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  1. or what your area of expertise is. I live in UK, southall - area of expertise is retail merchandising and other experience in customer services, telesales and general office admin. Are you two different people? 'Japman' & 'humkire' - please explain this - confusing!
  2. Thanks for suggestion, I will have a look into it although i'm worried my cv won't fit their bill. As for one of the singhs who also replied - nah im not in the states.
  3. Hello to all at Sikh Sangat Guys if anyone knows of any available jobs please let me know. I am so distressed and bored at home. I have applied for so many jobs via jobcentre, agencies, networks etc.. and no replies. I even chase all applications and they all say sorry we're not recruiting now or all positions have been filled up. A couple of replies have been rejections. I am so desperate coz its hard getting by without any money and its needed for survival. Can't keep up with the expenses. Jobcentre won't give me allowance coz my wife works but still we are struggling. Please help. Yo
  4. Guru roop sadh sangat ji, please accept my fateh, WJKK, WJKF Daas wud like to share some important issues he is facing in his personal life and hopes the sangat can help daas find a way out. I am 27, married and currently a patit in my Sikhi. I am facing some internal battles at present and I'm finding it hard to find a way out. I wud describe myself as a very western orientated Sikh in that I luv my way of dressing and music. Recently I started cutting my beard coz i didn't feel comfortable with it (I used to tie it but still it wud fall down or give me hassle (as I honestly felt). And
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