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  1. Also people who daytimers both Panjabi's and the Muslim type are in it for the same thing. Dollars and hoes. In clubs, the number of Muslim girls is negliable. However Girls from a Panjabi/Indian background are plentyful. Muslims boys also are plentyful just like Panjabi boys. Just forget for a second what a girl dresses up like. However most Panjabi boys get drunk, try to womanise and act like complete idiots when intoxicated. Sober muslim boys can then slap up these fools without even trying most of the time. So some Panjabi girls think yeah he tough, he half decent looking, he sobe
  2. To JALANDHARSHERE..... A real soorma, burrrrhhhhh! Lol. Who said it happens actually in Gurdwarae? In party halls and outside absolutely yes. Now this is an old video before you start throwing your toys out the pram, because boy you ain't throwing NO punches yet. It is not leeds either, but you will be able to figure that much out at least: I hardly doubt it that the people who actually take an interest in their faith would come out with random accusations to make themselves look better and as saviours of the faith while knocking other denomination tribes/casts who may be a little lost
  3. Agreed UK Law is important. But UK Law is not above God's law. Your thinking religious fanatic ain't ya, lol! Well mate you should really think about picking up a book and learning about Sikhi and Sikh history. Do something useful with your life kid. Guru Ji (Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji) used to sit on the Akaal Takhat Throne and give Hukam defying the governmnets of that day and the law of the land in the interests of Sikhi and Sikhs, not frigging Manmat which some people here seem to keep justifying through ignorant views, comments and the baseless Gurdwara Constitution. O but your think
  4. To all the visitors on this profile!

