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  1. Was trying to access this website which I had been reading up on important information about sikh history for over 20 years and realised its no longer available? Done a little research and seems like since mid 2019 it's stopped being hosted maybe the owner doesn't realise its no longer there or is unable to pay for costs of hosting it any more or maybe has passed away? Just a shame that these important resources of Sikh theology, political and history that have been online available for free since 90s are being lost gradually sometimes forever. It's like our own online version of sikh reference library being destroyed because of our own kaum's collective carelessness and negligence in not preserving these sites for present and future generations. Sikh-history.com among others no longer available and being hosted, all the important material for research lost forever. Other sites include: searchsikhism.com Khalistan.com burningpunjab.org fortpanthkhalsa.org sikhe.com sikhlionz.com
  2. I think india is likely to reply mostly through economical means. The establishment probably ordered their troops to engage and evict the Chinese encampment on Indian land yesterday where things got out of control. The establishment knew the indian soldiers would very likely get into deadly confrontation and sacrificed eventually and this is the pretext they needed to use for the western backed anti-china narrative and strategy. The west wants india to be the hub of high tech and clothing manufacturing and take that economic and in turn political power away from china. India needs an excuse to kick start that manufacturing sector with the boycott of Chinese products narrative currently being played out in their indian govt controlled propaganda spewing media.
  3. You haven't read books and articles I have then. Yes the indian establishment has always backstabbed and reneged on promises and agreements made with the Sikhs however punjabi suba wasn't just granted out of no where, it is delusional to think the government granting Sikhs their own majority state when they held all the cards. Peaceful protests and agitations can only do so much. When it comes to india going to war with their arch enemies that's when things count. Either you are with us or them, the enemy, is the mentality they have in what decides matters. That's where the big wins and concessions are and were made. Not to say the establishment doesn't provide whats demanded without sacrifice of our sikh soldiers in the war effort. They always have clauses or limitations put in as bargaining chips to be used against Sikhs in the future when ever the need arises. For example lets take the current situation with UP Sikhs and few years back the treatment of Sikhs of Gujarat who had their hard earned farmlands taken off them by the same anti-sikh establishment. I'm sure they used that to leverage against political demands Sikhs made in other area's.
  4. There was no ultimatum but there was secret talks and appeals going on between the Sikh leadership under the akalis to the central government in regards to Sikh contributions to the war effort against pakistan. It is that valued and necessary contribution that swayed the government to concede to the demands of the punjabi suba movement not just those mass arrests and peaceful protests. Same sort of thing happened in history but against Sikhs when certain tiwana punjabi muslims aided and conspired with the british invaders in conquering punjab and in 1857 indian mutiny these guys were given more political power and held sway in what parts of punjab that would come under pakistan when radcliff drew his line to split the punjab. In terms of wars for India then Sikh soldiers will always be used. The punjabi Sikhs have a bravado instilled inside them that makes them born and raised fighters. If there's war with china it is the best time to negotiate the rewards and privileges in law for Sikhs. Sikh soldiers should present themselves to the leadership and vow not to fight for India until the Sikhs political and religious grievances are addressed. Otherwise if china and pakistan was to invade who know maybe some Sikhs may welcome the invaders if they can get favorable outcomes in terms of having their own independent nation state.
  5. It's all part of Islamic extremists and their ideological subversive "soft" war on Sikhs and Sikhi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CeScA02y-c
  6. Which is where the sikh leadership and sikh media needs to speak up on behalf of Sikhs. If SGPC and akali dali are sold out then new institutions must be raised to give Sikhs that voice and protection.
  7. Me neither that's why a new Sikh leadership is needed now one that doesn't sell out their own people and fights for interests of the Sikh kaum. During the 1965 war with pakistan the Sikh leadership under akali dal told central govt in delhi they would encourage Sikhs to join the indian army to fight pakistan if delhi gave concessions to Sikhs, it seemed to work as they were then granted Sikh majority punjab along linguistic lines but at a cost of splitting punjab in 3 different entities. If Indian Sikhs are to fight and shed blood for the indian nation it needs rewards and privileges written in law Otherwise there's no point. Likewise when Sikhs fought for Britian the only reason prime minister churchil gave concessions to Sikhs to carry the kirpan in UK was because the allied Sikh soldiers fought and died defending the UK against its foes in europe. Sikhs should have pressed for more concessions like a Sikh homeland but our leadership was too sold out and weak.
