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  1. WJKK WJKF, I am stucked in tough situation. please help me what should i do. I know that we should never ask for anything form Guru Sahib and we should stay in Guru Shaib Hukum. But i am not able to apply that thing. There were few things which i always wanted in my life. I kept praying for long time but that didn't happened. People may say that that was for my good or whatever. but i am feeling very much depressed because i have been praying for that for about 10 years. I did what ever i could have done but that didn't happened. There were 3 things which were most imporatant in my life of which two have failed. Now problem is my mind is saying that third one will also fail because of other two have failed. I know that may be my bad karamas that i didn't get what i wanted but even though there are bad karamas stopping me from getting something but Guru sahib can revert those as well. But even 10 eyars of praying didn't do the trick and even those things were not that difficult to get if see my friends/relatives. Now my mind says that there is no need for praying as id anything is my karma i will get it and if not then even pray can't get that. because that way heart is less broken otherwise if we trust that Guru shaib will do thing for us and in the end result is not in our favor then i feel more broken. But i am not saying that we should stop doing Nitnem or Gurbani but just that don't expect that Guru sahib will fulfil any particular wish. But deep inside mind says that Guru shaib can do anything, so expectacy again appears. what should i do??? I know that some people will say that if i don't get thing X then but got thing B then thing B will be good for me. But i want toask one thing that can't Guru sahib make thing X good for me if thats not the case earlier. Please guide me how should i go in life
  2. Is there any Gurudwara sahib in punjab where there is saroop of sri Dasam Granth Sahib??
  3. I feel afraid of applying bandaid at applying on any injury because after 2 days some hair also gets removed with the gum of bandaid . Is that considered as kurehet
  4. I usually wear a sort of small dumala all the time . I want to know that can i wear different color like dark green , sky blue , dark red color to match with shirts etc or i can only wear black and blue only
  5. i need chips at background shop
  6. Because in all most important threads we waste many posts on decoding what he really means and original motive of the thread is lost in some useless posts
  7. i think we should BAN the IP addresses of the ISP used by innergear
  8. WJKK WJKF I am going to Hazoor Sahib next week. I am going there for first time. From my past experinence i have seen during the first time visit to any place we often miss few things , do few things wrong way etc. So can anyone can guide me what are the things i should take into consideration like 1. What time to wake up and do what? 2. Some type of sewa to do there 3. Meeting someone there?? 4. Any travel recommendations 5. Things i should take with me so that i won't have any problems staying there 6. First thing to do when reach there and etc
  9. WJKK WJKF Due to Guru Shaib Kirpa my wife is pregnant and i have heard in katha that my wife should recite as much gurbani so that child will be good gursikh. I have also heard in one katha that it is during the 5-6 month that aatma enters in the child body and at that time more simran should be done. Are there any more tips which should be done by my wife for having better kid
  10. Are there any ebooks in punjabi language where there are some desi nuske for common health problems. There are many available on hard copy but i want some pdf
  11. i wonder why anyone didn't mention "himkire" . That guy is really really great and in depth knowledge of sikhi. He really has understood Gurbani and Gursikhi from what SGGSJ wanted to convey. Although its difficult to comprehend his posts . I have printed many of his posts and i have to read again and again to understand him. I wish if i could meet him personally
  12. AFAIK =» As Far As I Know AFK =» Away From Keyboard ASAP =» As Soon As Possible BAS =» Big A$$ Smile BBL =» Be Back Later BBN =» Bye Bye Now BBS =» Be Back Soon BEG =» Big Evil Grin BF =» Boyfriend BIBO =» Beer In, Beer Out BRB =» Be Right Back BTW =» By The Way BWL =» Bursting With Laughter C&G =» Chuckle and Grin CICO =» Coffee In, Coffee Out CID =» Crying In Disgrace CNP =» Continued (in my) Next Post CP =» Chat Post(a chat message) CRBT =» Crying Real Big Tears CSG =» Chuckle Snicker Grin CYA =» See You (Seeya) CYAL8R =» See You Later (Seeyalata) DLTBBB =» Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite EG =» Evil Grin EMSG =» Email Message FC =» Fingers Crossed FTBOMH =» From The Bottom Of My Heart FYI =» For Your Information FWIW =» For What It's Worth GAL =» Get A Life GF =» Girlfriend GFN =» Gone For Now GMBA =» Giggling My Butt Off GMTA =» Great Minds Think Alike GTSY =» Glad To See You H&K =» Hug and Kiss HABU =» Have A Better 'Un HAGN =» Have A Good Night HAGU =» Have A Good 'Un HHIS =» Hanging Head in Shame HUB =» Head Up Butt IAE =» In Any Event IC =» I See IGP =» I Gotta Pee IMNSHO =» In My Not So Humble Opinion IMO =» In My Opinion IMCO =» In My Considered Opinion IMHO =» In My Humble Opinion IOW =» In Other Words IRL =» In Real Life IWALU =» I Will Always Love You JMO =» Just My Opinion JTLYK =» Just To Let You Know KIT =» Keep In Touch KOC =» Kiss On Cheek KOL =» Kiss On Lips L8R =» Later L8R G8R =» Later 'Gater LHM =» Lord Help Me LHO =» Laughing Head Off LHU =» Lord Help Us LMAO =» Laughing My A$$ Off LMSO =» Laughing My Socks Off LOL =» Laugh Out Loud LSHMBB =» Laughing So Hard My Belly is Bouncing LSHMBH =» Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts LSHTTARDML =» Laughing So Hard The Tears Are Running Down My Leg LTNS =» Long Time No See LTS =» Laughing To Self LUWAMH =» Love You With All My Heart LY =» Love Ya MTF =» More To Follow NRN =» No Reply Necessary NADT =» Not A Darn Thing OIC =» Oh, I See OL =» Old Lady (significant other) OM =» Old Man (significant other) OTOH =» On The Other Hand OTTOMH =» Off The Top of My Head PDS =» Please Don't Shoot PITA =» Pain In The A$$ PM =» Private Message PMFJI =» Pardon Me For Jumping In PMP =» Peed My Pants POAHF =» Put On A Happy Face QSL =» Reply QSO =» Conversation QT =» Cutie ROFL =» Rolling On Floor Laughing ROFLAPMP =» ROFL And Peeing My Pants ROFLMAO =» ROFL My A$$ Off ROFLMAOAY =» ROFLMAO At You ROFLMAOWTIME =» ROFLMAO With Tears In My Eyes ROFLUTSROFL =» Unable to Speak RTFM =» Read The F****** Manual! SETE =» Smiling Ear To Ear SHID =» Slaps Head In Disgust SNERT =» Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude Teenager SO =» Significant Other SOT =» Short Of Time SOTMG =» Short Of Time Must Go SWAK =» Sealed With A Kiss SWAS =» Scientific Wild A$$ Guess SWL =» Screaming with Laughter SYS =» See You Soon TA =» Thanks Again TGIF =» Thank God It's Friday TCOY =» Take Care Of Yourself TILII =» Tell It Like It Is TNT =» Till Next Time TOY =» Thinking Of You TTFN =» Ta Ta For Now TTYL =» Talk To You Later WAS =» Wild A$$ Guess WB =» Welcome Back WTH =» What/Who The Heck (or sub an 'F' for the 'H') YBS =» You'll Be Sorry YG =» Young Gentleman YL =» Young Lady YM =» Young Man
  13. Thanks veer ji , I am confused about keski , what should i do with it
  14. I want to do keshi ishnaan in sarovar and do Chaupai Shaib paath at Darbar Shaib. how should i do it.
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