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  1. It crazy how bad punjabis are over there...gang killings back to back and there was a report few weeks ago most DANGEROUS gangster were apne munde mona .. all with 'Singhs' ...... today i saw basically Sexual assault 3 singhs with Kes dastars etc.. like wth is happening over there ..?! Punjabis are the Pakis UK in Canada seriously so embarrassing and shameful...yet we are waving Khalistan flags all over ..no wander they look at us a joke!
  2. @proudkaur21 Thoughts? Seems far stretched and wander how many 'Sikhs' are actually 'Sikhs'...
  3. @proudkaur21 This makes me so sad...but no point getting emotional about Panjab anymore..... never win situation
  4. @proudkaur21 Its so hard to feel sympathetic for hindus man.... this murder was horrific but lust blood genocides they play victim when they get hit back
  5. China needs to hurry and take over asap....
  6. Holy S*it .........TRIGGER WARNING BRUTAL MURDER ..........this was due to Nupur offending Prophet @dallysingh101 @proudkaur21 @MisterrSingh
  7. I am so glad he won, but just breaks my hearts that it takes this more blood/tears/ for apne so get some senses... my concern is they will trap him/ 'mystery death' esp him being of age. We need powers houses behind him. But who will support his party How much impact can Simranjit Singh Maan have ? What is he capable to do with his power?
  8. I cant even get myself to watch his videos or Sidhu Moosewala's..like they are really gone..... Huge loss....like i said small wins losses are huge
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