  8. Thats why Guru Ji gave Sikhs the kirpan and right to bear arms to defend themselves. Lets be clear the reason why they attack is because they think these sardars are weak and not able to attack back. Wearing a dastar means you need to carry weapons too. If the sardars dont carry arms then they shouldnt complain when they get attacked and their dastaars chucked they chose not to listen to their Guru and defend themselves with shastars. If these hooligans knew they would get killed or injured if they took on an armed sardar they wouldn't dare try it on.
  9. The white western world along with Trump is probably trying to encourage Modi to take a more aggressive stance with China. They will be double dealing as always trading with china meanwhile selling weapons to india. If india was wise they would have allied with putins Russia for the long term rather than flirting with USA and drifting away from Russia over the decades. Russia is a major world power and in asia so crucially to have it on your side would be sensible. Pakistan has most to gain out of this, it has flirted with allying with Russia and has strong economic and military alliance with china as does Russia. Meanwhile the covid deaths cases have not reached their peak in India with highest daily tolls going up day by day https://www.dailysabah.com/world/india-covid-19-toll-sees-record-jump-of-2000-dead/news
  10. Both sides don't want to go to war they are just testing each other at the moment. Biological warfare would be dangerous as india also can do that so no one wants to get involved in that. Already china is being blamed for the global pandemic covid virus with many saying it was created in chinese military lab. The crazy thing is because both countries are nuclear powers with big arsenal of an array of weapons that can destroy large populations and cities including large hydrogen bomb missles so both countries do not want to get involved in that kinda conflict. Even at the border they are having to resort to using fists, swords, knives, batons, stones, rocks like pre-historic cavemen even though they have advanced weapons to take each to each out. China is being the aggressor here probably trying to test Modi's resolve due to the kashmir issue. Pakistan probably strategised wtih china to attempt this to see how india reacts. If india does nothing then china will capture that land and wont let it go and together with pakistan will then have a chance to capture saichan glacier and rest of kashmir with a pincer movement. Jammu Kashmir Ladakh region is key to india's defense policy, they can not lose it under any cost as most of the water supply comes from there for one and they dont want to lose the high ground. In terms of us Sikhs we should stay out of any conflict until we get concessions of self rule autonomy. Sikh leadership should make it clear no Sikh blood will go to defend the nation that split innocent Sikh blood in their thousands until guarantee's are put in place for Sikh self rule.
  11. Which will lead to declaration of war. Things can only escalate both china and india do not want to get into a full scale war especially as both are emerging superpowers. According to this Indian media news report they say US intelligence has said 35 Chinese soldiers died from the brawl. No one is going to believe them until actual proof is given to the public.
  12. If the indian army wants to remove the chinese troops on indian land without using bullets they should use tear gas cannisters and non-lethal anti-personal devices to make life difficult to stay in illegal occupied area's. And if the chinese resort to firing bullets then its game on the indian army can start opening up their own gun's on them.
  13. Until china admits it has lost 43 soldiers and does not make it clear they did by showing their bodies and funerals then I don't think the indian public and establishment will be satisfied leaving the matter there they will want chinese soldiers blood and revenge. The face saving thing for india is not forth coming from chinese side which makes the likelihood for further conflict high as indian establishment can not be shown to be weak infront of its public and the world. Already modi has just said indian army will not be backing down from its stance and will a reply will come. So looks like india is on a war footing making it clear to china the engagement rules on the LAC border will change and bullets will fly if india is stopped from constructing infrastructure on the land they say is there's.
  14. Ironic thing is the more they dappen down and oppress the sikhi and try to finish off our fighting spirit martial side the less capable Sikh soldiers they produce and in the end when the time arises to defend india from its enemies they wont be up for the fight. All that political correct lefty hippy nonsense wont produce those fired up fierce sikh warriors in wars with pakistan who were able to defeat enemy units under very difficult and impossible circumstances. All enemies of india there are only two groups who can fight properly and those are Sikhs and Gurka's. The rest don't have the caliber as their ideology isn't one of a warrior.
