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  1. I mentioned the number 84 becaus ethere are 84 stairs there at Bauli shaib. People sit in one Pauri do one Japuji shaib Paath , then do ishnaan and aagain sit on second pauri and repeat same untill all 84 pauris get completed. If you You go there you will see every day 10-20 people doing that. ALl the history regarding 84 japuji sahib Paath and going through 3 times , and Ura arra at damdma sahib , is written on the board at each Gurudwara Shaib with clear mentioning of Gurbani Tuk or any other reference.
  2. I wanted to know that which are the places one should visit when someone come from abroad where Guru Shaib have given any sort of Bachan or vardhan or baksh. For e,g These were the things told to me by some of my friends to do. There may be many more which i don't know. Can anyone mention here some more of these which i can do while in India. Although we can visit as many Gurudwaras like % Takht , Hemkunt Sahib and many more but i was more concerened where Guru Shaib has said that if you do something here , you will get this thing.
  3. WJKK WJKF I have realised that best way to fight with these sort of things is Shaeed Singhs or Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed. Go to Amritsar Baba Shaheeda de , attend some chupehras on Sunday and do Ardaas. Guranteed Result 100%.
  4. WJKK WJKF I have heard in some Katha that if we do any Bani inside Harmandir Sahib then its output will be 51 times than normal Jaap. SO does it mean that if i do 1 mala of bani then it will be counted as 51 times. Is that correct. I know we should not concentrate on number but i want to know the truth. I want something and i have heard that i can get that if i do 1.25 Lakh jaap of that Bani. I was thinking of doing inside Harmandir Sahib so that i can do it fast. Can anyone put some light on that of other places like that where Maharaj have said some bachans
  5. you may be correct , but even then there are pure Gursikh who are smart boy as well. So girls will put me at bottom. Mine like cases are very less where ihave come at the point of mariage and i don't know how to tie Turban
  6. WJKK WJKF Thanks to everyone for their help. Actually before becoming a Gursikh , i was like a Filmi Hero or Model with good personality. My Father is not happy that i took Amrit. I am not even married, so my parents are looking for a Gursikh girl. Now as i can't tie a good turban i am not looking good. My Father is saying you will not get good girl as you look bad now. SO i am bit worried now , because no mater what every girl wants her husband handsome not with parna like me. I don't know what will happen
  7. I have seen the calendar on this sikhsangat website . it means all the dates are inside the web databse. Is it possible to have automatic reminders to all those events in email. Something like 1 or 2 day before
  8. I have just seen on the top banner today that there is janam dihara of Bhagat kabir ji today. Is there any site which can send me reminder of main Gurupurabs or where i can get the yearly list so that i can feed it on some google calendar
  9. I became Gursikh sikh recently and was hair cut before. As i am in foreign country , aand goras don't know much about turban so i usually wear parna all the time. I don't know how to tie a turban. I tried to learn but i don't know i am not able to tie it properly. I have only learnt how to tie a parna in few months. Now i am going to india anow and i am afraid what should i do. DO people usually wear turban all the time or can tie 2.5m parna as well. I am going for 1 month. Is it ok to wear parna in public places in india. I am afraid that people don't make fun of me there. However there is shop i know there who take Rs40 to tie turban , i can do that while visit Ristedars or other main places. ANy suggestions for me
  10. Actually my punjabi handwriting is very bad and i think there is no soothing effect while reading if the writing is not good. and i can make many mistakes while writing so that can cause problem too. I am web programmer and knows photoshop and dreamweaver. Haven't done indesign but will try that
  11. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa . . Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I need to recite Gurabni which are not available in normal Pothi's or Gutka. I was thinking that i could complile my own set of Banis and then publish it. is it possible. How much it can cost. I want to around A6 or A5. ANy ideas
  12. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa . . Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Does any one has audio mp3 file of budha dal gutka. Or The Banis like BHaugti Ustotra or braham kavach. From which Granth did Braham Kavach bani came from Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa . . Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  13. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa . . Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I live in foreign country and as we know here they have eggs or animal products in almost 90% of veg products as well. Sometimes if by mistake someone eats bread and it contains egg or gelatine(animal product) them my friend goes to Panj Payre for taking Amrit again and they have committed Kurehat. I just want to know that do we have to DO peshi with Panj payre when we eat veg thinga nd it contains those product. We tried our 100% but sometimes we forfget to read contents. We have not intentionally eat the prodcut but it was by mistake. I wanted to know that is it compulsory to do peshi every time if some eats that product by mistake
  14. I think the A5 size paper ream is available in the market. And any printer supports that size. You can print Gutka sahib and then do Perfect thermal binding
  15. I want to know which Gurbani have this pankti "Jit dar Lakh Mohamda"
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