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  1. Oh wow never knew that...nor did i notice the khanda aswell. Thanks for sharing Is there anything that the hindus/rss don't freaking claim ....
  2. We can ask Maharaja Ranjit Singh to guide us through Kabul to Lahore...
  3. Bin laden was 'dumped' in the ocean...so just be cautious when swimming
  4. Did you have any exp with them when ind vs pak cricket ? Still remember when i was 8/9 they're saying all insults names calling... Secondary school they'll come with flags wrapped all over themselves, 'Inshallah we'll beat you kaffirs etc'...super aggressive like their about jihad and all over cricket match and those independent days India and Pakistan
  5. I still remember this, late 90's we were in a market, and my dad called mum over to see this. It was a lady dressed in full black niqab head to toe covered. Remember we were staring at her and she was staring back good few mins.. This was how 'Shocking' it was too see that in UK then loool
  6. Islamification on Canada is happening. Canada will be the next UK. Canadistan. There's been cases of grooming out there, and that video of the 98 baba being force to convert islam was from Toronto..Cousin Canada was saying back in 80's 90's there was rivalry between the Muslims and Sikhs beef, but they formed Sikh groups and took care of it. Surrey bc, increase of Somalian gangs now lol. Give it couple years then you'll understand what UK Sikhs been going thru lol
  7. Ironically they're the ones who introduced this bakwas lgbtqxyz, normalizing this bs, and we're being accused of cOlonIizeRs lool!
  8. Have checked out other older threads on LGBTQXYESS....you might not be happy bunny after reading those
  9. You know his wife...shes from a Hindu/Sikh background that converted to islam when she met him lol Not sure if its khatri but ones who majority pray to Guru Nanak Ji, as well as other Hindus Gods. Have pictures of Guru Nanak Ji, and Idols and do pooja.
  10. Pls dont be so naive. Would you give Hindus benefit doubt ? Prob Not..and neither we should with Muslims.. We saw what happens with supporting them Kashmir and CAA protests.
  11. Like we gave them benefit of doubt supporting Kashmir and CAA protests lol When the Syrian civil war started, back in uni bunch off went off to fight in Syria. Remember this guy telling me your mistaken about isis, brainwashed by the 'media' and not seeing the other side of them lol Whether they joined isis or rebel fighters no idea ..One was telling me where he lives in London, it center of these Sunni wahabbists those follow anjum chowdary, and he knew one that went off Syria 2 years later he managed to come back to UK even thou he was banned and back to his old job working as telemarketer My sister was saying one her classmates ran away to syria and became a wife to these fighters Back in school these Pakis would make constantly tongue and cheek remarks and say things like, 'oii Seeenghh' ,Hairy, kaffirs, inshallah uk will be under the one ummrah '
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