  15. Remember when 16 BSF was killed by bangladeshi border guards in 2001. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2001_Bangladesh–India_border_clashes certain caliber of Indian troops are too light weight even bangladesh slapped them around and killed them. Probably from comfortable homes wasnt ready for real soldiering.
  16. This is the old photo from earlier encounter where both sides had a punch up. No one has released the fight that happened yesterday where there was deaths of soldiers. bro its fairly obviously they always use the unfortunate sikh slave soldiers to do their bidding when they in trouble. Hope Sikhs in india are wise enough to stay out of the fight and look after their families in punjab and elsewhere. Indian establishment is no friend of the Sikhs they just need to see what they doing to 300 sikh families in utter pardesh.
  17. Looks like its over 20 dead indian troops Its so embarrassing and devastating for the Indian army's morale not just an act of extreme deadly aggression on part of the chinese army. And they didnt even use weapons just hand to hand combat with each other using batons, large rocks. I'm guessing the indian troops were either caught by suprise during the night when they were sleeping or they took on a large number of chinese troops that outnumbered them and killed them all. Now the indian establishment has to respond by killing chinese troops or forever be seen as cowards and weak in front of china by pakistan and rest of the world powers. The loud mouth fools in the indian media establishment are barking that they killed 40+ Chinese troops i very much doubt that unless they can prove their claims. I remember when Bangladesh troops killed about 20 indian soldiers few years ago in a border skirmish it was one of the most embarrassing events for indian army. Not to mention 83+ indian troops and special commando's (official govt figures but we know there was many more) who got killed when they took on the villager singhs with ww1 and ww2 rifles defending darbar sahib in 1984.
  18. My assessment so far is that timing of china's aggression comes at a time india made strategic move to incorporate all of kashmir into the indian union formally and announced plans to take back PoK and gilgit soon. China being pakistan's regional ally is making a pre-empetive step to keep india busy on the eastern border area's so that india's plans for pakistan are either dissuaded or limited in scope. China also wants to protect its aksai chin region of kashmir that india lays claim to and further cement its claim on ladakh. China also wants to cut off and prevent india's military supply line to its only air force base near the saichin glacier region (the worlds highest battlefield region on going between indian troops and pakistani troops) If india thinks russia will come to its aid and mediate fairly then they are mistaken its not the 1960s, china and russia have are more stronger strategic relationship now than the days of soviet union. Russia is always going to side with china than india as india is an ally that stays neutral and friendly with most nations which can be a strength but also a weakness as it behaves like a whoore flirting with country to country seeking favorable terms rather than strong loyal committed strategic relationships with major world powers like russia and usa. Modi being a strong hindu nationalist leader is waiting for public pressure to build up to capitalise and act militarily on china. Meanwhile i'm sure R&AW is forming various separatists groups to be trained and funded to be unleashed on china. So action will take place just a matter of timing and place
  19. According to reports there was a hand to hand combat fight and that's how they died that way not by firearms allegedly. Some reports say the indian troops got chucked off a cliff by chinese troops. So there is room for diplomatic maneuvers however both sides seem to be ready for a fight with heavy weapons of war over the disputed border and not backing down. I don't think india is going to reply directly yet they will use and fund groups to commit terrorism within china, subversion, sabotage and hit china in these ways just like how they do with pakistan. India establishment will now rely on its western allies and economic partners to try isolate china. Dangers for indian establishment is that it has diplomatically isolated itself from its neighbors. it's failure to exert pressure on it's neighbors to be friendly with new delhi is a significant weakness.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWEu_WX57vA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjB7TUWBuF4
  21. Right now this is going on in france armed ethnic conflict between chechen, albanian, north African arab gangs in the past few days. We saw recent clashes between white and blacks in america and UK. The situation will only get worse as the elites at the top look at new ways to fund, inflame tensions and conflicts as the deep recession hits in coming months and years.
