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  1. Sad ..man really sad state of affairs for Sikhs. No homeland, no one to look out for us, Just leave it to Vaheguru ...
  2. Who's we?...like Gurudwares, or those jathas who get $$$ from rss organisations and are controlled by them. Most already know, they are corrupt but where can we go....speak out get killed or land in jail.. Do you think the Jathedar Harpreet Singh, is he 'panthic' or is it just a show..he's prob controlled by the badals...he hasn't said much about the protests or lent support to them.....prob he blackmailed by them...or he'll know speak up he'll get killed Think we should start realizing first that NO Sikh body, jathas,, politician gives a damn about us, or will give us 'justice'...they dont give a f###...so stop expecting hoping the next pm will come and help us.. Then we should unify as a kaum, stop fighting amongst petty things, the most unified we are the better. They feed off divisions.
  3. Next we'll have capitan alooo or his kids or Bittu pm of india
  4. he was a useful tool for the gandhis ....bowing down to In*dra and making him apologize lol Not bad as capital aloo Why hasn't he said anything about the farmers?! Hes an economists too
  5. They have killers who killed in 80's 90's in that committee and ppl believe they are still panthic lol
  6. Agree Bhene ji, but just feel so hopeless, and despair if i had the money i would pay of their debts. Doing paath, and cant help but feel angry at God, why all this suffering. How much more are we going to face. Now they are taking away our basic rights..i cant even concentrate doing Nitnem, yesterday i just burst out tears middle of doing paath. I had to stop reading the news etc because feel soo angry, drive me up the wall, couldn't stop crying looking at our elders protesting...like my heart hurts... Just got to believe, Vaheguru is greatest of all and everything happens for a reason, keep that shred of hope no matter how much we are enduring right now. Feel so guilty, all im thinking is do well in life and help when i get the opportunity but just keep praying least i can do, but feel so guilty.
  7. k@Kaurr @MisterrSingh @puzzled @jkvlondon
  8. just another bloodshed waiting to happen No HOPE LEFT for Sikhs
  9. Lol go on twitter and see what our beloved 'dharmic bros' think about us....you even have blue ticks hindus calling for genocide of Sikhs
  10. @Arsh1469 This is really amazing. Thank you so much. If you have more sites similar to this pls do share!
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