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  1. how come this was picked up 10 months later ?! Are you a minor yourself? Hope this does not turns like M when they justify aishas wedding to mohammed. She was 6 or 8! and she had her PeRiOD! Also reading bani sometimes does not work. Many do still engage in this (the bad stuff). We need practical solutions dealing with KAAM
  2. this might help https://www.instagram.com/sikh_hunter/ @kahnaakrishan
  3. Goes back to Singh's need to buff up. Remember with Pakistani Sikh girl converted and married him he was soo unattractive but if Singhs are overweight feminise no masculinity girls get attracted to that..
  4. @dallysingh101 There was a time when it was 70 80 90s early 2000's .. out their way to TARGET our community But lets not kid ourselves with all the awareness , it matter of choice stay away or make your on path and dont cry later but now could be handful but as much. Like you said just look over social media/tiktok/ig ..we got ours dancing with Kara half naked with them. OFs apniya ..its jaloose. Including men too We got abusers in our own community. Endless gandh esp in Canada/US with the JATTT culture... Sikhyouthuk never talk about abusers in our own community /deepa guy been known for being shady. I trust Bhai Mohan Singh SAS . So much respect for him
  5. who makes the initial move? Why agree to dating being their gf if you know what's going to happen... ?
  6. He's making great videos. These 'panthic' orgs in UK are shambles. NYSF, Sikhyouthuk, dal khalsa uk ..... @dallysingh101 check his videos out on 'grooming deepa from sikhyouuthuk'.... thoughts This is a INTELLECTUAL way of thinking and ideas and he's called out those neo-k'ns https://www.instagram.com/azadism_official/ ^ Do check it out
  7. in light of recent events... feel guilty and bad with attacking Ravi Singh and KA... He's always been vocal about Panjabs and recently with Panjab flood...
  8. I like Sant Anoop Singh Amrit Vela simran at Park Avenue a while a ago. Its was just blissful But some simran like AKJ versions i really dont get it :s
  9. This is not in a vanity way.. but by features you can tell amongst different races/tribes. Jatt Sikhs were deffo better looking compared to M + Hs jatts.. Khatri's are not bad looking . Kashmiris have unique features ...H punjabis are not compared them to Punjabi Sikhs .. look at old pics many nana generations in their 50s 60s were strong alpha too Those khrakus Singhs were really handsome good looking. Rural village Jatt Sikhs we too.. there is fetish/jealousy amongst M + H against Jatt Sikhs .. Too bad daru/unhealthy food/drugs/belly pots have ruined Jatt Punjabis Sikhs.. But yeah i dont Sikhi can grow amongst Punjabis anymore... we will be minority in Panjab..
  10. Apparently this is still the case in india i heard.. many m girls are with singhs... idk if it right though.. But i guess our ancestors were mainly Muslims that converted to Sikhi at some point in history right.. like Punjabis ''Jatts' Sikhs are mainly Muslims or is it Hindus..
  11. Few q's (im learning so pls dont judge) Is the Khalsa or joining the Khlasa army for men mostly ..like its not mandatory for women to join the Khalsa ..men meant for war/fighting.. (more alpha and like men are to protect women so fight?!) Obvs i know many Sikh women who joined battlefields but is it mandatory? If a women marrys a Singh (with kes) if she does not have her kes does she become her Singhani regardless if she taken Amrit/kes or not? Is it okay for Amritdhari men to marry non-amritdhari women? Is kes head or every part of the body... Is Amrit mandatory for women? Does women have to wear dastar once taken amrit.. purtan photos shows chunni even in old punjabi photos women mainly wore chunni? Is it okay women to wear make-up have ear pierced nose pierced once taken Amrit ?
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