    Waheguru Je Ka Khalsa Waheguru Je Ke Fateh

    seeing that nobody going to say it first :P

  5. These Pathetic Committees (even Gurdware where there is no cultural or party hall) do not see even Gurdwara as the Guru's property, let alone some cultural centre. They see it as a business and an extension of their egos. When the R4G campaign was on and before that the Guru Granth Sahib Campaign plenty of Gurdwarae said just like these dudley people 'who are you to tell us what to do' 'we started this gurdwara' 'you don't live nearby' 'we payed for this with our own money' ultimately they see it as a business and something that is theirs, where they can poamp their own egos and t
  6. :laugh2: Very true. There is still time for Sikh Channel to fix up and do some damage limitation in our own community regardless of whether they have given up the tapes or not. Maybe run a piece on the whole thing showing the other side of the protest also with people on the panel that can talk about the issues mentioned here also.
  7. Just for everyones info the little birdy mentioned previously has gone back to the source who has said that a sikh channel staff member told them but will not mention any names. Suppose it is utter BULL TATTI and Sikh Channel haven't given up the tapes to the PO PO. Just think about this then and who the real jokers are, If you broadcast something on tv you need to retain a copy of it just in case any formal public complaint to OFCOM is made, ask the weird and wonderful staff at Sikh channel this. Now they put that video up, so now the bacon rashers are probably aware of that recording also
  8. No internet rumour mate, because it started through a phone call, lol! Some people out there may keep their head in the sand! But let me reassure you the person who gave the intel doesn't, but don't take my word for it. Just wait till someone with a better reputation on this forum does with some concrete evidence. Yes they can when they say they haven't got any evidence left because they got rid of the recordings! Ha, never heard of the situation where there been a robbery at the local store and the shopkeeper has beaten the robber senseless only to say he hasn't turned the CCTV recorder on
  9. If that is him on facebook, he deleted that post and many of the others posted in response to it. Plus a little birdie just told me that the Sikh Channel have given the video footage over to the POLICE. Always remember Sikh Channel, Pride of the Panth! Yeh EFFing right! Sangat TV and Sikh TV both declined the police's request as all parties agreed that no charges will be made or upheld on either party as per signed statement, rightly so! Thats probably why he has no problem with the Police pulling Singh's beards and knocking their turbans off either.
  10. Dudley flop squad, actually a handful of the Singhs that went to the protest were the very same Singhs that went down to ensure that there was no case of mistaken identity when the E, E, EEEEEEDL were marching through. If you were there yourself instead of being an internet warrior you would know that there was also one of the main members of the EDL close on call to speak to any of the other EDL members if they still came round. Ask your local committee about it, they might actually speak the truth for once. Even when the bins were placed outside the other Gurdwara in Dudley and set ali
  11. Read their facebook status update here jee: http://www.facebook....149575988442445 - "Very shameful scenes today at the Dudley protest. Those cowards who attack old men and police officers will get what they deserve. Everything was filmed but very sad and to embarrassing to air!!" The peaceful protest part consisted the majority of the protest, however as you have correctly said this is something which has not been highlighted correctly.
  12. Think Satkaar need to up the ante (have said this to them before anyone turns around and says 'say it to them first') If there is to be a protest and then supposedly a resolution is achieved then as an extra deterrent just like in this case where the same slimey 'Sikh's' go and arrange another party in its place when the family respectfully bowed out of the situation; Satkaar should contact accomadating Gurdwarae in that area who would be able to cater for the diversion of protesters from the planned protest into the Gurdwarae in an actual 100% agreement has been made. Thus it won't b
  13. singhfauja you have mentioned relating side issues, im just stating the obvious. Where did the 'nang' fauj come into it? FYI I do not know where the woman goes and who she visits either. :rolleyes2: lol, what a way to sideline the issue. I couldn't give a flying EFF about them two things either jee. Try mentioning a few more conspiracies maybe, lol? Do you blindly follow panthic.org, work for them or a part of the 'JATHA' or something that you don't allow yourself to see the point that was made? :nono: Goli Maro, think what you want jee but there is more to that video then is being shown.
  14. Panthic.org state this on their site 1) "London, UK - In a newly released video, the notorious Hindu Sadhvi Rithambhrai, who leads VHP's Army of Durga, and vows that those minorities that challenge the unity of Hindustan will be crushed and killed like dogs is seen in sangat of several Sikh parchariks before a Havan is performed at that residence." This as already mentioned cannot be the case as their is no concrete footage showing this. 2) "It is assumed that this video was recorded on the same day when the Havan and Aartee occurred - although it is not known whether Baba Randhavewal
  15. The people behind the 'thing' should also learn their mother tongue. Correct this if wrong, but don't it say khalistan zidabad, there is a tippee missing from the original panjabi writing which would make it khalistan zindabad :wacko2:
  16. lol. Great manipulation skills used in this video. If you look at the video properly and notice the key things in the background you will be able to ascertain that this recording was done at different times when none of the same people mentioned above were in the same room. Firstly the clip starts with the nutcase woman, then cleverly cuts to Balbir 'RSS' and some other 'Singh's'. Then it cuts back to the woman and Dajit doing sangat of her sitting on the floor. In this room you can see all the people sitting on the right of the room on the floor. In this clip you will also notice that the s
  17. Only if our own Panth was still into doing this to all the pankhandi so called leaders and those fake people, maybe Panjab would be a better place today. :rolleyes2: Goli Maro
  18. Whats the latest with this story? Anybody know whats going on?
  19. For all the doubters out there who think it's not easy to remove a Pagh - Nok style, just watch the start of this. Being Tyar bar Tyar means in every sense! Starting with a good solid Jeevan and a secure dastaar such as a Dumalla, one with a Boonga, keski underneath would help or learning how Sikh's in the world wars used to tie them. Paitiala/Nok style paghs weren't made for battle, but having it remain on your head depends on your Jeevan and Kirpa as some of the top Kharkoo's used to adorn these style turbans when on the hunt for Paapi's. Goli Maro
  20. What a true clutch if your ever saw one :lol: Maybe this is how he thinks 'good people and bad Sikhs' should act by taking part in things like these. The man in that suit that you can't see totally is none other than Hardeep Kholi in a stripper dancer competition most likely in a nightclub with his usual bright Pagh on. If you are a concerned soul worried about the influences of Kaam, do not watch it!!! *link removed* Mod Note: Threads Merged
  21. If you can stomach it, there is a video of the Beadbi that was done and the Seva being carried out now. :excl: Video Link
  22. Official Promo Vid Must watch even if you are not going to attend, amazing video Can't wait :D
  23. If you havent read the book on Bhagat Ji, then you really need to. Well worth the read :BL: Buy it for under £7 here: DTF Read more about it here: SikhWiki
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