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  1. @Premi5 Yes, i thought MirPuris Pakistani Punjabi because in the UK they seem to have certain traits (can you guess lol) Thats really interesting ...a snake charmers..
  2. Some Indians muslim have stood up for kissans. Those christains esp in Panjab though...i am not going to say...
  3. https://twitter.com/hashtag/HindusCalling4SikhGenocide?src=hashtag_click
  4. @proactive Hypothetically, what would happen to Punjab if they win the comrades...pros/cons..? Have you seen Dr ig..he posts about Guru Jis and Nihang Singhs, Khalsa Faj, idk why he would bring Guru Nanak Dev Ji into this kaljug politics..
  5. I just find this Raf guy odd. Like seriously. Is he Jatt? He seems Mir Puri ... He's fasts for Eid, practicing Muslim Pakistani British, but hardly mentions his faith, or seen with muslims on his ig.. seriously odd....
  6. India military? I think he was in police in his 20s' uk.
  7. Interesting. Curious what made you change your mind? I know you were the ones standing up for KA in the earlier thread when it'd get heated lol I actually changed my views due to kissans and Hinduvstas/India media. They deserve applause how they stood during the farmers protests. Also I guess some on here were right, they give good pr to Sikhs in West (i know its being known for free food, but Sikhs being a minority and constantly marginalized, esp with indian media, they give shine good PR. Ravi does go OTT with 'all in one and humanity', but he does stick up for Sikh issues in Ind
  8. They are more like the typical Jatt gangster wannabes that end up turning their lives when they get back to Sikhi and become khrakus types
  9. Since 47, we've lost alot man..i think apne just get caught up with their egos and Poonjabi Jatt music, inflate their egos, pics of Sant Ji and Khrakus Music and waving flags 'im punjabi not indian', yet cant really get to grips how much we have loss since 47 to 84...and dont want to learn reflect what we need to do for the future.
  10. Yep. Bhai Jagraj Singh has this similar idea too.. Question is where and also are we even capable (fitness wise)
  11. Save the world and humanity and show Sikhi is all about love and peace whilst our own house is burning.
  12. They are more like Bollywood version of Sikhs 'Hindu/Sikh parent. Like Amitabh bachan ones ..whos mother was a 'Sikh'.. Like this guy LMAO
  13. i don't think they will...if they did, they were going to leave army last yr Dec when our elders were in the freezing cold in Dehli. Cant get much more fuddhus then these patriotic Sikhs who sign for indian army. The most state gives is lives to India is Sikhs and every other hindustani is wishing a genocide on Sikhs any chance they get. The sad thing is, all these hindustanis and rest indians any chance they get they lust Sikh blood, but it wont be them that pull the first trigger, it'll be ours. If they were to do 84 again, it will be 'Sikhs' at the front line ready to kill other
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