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  1. sry veer ji, but maybe that was da case with u, but i am also a Singh and no one can even dare to touch my pagg, it about knowing ur facts and learing to reply if someone ask a question. You become a clown, when someone ask u a question about sikhi and ur standing there like a '?'. Look at Black People, they are so proud of being black and there unique hair problem (they have made dat a pride symbol) and freaking whole world is following there trend lol - it all about being proud and knowing ur stuff About dis topic, girls are girls, i had few paki girls who wanted to date me, but i guess we have diff concept of life. Paki will find any trash and try to convert them into muslim and this is y they are becoming trash. I know few muslim girls, who really hate to be muslim, for simple reason, muslim is only made for man, a man can have 3-5 wifes, but a woman at same times need, to hide herself from A-Z and muslim woman cant even freaking go to hajj lol. I guess i also agree with 'Harinder Singh' paji, please change subject line, there is diff between sikh girls and punjabi girls. oh and about looking beautiful - that really made me laugh, how can u even say "paki are more handsome"? it funny - Please have some self confidence. Being a Singh does not make you look UGLY!!! all i suggest to this thread is; one thing GIVE MORE TIME TO YOUR KIDS and tell them what Sikhi is, it really is NO POINT, wearing pagg, if you cant really explain 'why u wearing one' and please treat ur kids equally Teach ur kids about Sikhi (infact sikhi gives equal rights to woman, I heard many cases of punjabi girls marry muslim guy and i yet to know a couple, who have been happy after dat. They marry muslim guy and become a slave. In islamic world, there is one role for woman, is to serve the man and make babies.) So take pride in Sikhi and teach ur kids meaning of Sikhi, come out of dark ages - Again Dont follow the world, you will only be left behind, but let the world follow u! Sry if i have offended anyone
  2. Thanks :o @Njjassa erm so what u doing in summer O.o (tho i dont know if is summer, but today i am so cold)
  3. for a min, i was like YEAH!!! :|
  4. tanu vee wadhian veer ji. sab nu lakh lakh vadhaiyaan ji !!! :BL:
  5. lol yeah, i was at gurdwara the other day and one kirtan jatha was parking there car (Mercedes) and guy standing near the door and said "waaah ji, aaj kal ta gyani ve mercedes drive karan lag pe neh" and i was like why cant they have mercedes?
  6. lol good post, @at er_gujot everything is ok for Babbu Mann "cause he is a singer", he can eat drugs, look dirty at ur sister's, point fingers at our baba's (for few crupts baba's, u cant blame all). I dont see y, our priest cant have audi cars or VIP treatment. so tired of Babby Mann posts, he is nothing more then piece of <banned word filter activated>
  7. hmm just got married, so i be out and about with my wifey :o
  8. he be bak soon, i love it when he types slogans :D
  9. wow now this is something new, i must research on this !!!
  10. hmm my dad brings kirpans and other weapons, quite often, so far he never has been stoped. Alongest it in ur main hand baggage, there is np
  11. wow really useful post i read for this month !!!
  12. what i meants was dat, it seems PJs veer ji really liked the name XD, so maybe he give that name to some new born girl :D I like dat name too :D
  13. lol i was gone go there >_>, but i forgot to save the link and get the address and when i went india only thing i knew was that it in jalandhar
  14. hehehe i see someone putting there daughter name as "Gulkesh" xD
  15. i am lost on what u are referring too :umm:
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