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  1. rather live in gora area... thats why you teach ithas younger however sharams and patels are those who r*ped our daughter during 1984 and gloat about kps gill chose your enemy wisely
  2. lool you seen how they in Canada with 'KhAliStAni ExTreMisTs' and reports in UK
  3. @Ranjeet01 @ChardikalaUK At least they are authentic with their hate say it to your face unlike rest.. gangu brahmins Muslims mps have stood up at times in Sikh issues (yes i know its politics) but it is what it is. More than our fellow hindu 'bros'. Look at how those infamaous Jews figures in usa ...banking Hollywood media how they screw folks over.. look who runs those p*do elites jefferey epstien...they are no saints... what we accuse them we have in our own kaum but smaller ratio...(kps gill etc) Being a minority in the West and seeing what i've noticed all last few yrs...we better siding with muslims then brahmins jews gora right wing types. If they come for Muslims they will come for us too...
  4. Its feels like Mughals being hamas and Jews being gangu brahmins ofc good intention ppl both sides Ya i mean rest muslim countries could have become like Switzerland and would not have to worry about israel Then again Jews have so much power in Western countries playing the holocaust card again and again.. There are crazy right wing jews extremists but if you call them out you become AnTiSeMiTic Still feel more empathic towards palestines the collective punishment is evil and those right wing zionists are cruel and sadistic Its also a holy war. Muslim version of Shaheed .. at least they have huge number give birth 6+ kids ours are 1/2 also seeing how many jews being siding with hinduvatas over last few yrs against Sikhs feel way more empathic of Palestines... Muslim are cooking something up for sure they are planning a revenge .. '9/11',... they have united the Muslims world more then ever... @Ranjeet01 we may as Sikhs feel helpless of our our kaum gaddars but is present in one way or another point i was making. Even with Russian vs Ukraine war all the western countries are useless there too.. can't win apart giving billions to ukraine Same with Armenia being oldest Christian countries yet no Western countries supported them either..
  5. think you mistaken ... have you seen raja warring lately ...guys next beant one thing i think what we can learn from with this whole conflict is looking at the power of Islamic countries and helpless/anger Palestine's/Muslims feelings at their leaders/ gulf states.. We are not investible having our 'own' sell-outs i guess @Jai Tegang! @Ranjeet01
  6. Fair point BUT if given horses and swords...Isla mists will do well. If given power Islamistes will without doubt free those countries. Look at those Russian African Muslims etc. Let not forget can say the same about our kaum full gaddars (kps gill brar etc) Thats when Khalsa was ruling AND we had actual KHALSA Misl Singhs...now its history.. We can learn from Jews about importance of economic power and islam growing population and the attraction way they preach attracts everyone to islam
  7. I'm just jealous lol obvs i don't agree with Islam teachings but I wish we had something like those Gulf states / growing population/ the alphaness etc @Ranjeet01
  8. Maybe once upon a time... but not anymore.. we are weak stateless lil political / economic power...
  9. If this was the era of horses and swords... muslims will win that's what im trying to say. @Ranjeet01
  10. From beginning of time its all based on lies. But i agree i admire and (jealous wish we had that passion) when muslims make noise for Palestine even though they stay quiet other affairs. The only raj i see it islam raj lol
  11. @Ranjeet01 You will get more more converts to islam now. Might even start seeing high profile ppl converting to islam like they do with sports stars. So many converted after 9/11 middle east wars..its something they do right. Yes i can't believe im actually typing i'd be ok living with muslim dominate after last few yrs of full frontal Sikhs have been thru with far-right/ india our own gangu brahmins... who would have thought 4 years ago lol Well Sikhs are powerless we are at the backseat of all global affairs.... q' is what will be the shape of Sikhs in West with heavily dominated crusade wars happening?!
  12. you know why muslims want to conquer 'Jeruslam' even though they have the largest growing population and that mosque was built upon Jewish temple ...because shia believe in Iman Ali will return. Jews hasidic types those who oppose zionism believe God will reuturn then built a temple christians believe Jesus will return ... its like holy war will play out Jews are not going anywhere but they lost the 'antisemitism/holocaust playcard now after this... what hamas did way gross but idk looks really uncertain in west how this play out. Conservatives are torn between supporting israel or not Maybe regime change in region to distract that whole conflcit like syria iraq etc
  13. hmm idk anymore.. agree their countries are terrible apart from Gulf states but they do have edges compared to Xtians / Jews. Catholic Arab christianity used to be based alpha now look at it. Jews are just weak..idk but they been some much exile 2000yrs they dont have that 'Dharma' relgion in them hence why muslims are not afraid give martyrs...Jews are missing that apart from hasdic jews who dont particpate much in society Its holy war...Muslims dominate We have our own 'sikhs' ready to k!ll our own too ya the hinduvata loving israel is hilarious they meme them all the time loool but Jews in west have been sideing with them going to indian channel crying 'KhlAISatni' so idc... Well all are enemy but still muslims have spoken for Sikhs (Few) unlike our gangu bahmans
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