  22. Good to see your point of view on the forum, I think you been reading alot of my posts and similar minded people. As I've talked about this stuff for years even posted video recently in the statue thread about this same ex-kgb guy showing how the communist Marxists from soviet states were waging a secret war in the west and on other nations like their allies india on ideological basis to subvert and change those nations population to be under their control and rule by pumping out their ideological propaganda. Political subversion is nothing new its been used since civilisations begun and rival powers sought to over power the other by using it. The arab muslims did overt and covert ideological subversion by first sending in islamic missionaries to convert populations of hind to islam softening the base then came the hordes of armed warriors of islam who went around enforcing islam across the lands they conquered in war making it hard for non-muslim populations to exist under their new sharia law ruling masters. Our majority hippy lefty liberal Sikhs are too low IQ to see what is happening around them having not read or learnt any lessons from sikh history. Ideological subversion can be just and unjust can be natural organic or implanted by a foe. For example the Mughuls thought the Sikhs were doing ideological subversion to their people because so many musilms were becoming Sikhs so they made guru arjun sahib amoung others shaheed to try stop that, what they didnt realise that it was a natural organic faith a native spiritual ideology movement and not some imported idea or group from the enemies of the mughuls. And that created more problems for them as it militarized the Sikhs from a pacifist faith to a militant one that directly and physically challenged their unjust brutal islamic rule rather than spiritually and indirectly. Eventually crushing islamic rule in late 17th century. So if ideological subversion is challenged in violent way its gonna create a violent counter reaction eventually. For Sikhs to capture Pakistan and other islamic lands we will never be able to win militarily in todays world so the only way is by ideological subversion to slowly bring muslims into Sikhi. Just as hardline muslims are slyly trying to bring Sikhs into Islam or be islam-friendly at the very least. Sikhs who woken up realise this fact and made efforts to do this and its winning some converts undercover. If pakistani islamic hardliners react harshly against Sikhs it adds fuel to the hindu nationalist lobby for Sikhs to turn against pakistan and musilms. So Sikhs need to learn how to play the game to their advantage like back in the days. It is a shaster, physical shasters are not the only one Sikhs should master in todays world to survive. And as you said when june 1984 events comes up the pakistani islamic lobby use those events to push the anti-india narrative to Sikhs. When Sikhs oppression comes about in pakistan and afghanistan the hindu nationalist lobby start to press the Sikhs to bash pakistan and islam. In Europe the financial powers behind the shadows of governments imported large numbers of different ethnicities and religions not because they care about people and want equality and diversity. But to hide themselves while they keep them busy fighting with majority christian white population and stop them revolting against the system they run when their wealth gets drained sucked up by those at the top. Its the same power in india that stopped Sikhs getting any independence or proper political power in 1947 and still does to this very day by using new schemes to try keep Sikhs busy fighting one another over some sectarian issue or against some new age man worshipping hindu cult or abrahamic cults to weaken Sikhs and Sikhism so they can rule much easier. The correct path is always to treat all non-sikh entities as neutral or potential enemies of the kaum until proven otherwise, so we should not be giving them our limited resources and making their religion and community more attract than ours. Although spiritually we are taught to see that no one is our enemy but temporarily (physically on earth) we are also taught to make choices where we look out for and defend our community first and fight aggressors. I.e the Miri puri concept. Right now we can see alot of pawns are being moved around the chess board to distract and confuse people you get various ethnics and races fighting one another. The elites and zionist powers want you to think they don't exist but when you see who owns the banks, who funds the political far right populist figures and far left anitfa /blm movements you realise its from a small cabal of super rich and influential people who use the strategies of divide and rule to keep the peasants at bay and busy fighting each other slaves to the system while ruling from the top of the pyramid and stealing everyone's wealth.
  23. Exactly, the khalsa should be ones to hold council with other sikhs and reach consensus in what fights are righteous and what aren't, many heads together can figure out traps laid out by the enemies of the kaum and humanity. Over emotional attempts have lead our people into disasters because we could not understand the high stakes game being played in society by powers they have no idea that have been controlling them indirectly.
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