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  1. Use something like download helper for Firefox. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/ Other than personal ripping, this needs a team of volunteers (or a/several paid position) to search, rip and archive videos. Of course this requires co-ordination and sustained effort. Also where does it sit in our panthic priorities? Do we even have a clear vision?
  2. Use the wayback machine - Search by URL: http://archive.org/web/web.php Try this to rip the pages: http://download.cnet.com/HTTrack-Website-Copier/3000-2377_4-10039773.html?tag=contentBody;pop
  3. Justice Markandey Katju's reply to two students who want to sue him Press Council Chairman Justice Markandey Katju has replied to the two students from Lucknow who sent him a legal notice for his comment that "90% of Indians were idiots." After Justice Katju's statement at a seminar in New Delhi last week that at least 90 percent of Indians are "idiots", who can be easily be misled by mischievous elements in the name of religion, law student Tanaya Thakur, and her brother, Class XI student Aditya Thakur, sent a sent a legal notice to Press Council of India Chairperson. They have said they wi
  4. I hear you but nothing's black and white. Dishonest/malicious reporting aside and the very real need for genocide recognition the same media group hosted this discussion: http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/news/1984-anti-sikh-riots-will-sit-help-deliver-justice/253206?v_also_see
  5. Google image search is brilliant: This is the image used: http://www.sikhmuseum.com/bluestar/newsreports/840618_1.html
  6. Mods please delete = double post!
  7. From their facebook page: Sikhs Beware (Part 1) For the last several months India has been working hard to provoke, incite, delegitimize and dehumanize the Sikh Nation. Though this behavior is nothing new, it’s the intensity that has amplified many folds. All this started after the Bhai Rajoanna issue and the consequences may be dire for our sisters and brothers living in occupied Punjab. Parkash Badal knew executing Professor Bhullar and Bhai Rajoanna wouldn’t be easy, that’s why he promoted the notorious killer Sumedh Saini to DGP. It was believed that his reputation for torture, rape and
  8. I've wrote out a bit of what Colin Gonsalves Senior Advocate in the Supreme Court of India said about Bhai Sahib in the news debate. ‘He is not a menace to society, he doesn’t need to be hung on this notion of rule of law. The insistence on the rule of law. It's very laughable. When Beant Singh who was called ‘The Butcher of Punjab’ and his police force were torturing and killing Sikh youth in the Punjab, where was the rule of law? Where was the justice done to the people? When people are put into a situation where the only way to stop a person's repression, massive repression, is to engage in
  9. Have you got a link to the whole news clip with Colin Gonsalves?
  10. I don't know. Hence why I'm asking you clarifications on your advice.
  11. 'As sikhs learn the best fighting systems out their' I agree :happy2:
  12. Wow ok. You didn't answer my first question :sad2:: but what if they don't have belts? Maybe they are hiding them somewhere? 'if the schools not have students sign documents to keep the school out of trouble and the school continues to train them if that student goes out their and hurts someone the schools owners and teachers can be criminally charged and can be brutally sued' Oh 'brutally sued' that must be fun. I need to find a teacher I can do that to! 'Once you turn pro and you choose to fight someone at the club in canada and a lot of the states in america you will be charged with ass
  13. Good topic. So I need to watch out for 'overweight black belts'. Gotcha, but what if they don't have belts? Maybe they are hiding them somewhere? 'Check out how many students in the martial arts school have their hands and body considered weapions so if they get into a fight they get charged with assult with a deadly weapion for using their hands and even will get charged with attempted murder if they get into a street fight' How do I do this? Is there some online database or something? 'Once your at a certain level in amature muay thai or mma or boxing you are no longer allowed to get int
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