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  1. Invest stock market, invest crypto currency even if we have handful Khalsa Billionaires or those can afford to invest in seva for panth, we can create a lobby and influence in West. Maybe buy island. Read Jews were offered an African island after holocaust and ready to accept before they got Israel. Time Frame 5-10 yrs.
  2. Yep very narrow minded thinking in panth. we need maya as shatsaar..and we wander why have sellouts' in our kaum and same issues again and again etc...its not Rocket science. Money = Power... Dont agree with all they have done, but being themselves a persecuted minority and being wiped out almost we can learn from Jewish community. The acquisition of capital + influence they required to make themselves powerful today.
  3. Also we need aim for financial freedom having panthic Khalsa billionaires. Financial freedom leads to freedom. Those who can to invest in panthic projects. It'll be snowball effect
  4. Its all just lip service. They dont give a damn. Nothing is going to happen to India what they are doing. Too powerful and Global economic power Few weeks ago Australia Gov aid they would sanction Andanis and India...no follow through. All these protests, petitions mean nothing unfortunately.
  5. Found this really interesting. Would like to know your thoughts? Is anyone on here invested in Bitcoin NFTs?
  6. Awful. May he RIP and may his family finds peace. Unfortunately they've already turned this horrific attack into petty politics to fit their agenda. They were two black girls apparently. Last week it was a Muslim /Arab shooter that killed innocents and before that is was White shooter killed Asian Americans. There's alot rotten ppl in all races / religions as well as good. Whenever there is something horrible, ppl start monopolizing it, to fit their political agendas. Sad world we live in
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