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  1. ha ya i meant head not hands lol I'm mean it is obvious due to politics and not wanting to marginalise that group. Agree i know those who went by free will and married off. But you don't see it with their community as much. Even their less religious are still conservative compared to ours.
  2. @dallysingh101 Shouldn't put our hands under the sand. Underage is wrong, but i know some make their own choice then regret later. Others out of their free will. Punjabi culture for you. There is choice and choosing the right path our community doesn't make those right choices. Starts from upbringing imo
  3. Is it true though in Canada. Heard there are cases where they'd been after Sikhs and inner fighting..but not as bad as UK. Canada Punabi culture is something else. Either conservative Sikhi or Liberalism.
  4. They're good at gaslighting us. They write these articles/tweets like 'Sikh terrorism/ radicals in Sikhs' spreads like wildfire esp with these rw goras and hindvastas. Best is just not to waste time and energy with them. Stop engaging with Bal. Put the energy focus on Sikhi which they want to destroy. Best revenge imo.
  5. I did ask WSO ...no reply. There's absolutely no way that he can get away with it. No other community will stand this. Seriously like i know Sikhs in Canada are successful, they seriously need to make this po# gora broke! Its not amazon, its the publishing company which I think is Indian (surprise surprise) based need to be sued or take his dirty a## to court.
  6. What they did for farmers protest aswell as covid India is amazing. They have been subject to cancer hindvasta media trolls. I know the criticism they'd get including myself was to keep Sikhs priority first and and foremost when we've got so many issues and not enough power as others. Farmers protest they'd been at front ends. Seeing hindustas trolls also made me understand why they do what they do not to give into the RSS propaganda that we are made to fight islamists seethes them. Wish they'd be more centred not give into left-right views imo.
  7. VJKK VJKF Can anyone recommend videos audio reciting Gurbani slowly. I'm specifically looking for Jaap Sahib atm but other banis will be appreciated too. Is there any site that read paath slowly. VJKK VJKF
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9831797/Bradford-child-abuse-report-reveals-victim-raped-forced-Islamic-marriage.html?ito=amp_twitter_share-top Social worker 'attended wedding of terrified girl, 15, to her abuser': Carers turned a blind eye when teenage grooming victim was forced into Islamic marriage, damning report reveals Independent review on child sexual exploitation was published on Tuesday The review was commissioned in the wake of the sentencing of nine men in 2019 It found social workers in Bradford had turned a blind eye to grooming victim By JAMES
  9. He's a 'Sikh' as much as capitan aloo is.. lol who cares let him become muslim...not one post on farmers protest or 1984.. he 'PRoUd InDian' type of Sikh
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