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  1. @californiasardar1 Been a while..what are your thoughts on 'Sikh population' in Canada..are you excited to see 'Khalsa Raj'...monay, trimmed beards, Amritdharis etc in North America
  2. Its gross but then again so called 'Sikhs' who support kps gill etc so what do you expect..
  3. Its depressing actually to see this..i thought it was initially Afghani Sikhs but Punjabi are same with halal meat .. thats being said there has been census that majority of Sikhs dont eat meat in India more so then hindus!
  4. Arabs are different but most South Asians muslims like Pakistani are ..at least they keep their sins to themselves not flaunt for the world to see like us Punjabis
  5. From what i see on social media, seems like the Nihangs are the ones who are really keeping Sikhi alive in the West. Rest is just typical Punjabi 'Sikhs'.. Singh/kaur in the name wearing kara and thats it Is it common to see men with kesh married/dating those who are not keeping kesh the females?
  6. Its not the issue they have mansion money cars ..because todays day and age most are just wanting to survive and can afford to pay the bills. How much can you dedicate to Sikhi / seva / helping the panth when its all just worrying keeping roof over your head. Remember a while back we were discussing seva in Punjab its only possible to be frank if you are millionaire or have financial freedom to do whatever you want. Its just not possible with rising costs not inflation etc..its getting tough.
  7. @proudkaur21 @Jacfsing2 There are plenty of those Amritdhari Nihangs who don't support Khalistan nor fan of Sant Ji, yet you will find panthic mona who are more 'ready to die' for the panth and with Sant ji tattoos etc typical jatt types lets not forget dr swaiman and what Deep Sidhu did for panth... Then you got the likes of kps gill, beant, capt arminder badals and all these gaddars with turbans who are 'Sikhs'..and those half hindu/Sikh types... its all just a mess ... another thing i respect muslims is at least majority of them stick together for issues like political palestine for example...but our moorkahs from full on kesdhari who dont even support Khalistan or Sikh issues ... @proudkaur21 my mums masi family majority live in BC and i could say from at least 20-30 from couple families of cousins not ONE Singh with kes even the grandads...they all live in their millionaire houses, huge land and no slightest interest in Sikh, panthic issues nothing. At least UK thanks to pakistanis Sikhs had to step it up cos they saw threat over there most buried heads in the sand and killing each other. One cousin born in Punjab moved Canada came visit this summer and i was asking thoughts about whats happening in Punjab Khalistan and he could not care at all. He said he didn't understand why they did vigil for Deep Sidhu in local area and i asked him does he go to Gurudwara he say 'God is everywhere' They got so much potential esp when they dont need to work worry about bills to grow the panth. The panthic Khalsa seems dil-saaf and liberals types too from what i see.
  8. I pray for his Chardi-Kala but can't help feel scared ... iykyk (deep sidhu, sidhu moosewala)
  9. i wander how many are 'culture Sikhs' more Panjabis then practising Sikhs ... Muslims have that devotion regardless of how religious they are...Sikh are too broad of the spectrum from religious from Amritdhari, keeping Kes to no religious not knowing names of 10 Gurus and stepping to the Gurudwara @proudkaur21
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