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  1. I dont think its working for anyone at the moment...
  2. waheguru... i kept picturing everything while reading ...
  3. the things niddar does and teaches have all been proven to be false, and mainly horrifying as how far he has come by doing them, no matter what he says there is no way the panth can take him back after excommunicating him.
  4. budhist monks tend to stay away from worldly things hence they are happy with only meditating. I have tons of respect for them as they do lots of bhagti... which i can only dream of doing
  5. i dont know if i fall inot the catagory of mature but I would love to discuss
  6. vadhayan to everyone on this special occasion!
  7. its perfectly fine wearing a kara in each arm. some people like to wear a simrana on each arm along with the karhe
  8. you mean paintings right? paintings done by people who have not seen Mata Bhag Kaur in person. Those paintings can not be used as proof. Just as how we cannot just say the paintings of guru sahib do not predict thats how guru sahib looked like. as per chuniyan over dastaran its only a punjbai mentality thing. you can wear the chuniyan just around your neck if you want. when wearing bana you body is already covered so there is nothing to worry about so hazoorya is perfectly fine.
  9. what fun would it be for everyone to dress as indira gandhi today if only i had a sari and a friend had a toy gun ot follow me around with HEHE
  10. just read this topic and the responses ehni knowledge ?! dhan dhan hogeyi sachi :respect:
  11. i cant seem to change my signature it asks for authentication and i typed in my id and password but nothing happens it just asks for the authentication over and over again
  12. just for killing a cow... :'( waheguru,.... i cant see it no more...
  13. this is disturbing to know especially since lathrop and the cities in the area are known to be full of lots of sikhs...
  14. it says in gurbani the baby is doing simran for 10 months, if thats the case then wasnt the soul their from the first day? i would say that do as much gurbani as she can, do amritvela 5 banian and do evening bani's as well and listen to kirtan whilst doing house work. when you baby is born you will notice how much kirpa he/she has . hopethis helped.
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