migrated in the early 20th century in large numbers to Malaysia. There are loads of god hungry/god wanting chinese , thais, singaporeans/tamils /indonesians in that part of the world . Why has our obsession been with ourselves rather than spreading sikhi. In this parts of the world we worry about majha/malwa and doabia and which maryada is the best for us, while sikh girls run off with tamil, chinese and muslim men for which we cry foul." Are Sikh women running off with Chinese, Muslims, etc, a big problem in Malaysia ? I am not aware of this ? Please can someone from Malaysia confirm this ? If it is it happening in Canada it needs to stop before it gets out of hand and is accepted as something that goes on but is not liked, as it is in the UK. You seriously need to stop muslims immigration to Canada. Like I said the Muslim population is already double that of Sikhs in Canada, check out the stats yourself. You need to come down to the UK, and see how many there are here and how they are changing society for the worse, in terms of their population, local and goverment policies, schools,colleges, crime etc. In the early 80's Muslims were not a problem as much as they are now, as their population has increased and they have established themselfes, they have become a massive social problem here and no-one including the goverment knows what to do with them, because they are British Citizens and no authority in the World can change anyones thinking rapidly ( it takes time to change a person thinking) .The British goverment now is pushing millions into the Muslim communities to stop fundmentlism, ( I though that was what jails are for!). You do not want this happening in Canada, if not stopped in 10 years time you will see your county go to the dogs as the UK has. There is already sharia law here, mortgages for muslims, tax exemptiions for Muslims with two or more wives. What the goverment does not understand is the UK profile is changing to an Islamic profile slowly, where will this all stop, ask yourselfes why do muslims not emigrate to Islamic counties? Within the deep Muslim pyche he or she wants to change everything to Islam no matter what it takes. Remeber more Muslims, means more votes for a political party that will ponder to Muslims. This is no joke, and I am not mad or racist. The majority of the Uk population feels the same, but are afraid to say or do anything about it because of the idea of being classed as racist maybe or bursting the integration bubble ? If you have releations in the UK just ask them ? I remeber a news headline a year back that made national news, a Christian preacher went to a Muslim neighbourhood to preach about Christianity (not forecfully) door to door, the Preacher got attacked by some muslims, the muslims were also saying "get out this is a muslim area" , when the Police came instead of arresting the Muslims they asked the preacher to leave the area as they deemed him as causing some crime. This is how backward people have become, anyone should be allowed to go anywhere and do what they want legally. MUSLIMS ARE A BIG PROBLEM IN THE UK DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN IN CANADA!
  7. I have come across people from old to young, who dismiss the Sikh cause for Independence blindly, why is this?
  8. their our alot of afghan and pakistanis moving into montreal toronto winniipeg edmonton calgary and if you visit some of these city's their our alot of sikh girls going out with these guys and alot of these afghans and pakistanis causing trouble with sikh boys but im glad sikh youth slate won in surrey their going to have a huge impact on the new generation of canadians and youth in a positive way cause for past couple of decades the moderates and fundementals have driven most the youth away from the gurdwara You need to spread more awarness against Muslim extremism in Canada, like its being done in the UK You may think there are more SIkhs than Muslims in Canada, but the population of Muslims is already double that of Sikhs , and in 10 years time will be the largest religious group in Canada with a population 10 times as more than Sikhs. You Sikhs in Canada need to take a stand now, on all levels and stop Sikhs women going out with Muslims, on a natinal level why don't you start lobbying the goverment to stop muslim migration.
  9. Lobby the canadian govermnet to stop Muslim immigration. Sikhs immigrated to Canadia before Muslims, to think all those Sikhs that built-up their community only to be attacked by some Extremist muslims. Why do muslims want to immigrate to non Muslim countries anyway ?
  10. Simple, just a get a group together 50 men or so and defend yourselfes. The women that go out with Muslims, tell their parents and they can deal with it, and then beat the <banned word filter activated> out of the Muslims men. I know what I said is not diplomatic but there is no other way. How bad is it gettig in Canada? I did not know it was that bad !
  11. The general elections are coming. Which party best refelcts what Sikhs want in the UK? Do any of the parties actually listen to Sikh requirments in the UK? Which party should Sikhs support? What are your views?
  12. I do not think there has been any coverage of the Kidnap, by ITV and the BBC although Channel 4 did report it . Considering that he immigrated to the UK on the basis of minority persucution in Pakistan and the instability there, then he was deported back to Pakistan by the UK goverment where he was later kidnapped. The UK govermnet need to do more, as they put him in that situation... What can we do as a Sikh community internationally.
  13. Its Muslim braniwashing again, they use this lie on people whom they wish to convert.
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